Microcement coating in bathrooms

9 February 2019
The bathrooms are usually the area of the house that most in need of professional maintenance and most often, a renovation of floors or walls.

Either because they have become obsolete, outdated or because problems arise with moisture, we are presented with the need to execute a complete or partial renovation of the bathroom.

The coating of microcement in the bathroom shower is one of the most modern options available today if what you need is to get a modern bathroom and renovate your shower without removing the tiles.
With microcement in your bathroom you get very aesthetic and modern, waterproof and durable surfaces. On the floor it can be made non-slip and on walls thin and smooth.

In short, we are talking about an ideal material for coating showers, walls, floors and even furniture.

Its enormous capacity to adapt to the customer's wishes thanks to the colors and textures make the microcement a perfect decorative coating for bathrooms with style and functionality.