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A range of microcements covering all kinds of needs.

The different grain sizes of Luxury Concrete products determine its constructive and decorative possibilities. The finest textures are reserved for areas that are subject to less wear. The thicker ones are intended for floors since they confer greater hardness; however its high decorative value also makes it suitable for eye-catching vertical applications.

We have 5 coatings differentiated mainly by the size of the aggregates with which they are formulated.

Concrete Wall

Microcement to create high-end vertical decorative finishes

Fine-grained microcement, which through its nuances and its extremely soft touch, is the star on high level vertical coatings. Applied to walls and countertops it distinguishes itself by its unique character and it is highly decorative. It reaches its splendor in bathrooms and kitchens resisting the most demanding tests without problems. The contact with water and oils do not alter its aesthetic. It is extremely easy to clean and resists any test in daily use.

Concrete Floor

Surfaces with an incomparable attraction

Similar in appearance to polished cement, but without the disadvantage of joints and fissures that characterize that product. It is timeless and its natural beauty does not expire with time. Its style combines perfectly with any decorative trend, modern or vintage. A smooth and soft finish with different shades. Its most common application is on floors of homes, hotels and shops, although it is extremely versatile and can be applied on walls using the fresh on fresh technique.

Concrete Stone

Non-slip floorings of low thickness.

It is the ideal material for outdoor flooring. Its slip resistance makes it a very safe coating even when wet. Its homogeneous roughness gives it a sophisticated and attractive touch. On porches and terraces it is an exclusive finish thanks to its high decorative value.

Concrete Base

The more rustic microcement.

It is the microcement for preparation before applying Concrete Wall, Floor and Stone. It is characterized by being of higher mechanical strength. It is versatile and is frequently used as a rustic microcement to achieve decorative effects such as the effect of worn out wall or "Pietra Spaccata". Applied in the traditional manner its appearance is more rough and with a less perfect finish that appeals to a lot of architects and decorators.

Concrete Pool

The coating for swimmingpools.

It is the specific coating for surfaces in permanent contact with water such as pools, ponds or fountains. Its specific formulation uses the latest advances in technology in the construction of dams ensuring an optimum weather resistance. So, unlike other microcements, it does not need any protective film to make it waterproof. Its finish is natural so it is easily integrated into landscaped environments creating an environment of great harmony.