New life in the heart of the house

28 October 2019
Kitchens are essential spaces in our home. In this unique place intimate moments with family and friends or gastronomic experiments intended to surprise our closest environment occur. Microcement is a material with a sober and natural look that enchants those who are looking for modern and avant-garde finishes to live in a space of marked uniqueness and exclusivity. It is a coating that is booming and shines especially when applied in kitchens for its completely waterproof finish and resistance to abrasion and other vicissitudes of these rooms: splashing water and other liquids, falling kitchen utensils, etc.

Kitchens with microcement on walls and floors meet a series of aesthetic and practical requirements that contribute to the fact that the most important design and interior design firms and professionals opt for this type of surface. First of all, the application of microcement does not require expansion joints, which means that large surfaces can be covered without visual ruptures.
This continuity in the material facilitates hygiene, since the absence of joints means that the residues typical of a kitchen: splashes of oil or water, crumbs, pieces of different foods, are easily cleaned. Secondly, the combination of different types of pigments in its composition allows the creation of a wide range of colors and decorative effects.

The limits to create decorative solutions for kitchens are our own imagination and our aesthetic concerns: We can give it an industrial finish with exposed pipes and accessories such as metal ceiling lamps that illuminate the central island of microcement, this island will avoid unnecessary displacements and promote freedom of movement when preparing a dish.

The classic decorative elements such as wood, exposed brick to combine with the microcement would be very successful choices. Also opt for a minimalist kitchen with straight lines and absence of unnecessary elements, where we could incorporate a microcement countertop to give that sense of continuity and unity of materials we seek. As Coco Chanel said: "simplicity is the key to true elegance".

The kitchen is the best example of how microcement can be used to achieve diaphanous, clear, pleasant, spacious and bright spaces. Microcement in kitchens adapts to any taste or need we have. A kitchen with microcement coating is a unique place with an elegant finish that lasts over time.