Luxury Concrete launches Primacrete Joint, the new tile filler putty

December 15, 2021

Luxury Concrete launches the tile joint cover Primacrete Joint, an ideal filler putty designed to be the best ally of the ready-to-use microcement Easycret. It is a product that is designed to facilitate the complete application of the paste.

This tile joint putty has been specially manufactured to smooth surfaces in bathrooms and kitchens, both indoors and outdoors. It has a high resistance to water and humid environments, in addition to offering excellent adhesion.

Primacrete Joint is recommended for joints with a thickness of up to 10 millimeters. It is a product that is available in three modes: 0-2, 2-5, and 5-10 mm. The choice will depend on the thickness of the joint.

Tips for applying filler putty

Before applying the filler putty, it is necessary to ensure that the surface is level and completely sanitized. The support must be dry, free of lime, dust and dirt. With the clean support, Primacrete Joint can be applied on tiles, ceramics, plaster, concrete, plasterboard, bricks, stone or painted surfaces.

Before applying the microcement, between 12 and 24 hours must pass since the application of the filler putty. It is not advisable to use Primacrete Joint with temperatures below 8°C or above 35°C, or with humidity levels of more than 80%.

It is also advisable to avoid applying the filler putty in full sun or on supports subjected to permanent humidity.

With this product, Luxury Concrete maintains its commitment to innovation in decorative coatings to achieve luxury finishes. Our eagerness to achieve continuous improvement of materials, leads us to develop Primacrete Joint, which is the perfect primer for Easycret.