Decorative concrete: the luxury of renovating spaces without construction

November 4, 2022

It is essential, when planning a renovation or construction project, to correctly choose the coatings that best fit the particular needs, as each space will have specific characteristics and demands and, therefore, will also require different materials.

Spectacular terrace with decorative concrete pool

Apart from these materials meeting our needs, we always seek excellence in terms of their performance, and why not? that they also make the renovation or construction process as simple and fast as possible.

In this regard, currently, there are infinite options of high-performance materials. Perhaps much more than you could ever imagine. However, not everyone has the gift of creating luxury spaces, without the need to get involved in tedious works, as does allow the decorative concrete.

This continuous coating is endowed with a very special character. And it is that, in addition to giving spaces an exclusive appearance due to its application in a continuous layer and without absence of expansion joints, it is a material that flees from comprehensive reforms. In this way, it is applied in a thin layer and directly on the material that is desired to transform, without the need to remove it, facilitating a quick and simple renovation of spaces and avoiding the generation of rubble. A real luxury.

Learn all about decorative concrete

Its popularity is growing every day and, far from being a coincidence, decorative concrete is booming due to the infinite possibilities it offers in the renovation of any space.

It is applied in a layer as thin and light as a feather, 3 mm maximum to adhere perfectly to a multitude of surfaces without affecting their structural load.

It is fully compatible with the most well-known supports, such as marble, tiles, plasterboard, ceramics, tiles, mosaic and a long etcetera. One of its main charms is also having a wide chromatic range that allows to evoke with accuracy all types of environments. The minimalist style, so fashionable nowadays, thanks to the combination of neutral tones such as white, gray or beige; the industrial, with brown or chocolate tones; rustic style, combining textures and colors that evoke nature... and a long list of options that allow to perfectly imitate the most exclusive atmospheres and, also, the most welcoming ones.

Thus, completely renewing the style of any room is a matter of days. A material that gives walls and floors a new, modern and renewed air. A very unique and avant-garde character.

Far from providing only a unique decorative value, its properties make decorative concrete even more so. Special in all aspects, thanks to its high resistance to traffic, contact with water, wear over time and even to the fixation of the sun's rays. And it is precisely these scandalous properties that make it an irresistible option not only for renovating interior spaces, but also for the cladding of terraces, gardens, facades or even swimming pools.

Advantages that make decorative concrete irresistible

The success of decorative concrete for home and business renovations is undeniable. And it is that, everything it has to offer to users, is not reduced to turning any surface into a true masterpiece of aesthetics, it gives much more than that. An ideal fusion capable of decorating spaces with unparalleled luxury while turning them into places that maximize their functional characteristics to the fullest.

Beautiful dining room covered with decorative cement flooring

1. A single material, multiple uses

Accustomed to visualizing rooms with a combination of materials that differ between walls and floors, decorative concrete serves to be applied both on vertical surfaces and on horizontal surfaces.

A unique feature that not all materials can boast. And it is that, the application of this coating indistinctly on walls or floors, guarantees continuity, breadth and brightness in any type of space.

The absence of joints or interruption lines allows the creation of completely clear spaces, which are visualized in a single pass. And it is this continuity that causes, in the perception of the rooms, the overall breadth and brightness to be enhanced, also consequently increasing the beauty of them.

2. Resource optimization, guaranteed

There are few options on the market that are capable of achieving sublime finishes, being functional and, in addition, facilitating the process of construction or renovation of spaces. Except for decorative concrete.

A coating that saves time and labor while providing the covered surfaces with the utmost quality.

3. Their style conquers and captivates

A very characteristic attraction that lies in the possibility of creating infinite decorative combinations.

It adapts to new decorative trends, matches any style and allows the total simulation of the most exquisite environments. And the fact is, in addition to its design being completely customizable, its appearance can be easily and simply changed. As simple as reapplying a couple of layers on the support and giving it another texture, color and finish, completely changing the appearance of the room. And without construction.

Customizable like very few and capable of creating spectacular visual contrasts, thanks to the combination of different colors and textures on the same substrate.

4. Super material: tolerates water and high temperatures

Among its multiple properties, it is worth highlighting its extremely high resistance to traffic and abrasion. A very durable material that remains in perfect condition, regardless of its frequent or continuous traffic of people, vehicles or objects or the presence of blows, impacts and other factors that could alter its appearance.

Choosing decorative cement for surface renovation, you will completely forget about stains, imperfections, dents or marks that reflect the passage of time, the result of wear and tear. An option that guarantees durability.

It is also resistant to high temperatures and to abrupt cycles of cold-heat. It is also resistant to the continuous fixation of ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Therefore, among many other things, it is one of the smartest options to consider for coating gardens, terraces or facades, as it guarantees a 100% exquisite, careful and avant-garde design of the most exposed or daily punished supports.

And as if all the above were not enough, this coating is also resistant to direct contact with water, also becoming an ideal option to cover bathrooms or kitchens, rooms exposed to water, or outdoors, as rain or environmental humidity will not cause its appearance to change.

5. Continuity for maximum visual richness

Few sensations are as pleasing decoratively speaking as the perception of surfaces that, together, form one. Observing infinite rooms and whose appearance is uniform and smooth, gives us positive connotations and endows spaces with a sensation that welcomes and attracts us. This is how decorative concrete acts.

Its application is, nothing more and nothing less, than in a minimum thickness layer of between 1 mm to 3 mm, in such a way that the structural load of the wall or pavements is not affected and it offers completely uniform results, in which there are no joints or interruption lines. A most simple, quick and clean transformation, which ends with the generation of rubble, dust and noise.

How does decorative concrete act in the transformation of spaces

Renew spaces as fast as blinking, resist virtually all factors present in our environment and also, achieve aesthetic results that perfectly mimic authentic canvases.

Discover the most common uses of decorative concrete and take note of the ideas that we provide you at Luxury Concrete® to get the most out of the fashionable coating.

Spacious and bright coworking with decorative concrete floor

Decorative concrete on floors: resistant, careful and beautiful

Its amazing properties make it an ideal option for covering those surfaces that are most damaged or punished in day-to-day life. Areas that, due to their continued use, we must protect and pamper more than any others, thus ensuring that their appearance is well cared for and beautiful. That's why decorative concrete is so popular in pavements.

The resistance to continuous traffic and wear, as well as a non-slip finish that reduces slips and falls, are strong reasons why this material is one of the most competent options for indoor or outdoor floors.

Jointless surfaces that, in addition, become not only more hygienic, but also easier to clean. The non-existence of interruption lines where bacteria or dirt usually accumulate, allows not only to increase the hygiene of the floors, but also their cleaning is done more quickly and in a single pass.

Decorative concrete on walls: a plus of functionality

We often think that vertical surfaces do not decorate enough, or we simply forget them, as pavements are the ones that take the main role when we carry out a reform or decoration of the rooms. And this is something that changes with the use of decorative concrete.

The walls deserve the same prominence as the floors, despite not being as frequently exposed to use, traffic or impacts as the horizontal surfaces are.

Coating the walls means giving them an extra functionality, in such a way that they will remain intact for much longer. And the fact is, even if we don't have it fully internalized, sooner or later and inevitably, time would end up causing small defects on them.

The decorative cement coats the interior or exterior walls to give them precisely that distinctive character they need. Its combination of textures and colors give rise to the creation of sophisticated, fine and continuous surfaces with an elegance that stands out. To the creation of this attractive appearance, we must also add its easy cleaning and maintenance. An optimal conversation through its cleaning in a simple way and in a single pass and without harmful or special products.

Decorative concrete on terraces: authentic visual set

Decorative concrete on terraces is an option for creating rooms that blend with the outdoor landscape. Places endowed with immeasurable beauty.

And not only because of the surprising aesthetics that this coating achieves in outdoor spaces, but also because of the ease of keeping them clean, cared for, and beautiful. A spatial continuity in outdoor spaces whose sensation is to perceive a visual set, which acts by extending the dimensions of the rooms and endowing them with greater breadth, comfort, and exquisiteness.

Comfort with style: the trend that is achieved with decorative concrete

We are in an ideal time to renovate homes. The fall-winter period is one of the best times to carry out a small renovation or transformation of any room.

This season, the trend is the creation of spaces whose atmosphere evokes tranquility and comfort. Rooms that trap us within their walls and whose character is especially welcoming.

The minimalist or Nordic style is making a strong impact, combined with rustic elements of natural character or the use of a chromatic range of blues in different shades for the creation of atmospheres that convey tranquility, security, and freshness.

Although there are infinite options in interior decoration, the ideal is to follow current trends and heed the tricks of interior designers whose goal is to create rooms that, precisely, fill us with harmony and peace.

Take note of what's trending this year. At Luxury Concrete® we serve it up on a platter for you so that, in addition to achieving a dream renovation, you can give your rooms complete functionality, an unmistakable style, and also, be up to date. Everything that decorative concrete gives you.

Garden with facade and decorative concrete pool

The simple is the most pursued

Less is more, as it has always been said. This phrase makes more sense than ever today and decoratively speaking, because the simple style with limitation of elements is a trend that is increasingly pursued.

It downplays the importance of filling the rooms with many elements that decorate or add value, to equip them only with what is fair and necessary. Of those elements that, in a simple way, provide a differential aesthetic without overloading the environment and, above all, exploiting functionality.

Interior designers agree that, to achieve the most welcoming space possible, it is essential to focus on the smallest details. And decorative concrete is one of the most recommended options to achieve it.

Its smooth, continuous and uniform appearance allows the creation of floors and walls dominated by simplicity. Surfaces without joints or interruption lines that transport you to spaces full of comfort, harmony and well-being.

Multifunctional spaces that connect

One of the great novelties and also protagonists of current decoration is the creation of spaces free of walls or partitions. Multifunctionality in spaces that merge with each other for the creation of a single room in which living room, kitchen and even terrace, are part of each other, connecting with each other and creating open spaces that stand out for their high aesthetic and decorative value.

And it is that the elimination of walls or partitions that interrupt and separate spaces not only enhances the charm and attractiveness of any home, but also greatly increases its functionality. According to interior design experts, this trend allows rooms to be perceived with a greater breadth and this, in turn, results in more brightness. Two of the most important aspects and that have the greatest value when creating authentic dream spaces.

A beauty that is enhanced thanks to decorative concrete, a material that due to its continuous nature allows to take advantage of 100% of the space, bringing out the best version of each one of them.

Game of textures that combine simplicity and contrast

Simple, open-plan, and minimalist style spaces are trending. To achieve this atmosphere without the rooms becoming cold or boring, one of the smartest options is the combination of textures in the decoration.

In this way, we avoid overloading the environment with pointless objects, opting for simplicity while providing that distinctive or special touch that is achieved through shapes and textures.

And this is one of the peculiarities of decorative concrete. Capable of generating the most disparate finishes through its different textures, creating that much desired contrast that will allow the rooms to remain simple, but with a very special differential value.

A world of combinations that, respecting the freed spaces, allows through textures for spaces to be endowed with charm, exclusivity, and originality.

Nature and its timeless charm

The influence of nature is one of the trends in interior decoration. We are not only talking about decorating with plants, a classic that never goes out of style, but also about doing it through textures or elements that in one way or another, transport us to that environment.

In this regard, this season, the use of materials such as wicker, raffia, stone or wood takes on special prominence. Pieces that, combined with the simplicity of neutral tones, continue to enhance minimalism and the most transparent rooms, with differentiating details that enhance their aesthetics.

Thus, it is increasingly common to decorate with wicker baskets in which to order or organize the objects we use the most; blankets or curtains made of natural fibers that create an atmosphere of total connection with nature, or wood or stone in small details to highlight a specific area or element. In general, those textures that directly or totally evoke nature. A way to generate that cozy and warm character we are looking for, while, at the same time, they give the rooms a charming character.

And as could not be otherwise, decorative concrete blends perfectly with all these elements, also enhancing the spaciousness of the rooms and natural light for the creation of spaces that become authentic visual and sensory fantasies.

Microcement: the innovation of decorative cement

At Luxury Concrete® we are masters of the microcement , the innovation of decorative concrete that allows remodeling without construction and in a quick, easy and clean way any space.

For us, the renovation of spaces with microcement is an art. An art that we have made our own, because we have spent almost two decades dedicated exclusively to its manufacture in our laboratories, from which they are then distributed to a vast list of countries.

We have the most advanced techniques and tools for the creation of cutting-edge microcement products. Technology and avant-garde that we apply in the production of our materials, but also in the techniques, distribution and advice to professionals. We differentiate ourselves by following trends, by our constant innovation and updating. And only in this way do we achieve excellence, the one that results in offering professionals the highest quality continuous coatings, with guaranteed results and that respond precisely to their needs and demands.

Our catalog includes a wide variety of specific systems depending on the surface you want to cover and the finish you are after. A wide chromatic range, textures and solutions applicable on any surface you want to renew.