Bicomponent Microcement
Luxury Concrete®

One step further to renovate interiors and exteriors.
Coat all surfaces with just 3 millimeters.
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Concrete to create luxury coatings

Concrete is the range of two-component microcement that goes a step further, where workability and adhesion come together to offer a more flexible microcement. The products in the Concrete range are presented in two components, microcement and resin, which are mixed following the indicated proportions.
They allow to respond to all types of supports and surfaces, both in pavements and coatings, whether in interior or exterior spaces.

Bicomponent microcement preparation Concrete Base

Concrete Base is the two-component microcement in powder form that is used for the preparation of the support before the application of the finishing microcements Concrete Floor and Concrete Wall. It is formulated to be applied as a continuous low-thickness coating on floors and walls. It is a material that offers excellent workability and high adherence to the support. Its rustic finish allows it to also be applied as a finishing microcement. It is available in 3 granulometries: L, XL and XXL.
Bicomponent microcement preparation Concrete Base
Bicomponent finishing microcement Concrete Floor

Bicomponent microcement for Concrete Floor surfaces

Concrete Floor is the two-component finishing microcement created to apply on interior floors and provide a natural and elegant finish to the rooms. It should be mixed with Concrete Resin (Component B). It is a low-thickness coating designed for walkable surfaces and achieve a natural and uniform result. The support must be previously prepared with the application of Concrete Base.

Bicomponent microcement for walls Concrete Wall

Concrete Wall is the two-component microcement finish for creating decorative finishes on walls. It is indicated to be applied as a continuous decorative coating of low thickness on walls and non-walkable surfaces. Its application translates into silky finishes of high decoration and allows to achieve designs similar to Venetian stucco. The decorative possibilities of this microcement are combined with its high adherence to the support. It is a product that combines functionality and high-end design.
Bicomponent finishing microcement Concrete Wall
Bicomponent finishing microcement Concrete Stone

Bicomponent microcement for exteriors Concrete Stone

Concrete Stone is the low-thickness coating created as a finishing microcement for exteriors. Concrete Stone (Component A) is mixed with Concrete Resin (Component B). Once applied, it provides great resistance and adherence to any type of support. It is a product that has great mechanical resistance and high temperatures. It is the microcement that has anti-slip properties without the need to apply any subsequent treatment. It is the indicated product to achieve rustic and stony finishes in spaces such as terraces or facades.

Bicomponent microcement for pools Concrete Pool

Concrete Pool is the two-component microcement preparation designed to apply both in the crown and in the pool basin. This continuous coating, permeable to steam and with low water absorption, allows to obtain resistant surfaces with very special finishes that are going to last indefinitely. It doesn't matter if the surfaces are submerged or in constant contact with water, durability, homogeneity, naturalness and the ability to create non-slip areas are guaranteed thanks to the two granulometries in which it is available: Concrete Pool Extra It is a two-component microcement preparation for pools. It is applied in two layers before Concrete Pool Grand. It is mixed with Concrete Resin Pool. Concrete Pool Grand It is a two-component finishing coating for pools with a homogeneous and natural effect. Seal with Concrete Finish WT Pool. It is mixed with Concrete Resin Pool.
Two-component microcement for pools Concrete Pool
Acrylic resin for microcement Concrete Resin

Acrylic resin for microcement Concrete Resin

It is the acrylic resin that is used as component B of the two-component microcements in the Concrete range. It is also used as an adhesion promoter between highly absorbent surfaces, such as cement or concrete, and microcement.

Acrylic resin for microcement Concrete Resin Pool

It is the water-based acrylic resin designed for the microcement of Concrete Pool. It acts as an adhesion promoter, providing hardness and flexibility to microcement coatings and, in addition, it maintains its permeability to water vapor and prevents cracks from appearing due to subsequent shrinkage.
Acrylic resin for microcement Concrete Resin Pool
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