Decoration of a bedroom - Exclusive tips from interior designers

October 31, 2022

Our bedroom is the most harmonious place in the entire house. It is our particular oasis, that pleasant, restorative, and stylish area. Among the decoration intentions of a bedroom that we usually pursue is to make this room our temple of rest. We aim to create its best version, a place that with its distinguished style, reflects our tastes or personality and at the same time, is capable of making us relax and regain strength. And it is that, our intention always results in having a completely inspiring room, a beautiful refuge in which to "reset" at the end of each day thanks to the disconnection and approach with which it deserves to be characterized.

Decoration of a Nordic style bedroom with microcement floor

Our room is the most faithful reflection of who we are ourselves. Hence, the innate need to pamper it in each and every one of its corners and to endow it with a harmony that is characteristic and special, one that flows through its surfaces without ceasing. And without hesitating for a moment.

As it is our place of escape and disconnection and the room that contributes the most to us in every way, it is necessary that its decoration is in complete harmony with a style that brings tranquility and well-being. A total and absolute balance thanks to which it is possible to achieve the perfect bedroom.

At Luxury Concrete® we have compiled the main tricks for decorating a bedroom, those that professional interior designers put into practice to achieve a bedroom that, in addition to being well equipped and furnished, allows good vibes to flow throughout the space, improving sleep, mood and in general all aspects that are present on a daily basis in our day to day.

Pleasant, restorative and stylish: this is how the decoration of a bedroom should be.

Feng Shui is an ancient technique that involves the orientation of the spaces in a home according to the furniture, colors, and materials with the aim of achieving maximum harmonization and, thus, obtaining the most welcoming and balanced spaces.

This concept is essential when choosing the decoration of a bedroom. And it is that, all the objects that are part of the same atmosphere in a room, will not only have the role of filling the rooms with style and design, but also of creating a completely harmonious environment, capable of captivating us and creating positive energies. And here lies the way in which interior designers use their tricks for the achievement, indeed, of these types of environments.

Therefore, it is really important to consider how to arrange each and every one of the bedroom furniture, creating an effect in tune with the rest of the accessories that help in its decoration, chosen colors and overall style pursued.

The bed is the starting point in the decoration of a bedroom

The first and main aspect that you should take into account in the decoration of a bedroom, is the need to first install the bed and then, the rest of the elements that are going to make it up, preferably following the order from largest to smallest.

Boho chic style as decoration for a bedroom with a microcement wall

The arrangement of the bed is the reference and will serve as an essential starting point regarding the total space to use and the source of natural light. It must guarantee a good flow with the energy of this light that will enter directly through the window.

Firstly, it is essential that its orientation responds to the arrangement according to habits, such as watching television or reading a book, to take into account where the main focus of light that will focus on reading will also be located.

The bed should always be supported against the wall by the headboard area only and out of the path between the window and the door. We must feel the total connection with the interior space and not the exterior, and here lies the importance of not having a window immediately attached to the headboard. We should be able to access the bed from both sides so that energy flows between the bedroom spaces.

One of the interior designer's tricks is to adorn the part of the bed that is attached to the wall with a headboard, as it acts as a high-value decorative element and also, it is an excellent idea to lean on while you enjoy your reading or watch television. If you are not passionate about headboards, a composition of paintings or photographs would also be an ideal option to decorate this main wall while letting your creativity flow in all its being.

Highlights the "less is more" trend in bedroom decoration

Professional interior designers agree on a common concept: the bedroom should be kept as simple as possible to achieve a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

The decoration of a bedroom should be as uncluttered as possible to achieve a completely organized, spacious and cozy room. Just because this is the main concept to achieve complete sensory harmony, it doesn't mean that rooms can't also have decorative elements that enhance their personality and charm. The trick is to create an ideal balance with serene and relaxing bedrooms, but that are still attractive. Therefore, it is especially important to choose pieces with character that reflect precisely who we are, what characterizes us and what sets us apart from the rest. In this way, our room will also be exclusive and distinctive.

Wicker and natural fibers, aesthetic wealth

The key is in the choice of elements that, starting from a very simple base, manage to give our bedrooms that touch of exquisiteness they need to completely captivate us.

In this regard, the use of wicker and its derivatives, such as natural fibers, becomes especially important, serving as a great complement to give any room a very warm and pleasant touch. A natural approach that fits perfectly with any type of decorative style, precisely enhancing this expressive and aesthetic richness.

They can be merged with the predominant style through baskets, auxiliary furniture, blankets, ornaments of all kinds and lamps, providing the bedroom with an ideal balance between calm joy and simplicity.

Wood, fidelity to the great classics

The decoration for a bedroom doesn't have to be very flashy or loud. It's enough that its connotations transport us to the concept of home, comfort, protection.

And to pursue a decoration that, in addition to being simple and straightforward, manages to have personality, creating a completely balanced and pleasant atmosphere, the texture of wood is a classic that never fails. It provides color and warmth, both proportions in equal parts, for a decorative effect that automatically creates a warm and close atmosphere. The simplicity of the known and the luxury of the details, thus achieving a complete effect that gathers us within its four walls and makes us feel truly good.

In the decoration of a bedroom, color is a leading actor.

The uniformity of colors is basic in the decoration of a bedroom. Choosing the color that will dominate is one of the most important tasks to carry out when decorating and designing it, because depending on the choice, our room will convey a series of completely different sensations that will lead to a characteristic atmosphere, environment and feeling.

This season, the most in colors for bedrooms are defined by those shades that convey calm, relaxation, and peace. The increasingly popular trend towards those colors that innately transport us to elements that are part of nature stands out. And also, the need to feel protected and safe, gives a special prominence also to those shades whose connotation is warmth.

Decoration of a bedroom in neutral colors with a microcement wall and headboard

All in white

It never fails and is the most faithful ally to add charm to the bedrooms. It automatically provides spaciousness and brightness when used in the decoration of any room.

One of their great novelties this season is to combine white with its derivatives, such as very light beige or broken whites, in such a way that it breaks with the monotony of the predominant color while maintaining the usual beauty, brightness and spaciousness of the rooms dominated by this color.

Blue, relaxing like the sea

It is proven that decorating the room in blue tones invites better sleep. It is a relaxing color, very directly related to the brightness of the sky and the freshness of the sea, perfect to make us feel calm.

Green, connection with nature

The most current trends in decoration follow the line of bedrooms inspired by nature and, green, is the color that evokes nature par excellence. In addition to immediately transporting us to the most remote and beautiful places, this color is also synonymous with calm and peace.

Mustard, coffee or yellow: warm trend

Warm tones are in fashion as their connotations perfectly reflect comfort and well-being. They enhance the experience in every corner of the bedroom, providing a very special touch of closeness and joy.

You can opt for one that acts as the main color and then, play with its different shades to enhance the decoration, gradually incorporating it into the bedding, cushions, curtains and any other element to give a small touch of color and distinction on a specific surface.

The decoration of cushions and bedding is one of the best resources for room decoration through the color range. Combining the shades through textile elements, brings vitality and creativity.

Symmetry in bedroom decoration: the secret of the experts

The decoration of a bedroom carried out in a symmetrical way brings tranquility. This is affirmed by interior designers, who argue that order and harmony act as the basis of opposing elements.

And it is that, as they argue, tracing an imaginary axis in the middle of the bed of any room and seeing repeated patterns on both sides, is the most faithful reflection of what we usually know as a visually harmonious landscape.

Therefore, it is important, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, that the bed is located in the center of the space and, depending on this arrangement, gradually add the rest of the elements. In this way, we will achieve symmetry by providing two identical cushions on the bed, two paintings and two nightstands, one at each end.

Each of these side tables, must have elements that are in tune with each other and that allow to continue with the same decorative line, such as, two points of light that continue to enhance the characteristic of brightness and intimacy that we pursue from the first moment. Although this does not have to be identically perfect or symmetrical, following this parameter or intention enhances order, harmony and, in general, the feeling of comfort and overall well-being that a bedroom provides when we enter its four walls.

Some of the most exclusive interior designer tips in this regard are, in addition, the installation of curtains open to the sides to maximize light and create an optical illusion of greater breadth and order as well as the installation of a headboard that, in addition to decorating, manages to be a point of attention in the bedroom, increasing its harmony.

Decoration of a bedroom through textures: simplicity is the taste

The trend of less is more is increasingly internalized as the preferred style to follow in bedroom decoration. And it is a fact that what we currently know as decorative luxury or exclusive spaces, translates into those very simple and minimalist places, characterized by the inclusion of few elements in themselves. Few, but very useful. And here derives the taste and comfort for what is simple, for that which manages to achieve a lot with very little.

Microcement wall with rust effect in the decoration of a bedroom

However, we also mentioned that this does not mean that the elements that make up the decoration of a bedroom are not special, unique or distinctive. Or at least, look for ways to make them so. And this is achieved by pampering the small details.

A very stylish and original way to achieve a simple yet charming bedroom decoration, is to use the same neutral color range for the overall room design, playing with the different textures of the elements that make it up. For example, a raw cement wall combined with a natural fiber rug, a wool bedspread or linen curtains. Different elements that, being basic in a bedroom, manage through their textures to create that aura that captivates you, that appeal that turns this room into an absolute refuge.

The rattan furniture, for example, is one of the fashionable decorative elements of the moment and its combination is great especially with a neutral chromatic range. In this way, the bedroom will be simple while very cozy and stylish.

The microcement textures the surfaces and provides distinction

Although playing with different textures can sometimes be daring, the truth is that it is also very striking and positions the bedroom as the star in the rooms of the house.

If you are passionate about the idea of decorating in neutral colors for that breadth and brightness so characteristic that it manages to bring to your room and your intention is to play with the different textures of the elements to provide the distinction that your room needs, try covering one of the walls of your bedroom with microcement.

The microcement it is the king of textures. Its main attraction lies in the possibility of coating any surface in a thin layer of 1 mm to 3 mm, renewing it, transforming it and updating it, giving it a very special character thanks to the creation of continuous surfaces in which there are no joints or interruption lines.

A completely unique noble material. Customize furniture, floors and walls achieving finishes of authentic luxury. Distinction and sophistication in the decoration of a bedroom that results in the creation of surfaces with an exclusive decorative style.

We are talking about a coating that has various granulometries. The finest one perfectly imitates the finest, smoothest, and silkiest textures, creating authentic surfaces that remind us of the pleasant touch of natural cotton. Slightly increasing to the thickest, different decorative effects can be achieved that can even evoke the most rustic style in your entire bedroom. A material that is completely customizable depending on the intention and design of the room, versatile, easy, clean and simple to apply, and with industrial properties that allow its perfect condition over time, without presenting cracks, fissures or any other type of alteration.

Combined with the rest of the elements in the bedroom, regardless of the chosen style, it manages to create truly exquisite rooms dominated by luxury.

At Luxury Concrete® we have a wide range of microcement ready to respond to different intentions, needs or styles. We offer you a vast array of options so that your bedroom decoration is absolutely exclusive, exquisite and distinctive and manages to create precisely that warm, attractive and protective atmosphere we look for when choosing the perfect design.