All in white

9 February 2019
The most timeless tastes, usually go for neutral colors in the search for brightness and spaciousness, being white one of the best bases to combine with furniture and other accessories. There are many reasons that encourage us to risk for this color when coating floors and walls of homes and spaces, but its resistance to remain clean and bright throughout the time, often make it a discarded option.

Nowadays, the possibilities of decorative coating have evolved with materials that combine technique and decoration, making white a possibility to cover any room, no matter how busy or lively it may be. Walls and floors of bathrooms and kitchens or frequented spaces can show off the brightness of white in a modern and clean way thanks to materials such as microcement.

The seamless continuity of microcement gives it an attractive appearance, which is why architects and interior designers are increasingly choosing it for their projects. It is resistant, is available in a variety of colors, but for its easy application, cleaning and maintenance is a good choice of coating in light tones. Thus, the choice between contrasting with other colors, textures or materials, or going for "all white", will only depend on the end user.