Cozy and elegant living rooms: this is how they respond with microcement

October 25, 2022

Designing living rooms based on comfort and elegance is a difficult combination to find on most occasions. And it is that, when we imagine the living room of our dreams, our mind is invaded by the idea that it is as cozy as it is stylish.

Cozy microcement living room on walls and floors

The living room is the part of the house where we spend the most time throughout the days. It is that place where we rest and relax, escaping from the rest of the world. It is also the room where we share time with the people we love, where we enjoy and interact. And now, and increasingly, with the arrival of teleworking, also where we work.

The truth is that it is probably the room in the house to which we are most fond of, as it is where we spend most of our time and carry out most of our actions. Here lies the importance of its appearance being beautiful and elegant and composed of connotations based on taste, comfort, well-being, and calm. A series of concepts that inspire us until we achieve the perfect living room. A design living room, with style and appeal.

It is as important that it encompasses all these concepts, as it responds to our usage needs. The living room is the heart of a house and therefore, in addition to being stylish, comfort also plays a fundamental role. And the balance between both concepts will ultimately define the design of the best living room ever dreamed of. The one that awakens all our senses.

In this regard, the choice of materials is what makes the difference. Choosing quality materials means betting on functionality and style. And that's why, themicrocementit is the option with which to achieve the achievement of these two objectives, creating an ideal balance between both concepts that merge, heading towards a single and unique direction.

Coating with microcement means creating cozy lounges, while also elegant, opening the doors to a world completely dominated by sensations that transport us to the most authentic luxury. In every sense. And at Luxury Concrete® we are going to show you why this statement is true.

Microcement or how to create cozy lounges imbued with luxury

Equipping the living rooms with incomparable quality and an utterly indescribable charm can be difficult for us, both because of the potentially functional properties, and because of the exquisite style pursued by those rooms typical of a designer. The search for the perfect balance between the most absolute operability and incomparable beauty is not easy, unless you bet on microcement to create truly cozy living rooms endowed with the purest elegance.

And it is that, this material, contains an endless list of benefits to create in a living room the most authentic magazine style, the one sought by everyone who is about to get involved in a decorative renovation.

Cozy and bright living room with microcement coated floors

Simplicity and calm- A dominant minimalism

The main peculiarity of microcement is the ability to create, solely with its application, spaces characterized by the absence of joints or interruption lines, which automatically turn them into minimalist places.

Minimalism is the true decorative trend of the moment. We are talking about a style whose uniqueness is the creation of simple, balanced, and calm spaces. Those neutral rooms, whose predominant main color is white, providing brightness and warmth in the environment. Simple places imbued with the collection of simple pieces and the choice of soft tones in the decoration.

This state of calm and tranquility is really important for a living room to captivate you, conquer you and not want you to leave it. It is the path to achieve peace as a result of a very sophisticated luxury that really makes you feel good and fills you with harmony and comfort.

And precisely, the microcement and its complete elimination of joints and interruptions in the walls and floors of your living room, becomes the perfect way to endow the most important room of your home with an authentic, attainable, real luxury, dedicated solely and exclusively to be enjoyed and that is almost imminently transferred to the rest of the rooms in the house.

Cozy and elegant living room with microcement floor

Undeniable elegance of its appearance

Soft textures so similar to the tactile sensation of cotton. An aspect as fine and smooth as that of a feather to achieve unparalleled beauty. An appearance that matches any decorative style, providing aesthetic value and a completely unique, exclusive, and special design.

The luxury of the natural. The elegance of simplicity. And all combined on the same surface that is characterized by being authentic, emotional and sophisticated. This is how to achieve a luxury living room while still feeling completely at home.

A light, flexible and incredibly resistant character

A luxury aspect dominated by a series of completely outrageous qualities. A lightweight material with a flexibility when worked that is absolutely scandalous. An application more than easy that completely renews any surface of the living room resisting the passage of years, decades and maintaining a beautiful appearance that makes living rooms shine in all their splendor.

Natural light- The element for a luxury decoration

You've been dreaming of the perfect living room for years and the truth is that it's now very easy to achieve it. The minimalism we were talking about, enhanced by the absence of joints and the consequent elimination of interruptions, allows natural light and the feeling of brightness to be much higher.

A luxury worth boasting about. Cozy microcement lounges characterized by the quality of a very special light that envelops and welcomes you. Warmth thanks to an atmosphere and environment characterized by total vitality and energy. An unparalleled beauty to achieve rooms with an absolutely indescribable style and design.

Walls that inspire with their natural textures

Vertical surfaces summarized in a beautiful and regular finish. Completely uniform, they become part of the living room with a very fine, silky and smooth texture. They blend in with the different decorative elements of the walls, participating along with paintings, prints, mirrors and lamps in a harmonious work of art where everything decorates, everything contributes and everything fills with calm, light and well-being.

Colors and various shapes that, being part of a smooth surface, complement each other for lounges dominated by a taste, style and design that reaches extreme exquisiteness.

High-end pavements, at your feet

La mejor manera de conseguir un aspecto de lujo, además de la creación de salones armónicos, gustosos, agradables y cómodos, es elegir una calidad que, como el microcemento, te facilite las labores diarias de mantenimiento. Un mantenimiento que no entiende de inconvenientes, ni de complicaciones. Tan fácil, sencillo y rápido como para prácticamente no contemplarlo.

Resistance, luxury, and functionality closer than ever. Spaces that, in addition to being exclusive, have an incomparable quality plus. The high range, at your feet.

Cozy microcement living room

Cozy and elegant living rooms: 4 decoration ideas to inspire you

They are cozy, elegant places designed to enjoy their comfort as the most authentic luxury. This is what cozy and luxurious living rooms are like, those that can only be achieved with microcement.

If you have already carried out the transformation of your living room, immersing it in the purest luxury and exclusivity, or if you are about to do so, at Luxury Concrete® we tell you some small decoration tricks that you will not be able to miss when it comes to decorating your rooms. The icing on the cake is that the photographs from a catalog or magazine will have absolutely nothing to envy them. And with very little and almost without realizing it, you will be able to achieve total and absolute luxury within your four walls.

1. Ambient light to focus the luxury of a corner

Although the atmosphere and total computation in the decoration of your microcement living room is more than important and requires special attention, the details are always what make the difference.

Therefore, to continue enhancing the warmth and cozy character that your living room acquires by coating it with microcement, use an ambient light that focuses on a very specific place with the aim of giving that small corner the prominence it needs. A warm and golden light whose sensation is of total harmony and provides added and differential value, enhancing intimacy, peace, and style. A living room whose connotation is luxury and whose atmosphere encompasses the absolute highest quality in the environment.

2. Straight line fabrics for dressing windows

They complement perfectly to create intimacy in cozy living rooms and are that perfect component to make the aura of this very special and charming room even more unique.

Pleasant, soft fabrics with natural fibers that make us feel at peace, protected, comfortable. Curtains that dress the living room windows to achieve that distinction and evasion from the outside so characteristic and unique and often, so difficult to achieve. Delving into luxury through the fabrics that dress the windows.

3. Plants, wicker and flowers to create cozy living rooms

Three elements of decoration that never go unnoticed. And they never go out of style either. Plants and flowers, whether natural or artificial, are present in the decoration of any interior room, and of course, also outdoors. Inside, they bring life to any of the rooms. A character of elegance, joy and of transporting us directly to a direct contact with nature, that contact that makes us feel so good. And that means so much.

And it is that, if these elements have always been authentic objects to provide character and exclusivity to exteriors and interiors, today, they are the real protagonists of the interiors and they are taken into account and in presence more than ever.

The reason, the trend that each day gains greater importance and interest in following a line that encompasses sustainable decoration and textures of a natural character, respectful with the natural tactile sensations of any terrestrial object.

Flowers and wicker in white and neutral tones that are the most faithful reflection of the essence of microcement.

4. Combination of elements- Aesthetic Style

Aesthetic is a decorative trend based on not having to follow the same style when carrying out the decoration of a room. It combines those decorative elements in a balanced way, even if they do not belong to the same style. In this way, a completely special and distinctive own style is created.

And it is that the use of parallelism to achieve spaces with positive connotations has long been left behind. The important thing, nowadays, and also what is proving to be a great decorative trend, is the balance between colors and the always and above all dominance of spatial amplitude and warm luminosity as the most important components when creating spaces. They are the main protagonists to achieve spaces of comfort, calm and well-being. And this is what covering with microcement provides, also creating cozy living rooms.

The rest of the components in a place, can be interspersed and combined with each other to achieve absolutely exquisite, original and exclusive results. Those considered a real luxury and that achieve what is really considered as visual and sensory harmony.

These accessories enhance, reinforce and add decorative and aesthetic value to the cozy microcement lounges. They are the perfect element to provide them with greater expression, exquisiteness and exclusivity. They will enhance comfort, warmth and well-being within its four walls and also, they will bet on the purest style of luxury and charming design you were looking for. A completely timeless character, between classic and modern, where less is more.

Therefore, at Luxury Concrete®, we opt for sophisticated, elegant, and cozy decorative accessories. Those who continue to bet on simplicity and the only ones capable of continuing to create an environment and atmosphere of maximum and authentic enjoyment and pleasure.