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Projects with Luxury Concrete®

Works with passion and intensity in every detail.

Decorating floors and walls in different rooms of our home is a complex but rewarding work, which reveals the personality of each user based on their aesthetic tastes and way of looking at life.
Our desire in this section is to show a selection of unique spaces in which we successfully combined functionality, application of the material and aesthetics.

The kitchen: the heart of the home

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where we spend most part of our daily lives. Therefore, this important space requires careful planning since functionality and aesthetics should go hand in hand. A microcement floor takes advantage of the natural light and visually expands the space in which it is used.

Integration of rooms

The sobriety of microcement, used as an element to unify several rooms, creates a dialogue between materials and light of harmonious beauty that gives way to airy and bright spaces. In the photo illustrating this text, we have chosen microcement for the floor, countertop and front of the kitchen.

Space for a tasty feast

The worktops are fundamental elements in any kitchen. Those who use them more often require space between the stove and the sink. The microcement used as material for this space has a dual function: facilitate the cleaning of the surface thanks to its anti-bacterial properties and create a minimalist appearance in harmony with the rest of the room.

Relaxation for two

The bathroom is the more intimate room of the house, a space in which privacy is combined with comfort and functionality. The versatility of microcement, together with its non-slip properties and unique look, allows you to make a beautiful continuous effect through the entire application which combined with ergonomic metal fittings and the glass basin provides a marked personal finish.

Microcement as a canvas

Pure and subtle lines aimed at creating luminous spaces connecting tradition and modernity. Microcement, applied on floors and walls, help to create a spatial sense of spaciousness, comfort and cleanliness. A new way of understanding the space.

A space to grow and play

Greys, minimalism, woods and other noble materials that characterize the environments of nordic decorations combine perfectly with white, pink and blue pastels that lower their minimalist nature and give a feeling of an eternal weekend. The microcement wall acts as a catalyst of colors, textures and sensations.

A dreamy touch

Spaces dedicated to our professional activity require an environment that favours the concentration and at the same time stimulate creativity. Nothing better to do this than microcement.
In this example we can see how the combination of cold and nordic colors don't distract and at the same time create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere with natural elements where woods dominate, Scandinavian-inspired furniture and a successful and supposedly casual placement of different plants.

An impeccable diningroom

Livingrooms are prominent places of our homes, the place for family gatherings or celebrations that will be part of our most cherished memories.
Microcement on walls and floors, together with geometric furniture and minimalist decor, offers a bright and spacious room in which all the elements interact and complement each other in absolute union.

Minimalist environment

Microcement is the perfect companion for airy rooms, here the white and the black are replicated in a play of colours of lights and shadows. Highlighting the source of inspiration, the wooden beams and the intention to avoid the superfluous.

A modern and timeless living room with a wall of microcement

The feeling of warmth and lightness needed in the living room is enhanced by the microcement coating. Colors such as Aluminium and Lead, which link with natural textiles of cotton and wool, in pastel tones, giving a sense of continuity.

A floor according to aesthetics
of the dining room and the terrace

Solid oak tables and traditional but industrial finished chairs are reflected in the microcemento as a subtle element. The livingroom opens to the outside in perfect symbiosis with the landscape.

Design, functionality and aesthetics

The stairs as an element of transition between spaces are part of our home and can give its own personality thanks to a bold design or an original layout.
In this spectacular design, the staircase, framed in a open space, gives a feeling of lightness and weightlessness helped by white materials and low thickness. The microcement is a complement as the handrail is integrated into the material and colors and finish frame a futuristic ambiance that transports us to the heights.

Warmth and comfort

Microcement staircase finished with wooden stairs and forge elements. An environment that blends different styles: rustic and industrial without compromising either of them. An access into a light-filled space.

The importance of brightness

The possibilities of microcement to create luminous spaces and generate feelings of continuity are immense. In this example the microcement becomes the base together with a core of steel and a few solid wooden steps. The space is enhanced by a zen garden and minimum elements of decoration.

Tranquility and nature

In this magnificent house framed in a fantastic rural setting, the microcement has been used to make a swimming pool which is perfectly integrated with all the other elements: a platform of wood, outdoor furniture, a unique garden setting... A clear color used for the application allows the water to maintain a clear and pure color that invites you to swim, and at the same time acts as a mirror reflecting the nature that surrounds it.

Merging with the environment

The microcement as a nexus of union between human creativity and exuberant nature. With a minimalist palette of materials of Luxury Concrete, this application has sought the continuity between the house and the pool, creating a feeling of being in an open space without divisions. The resistance to changes of temperature, its anti-slip properties and its possibilities for a more modern and edgy design, make it ideal to generate this kind of wonderful places.

Connection with nature

With some spectacular views, a microcement pool, of straight lines and thin edges, highlights and at the same time coexists in harmony with the grass and the wood surroundings. The application is done in different levels so children and adults can use it and with a staircase for access. Paradise was never so close.

Combination of styles

In perfect harmony the earth, sky and water merge with this incredible microcement terrace. Outdoor rustic furniture and spectacular views invite you to contemplation and to feel the pleasure of being one with your environment.