Protective and decorative sealers for microcement.

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Varnishes for microcement

The range of varnishes from Luxury Concrete offers the best performance to protect the microcement finish. This line of sealers offers excellent mechanical resistance to ensure the protection of the coating and enhance its decorative effects.
Luxury Concrete varnishes are ideal for applying both on interior and exterior surfaces and can be applied on all kinds of supports. They are suitable sealers for vertical and horizontal decorative coatings. They provide the coating with high resistance to abrasion, UV rays, stains, and the chemical cleaning products commonly used.
In addition, they provide scratch resistance and facilitate the cleaning of the microcement surface by creating a protective film.

Primacrete Finish

It is the adhesion bridge used before the application of the varnish to waterproof and consolidate the microcement. It is a water-based pore filler that gives the microcement hardness and homogeneity.

It is a product that also allows to create a protective and consolidating film on the microcement coatings for swimming pools.


Sealer formulated of acrylic copolymer in emulsion
Sealer for Concrete Pool products
Bridge of connection between the microcement and the sealer

Concrete Finish WT

Luxury Concrete® WT Concrete Finish is a water-based sealant specifically formulated to protect microcement. It's a perfect sealer to protect the decorative coating, offering matte, satin, or glossy finishes.

The mixture consists of two products: polyurethane (Component A) and catalyst (Component B). WT Concrete Finish polyurethane is colorless and does not yellow under sunlight. Microcement coatings must be protected with WT Concrete Finish after priming with an acrylic resin.


Water-based polyurethane for microcement protection
Matte, satin, glossy, super matte and antislip finish

Concrete Finish WT Max

WT Max Concrete Finish is another of our top-of-the-range two-component, water-based polyurethane varnishes. Its superior chemical and water resistance makes it the ideal sealer to protect microcement coatings in damp spaces such as bathrooms.

The excellent performance against abrasion makes it a safe bet in high-wear areas. And its non-yellowing under sun exposure, an excellent outdoor water-based varnish. It offers glossy, satin, and matte decorative finishes.


Two-component water-based polyurethane varnish
Glossy, satin and matte finish
Recommended in bathrooms and outdoor spaces.

Concrete Finish One

Concrete Finish One is the new one-component water-based varnish created to enhance the color of the ready-to-use microcement Easycret. It offers a perfect matte or satin finish to beautify the finishes and reinforce the renewed appearance of the surface.

This transparent sealant varnish is presented ready to apply directly to the surface, whether indoors or outdoors. Its performances go beyond aesthetic finishes. It is the perfect product to highlight the textures of the ready-to-use microcement.

It offers excellent adhesion, water resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance. Prolonged exposure to the sun will not make it yellow. It is the best ally to complete the application of the ready-to-use microcement Easycret on floors and walls. Applicable over epoxy microcement.

Concrete Finish DSV

Concrete Finish DSV is a two-component (A+B) solvent-based polyurethane. It is ideal for the protection of microcement in indoor and outdoor spaces. Before applying Concrete Finish DSV, it is essential to check that the support is dry and free of dust. Depending on the climatic conditions and ventilation of the workspace, it will be necessary to wait at least between 24 and 48 hours before applying the polyurethane on the microcement.

Solvent-based acrylic polyurethane varnish
Matte, satin and gloss finish
Protects microcement in indoor and outdoor

Concrete Finish WT Pool

Concrete Finish WT Pool is a single-component water-based sealer for the Concrete Pool system that is characterized by creating a protective and consolidating film, to protect and maintain the original conditions of the microcement without losing properties.

When applied, it enhances chemical and mechanical resistance thanks, in part, to its resistance to the alkalinity of the microcement and to its low water absorption and water vapor permeability.

Its application is very simple and under its milky white appearance hides one of the fastest drying speeds: 20 minutes (always depending on environmental conditions and temperature at the time of use). Before applying it, it is necessary to clean the support and then apply Concrete Finish WT Pool in two coats, with a distance of 4 to 8 hours between them.

Water-based varnish, non-flammable
Great stability in humid environments

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