Metallic Paints and Coatings
Luxury Concrete®

Beautify every space with an exclusive decoration.
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This is the range of glazes with metallic reflections.
It has two collections of paints for high decoration: Gemstone and Glowing.
Each of them offers a characteristic style. They have the ability to simulate textures and depth, aspects that give any room elegance, personality and differentiation.

Collection GEMSTONE

The Gemstone Collection are paintings with a metallic finish that bring luminosity, shine and luxury to any wall, making us travel to the old noble houses of 18th century France or create the effect of a Renaissance house reminiscent of the patinas of Genoa.

Collection GLOWING

The Glowing Collection brings the necessary glitter to our coatings creating a sumptuous modern space full of personality. It offers a play of light and shadow in four different colours.


Light coatings reach the category of art with the application of our range of special textures: the Oxid Metal Collection. The textures in this collection are manufactured with a water-based solution that reacts with metallic particles that accelerate the oxidation process.

These finishes with a strong personality are indicated for rooms with an avant-garde and industrial character. They provide a wide variety of chromatisms based on the wear of the material as a distinctive element.


Two-component metallic coating. It offers high-quality decorative finishes thanks to its high concentration of metal. It allows to achieve from a shiny appearance to a rust effect.
To carry out its application, it is necessary to mix True Metal Component A with Component B organic hybrid resin.

It is available in a wide range of shades:
True Metal Bronce
True Metal Aluminio
True Metal Iridio
True Metal latón
True Metal Cobre


Water-based oxidation accelerator for Colorcrete Rusty and True Metal pigments, which reacts with the ferrous elements in the paint and allows the effect to be seen quickly.