Pigments for microcement
Luxury Concrete®

Inspiring colors for luxury coatings.
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It is the line of pigmented pastes for microcement made up of more than 30 shades designed to convey style and personality. The microcement colors of Luxury Concrete encompass the brightness and minimalism of light tones and the daring of the most vivid chromatisms.

They are the liquid colorants that are added during the preparation of the microcement. Within this range, we differentiate two products: Colorcrete BASE and Colorcrete MIX. Both ranges of pigments are prepared to coat walls and floors, both on interior and exterior surfaces.

The Colorcrete pigment range multiplies the decorative possibilities of any room and allows the professional to achieve
decorative coatings that adapt to all styles.


It is the name of the pigmented pastes base of Luxury Concrete. It is available in 6 colors: green, blue, black, red, yellow, and white. They are manufactured with the aim of creating, from them, single doses for the coloring of our microcements, from which the chart of 36 colors of Luxury Concrete is created.

It is a product of quick dissolution, with resistance to alkalis and that is presented ready to use. It is a material compatible with water-based paints and that offers a high color stability, which is maintained over time without alterations produced by light or aging.


These are the single doses of the pigments created with Colorcrete BASE and they have a high resistance to alkalis. They are easily miscible, unalterable to light, suitable for indoor and outdoor use due to their weather resistance.

This product is specifically prepared for a type and weight of microcement and its finish. It offers a high coloring strength so that the professional applicator achieves exquisite and elegant finishes.