Tools for microcement
Luxury Concrete®

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Fiberglass mesh

The fiberglass mesh allows to consolidate the existing support before the application of microcement and prevents the appearance of cracks and fissures. It is a safety material that absorbs the tensions of the support and contributes to increase the quality of the finishes.

It is available in three weights: 50-58-160 gr.

Rubber trowel

The flexible rubber trowel is the ideal tool for the application of fine grain microcement like Concrete Wall. It allows achieving a finish with water and without a burn effect.

Carbon trowel

The flexible carbon fiber trowel is designed with straight edges and an ergonomic handle. It is the perfect tool for applying preparation and finishing microcements. It is designed to prevent burning effects.

Stainless steel trowel

The Bi-Flex flexible stainless steel trowel features rounded corners and a beveled edge. It has a sturdy and ergonomic plastic handle and is the ideal tool for applying the most textured microcements.


Texture roller especially indicated for the application of primers and sealing varnishes. They are available in different sizes and materials.