Luxury living rooms: styles and trends to inspire you

August 17, 2021

Our home is the expression of our lifestyle and luxury living rooms are the icing on the cake to enchant all those who visit us. The decoration of these spaces is a challenge to create an atmosphere that conveys peace, harmony, relaxation and exquisiteness.

The design of the living room is one of the most important decisions in luxury homes, as it is the most versatile and multifunctional room. Decorating it to our liking is one of the small pleasures that interior design offers us and everything depends, to a large extent, on the materials and the taste for details.

Luxury living room with microcement on the floor and views to a terrace with a garden
Luxury living room with microcement on the floor and views to a terrace with a garden

Top-quality materials and soft textures are the best allies to create luxury lounges. Wood is the right choice if we want a living room that exudes warmth, themicrocementit adds elegance, helps to expand and illuminate the space, and blends perfectly with any decorative style. The stone enhances the rustic touch and the leather the texture.

All these materials have a place in our luxury lounge, as they contribute to creating exquisite finishes and also make interior design much richer. From Luxury Concrete we present you with various luxury lounge decoration proposals that will help you find your own style.

Modern luxury living rooms

The living room is the room where we usually combine leisure with work when we are at home. It is the space where we watch television, read, are with the computer, or spend time with the family. To create modern luxury living rooms, it is important to opt for colors that help to gain brightness.

The raw and clear tones, such as white, are an excellent choice to enhance the light of luxury lounges. This color range is ideal because it also translates into elegant environments and focuses all the attention on the decoration of the space. White is perfect to combine it with the colors of the furniture and does not overload the decoration.

Modern luxury living room decorated with white tones and wooden floor
Modern luxury living room decorated with white tones and wooden floor

In this image, the high ceilings and large windows favor the entry of natural light into the living room. The white enhances even more the brightness of the room, which has views of the house's garden. An exquisite decoration in an open living room that has a staircase to connect with the upper floor.

But exclusivity and luxury are not always related to size. Furniture and design can help us create luxury living rooms without the need to have a room of large dimensions.

Luxury decoration in a modern living room with designer furniture
Luxury decoration in a modern living room with designer furniture

The living room in the upper image is a good example of how a taste for details can help create a sense of luxury and warmth. The designer furniture helps to create a room that shows how exquisiteness can be conveyed in small spaces.

In a room of these characteristics, it is advisable to have elements that are easy to find. A design lamp or an authentic painting are ideal objects to achieve a luxurious aesthetic without the need to overload the decoration.

Classic luxury lounges

The classic style in luxury lounges is one of the decorative models that endures over time and never goes out of fashion. The sobriety and elegance make this style remain present in interior design.

This type of living rooms are a good presentation card of our home. If you want to achieve a living room with personality, character, and a refined seal, the classic style is made for you. It is perfect for decorating large spaces, as in small spaces we risk overloading the environment.

Luxury classic style living room with garden views and integrated fireplace
Luxury classic style living room with garden views and integrated fireplace

The combination of this style with a modern setting translates into a pleasant atmosphere that conveys serenity and tranquility. The warm and soft tones make the difference in this type of decoration.

The classic image lounge has a renewed air where furniture and decoration coexist with modern designs to create a fresh stay. The integration of the sofa and the coffee table with the privileged views of the garden creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

In this luxury lounge we can appreciate how the white and cream tones provoke a sense of comfort, since no strong color breaks the harmony of the room.

Tips for decorating luxury living rooms with a classic style

To decorate a luxury living room with a classic style, the first thing is to take advantage of the space. The need for spaciousness is important to prevent the room from lacking light and being excessively overloaded.

  • Combine warm colors: to enhance the light, a good resource is to combine warm colors. In this way we can give the living room a romantic atmosphere and make better use of the natural light entrance. In the absence of light, another solution is to use large lamps on the ceiling.
  • Fireplace time arrives: much of the differential touch of a classic living room falls on the fireplace. A piece of furniture that has an integrated fireplace is a good option to create an authentic classic style.
  • Wooden pieces and moldings: wooden pieces and moldings give a stately air to the living room. Wood is a natural ally for the living room to have a warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Nordic style in luxury living rooms

The popularity of the Nordic style has skyrocketed and in recent years it has been gaining more and more followers due to the harmony and simplicity it conveys. It is a universal style ideal for relaxing and disconnecting through a luxurious atmosphere. For this, it is necessary to choose the right materials and colors.

The color range is led by white, gray or beige tones. In general, muted colors are an excellent choice, especially if combined with softer contrasts.

Luxury Nordic-style lounge with minimalist decoration
Luxury Nordic-style living room with minimalist decoration

In luxury Nordic-style lounges, the maxim 'less is more' must prevail. Bet on creating a pleasant atmosphere, with white tables and little furniture. It is important to find points of light to have a pleasant atmosphere, something especially useful on harsh winter days. The calm tones provide an attractive touch and highlight the spaciousness of the space.

But, how can we round off the Nordic style for our luxury living room? The roadmap involves having wooden furniture, plants, and a straight silhouette sofa. Handcrafted ceramic pieces help this room convey serenity.

Living room decorated with a wooden staircase, brown sofa, glass table and fireplace
Living room decorated with a wooden staircase, brown sofa, glass table and fireplace

Luxury vintage lounges

There are styles that never go out of fashion and are a safe bet to achieve a luxury living room that exudes exclusivity. The vintage style never fails, but you have to have a clear idea of decoration before getting down to work.

With the vintage touch, the living room decoration has an older look but with maximum quality. It is the style that associates with elegance, exclusivity, and a unique atmosphere. The vintage style is the opposite of Scandinavian decoration. The muted tones give way to bright and strong colors that conquer spaces.

The decoration of this type for luxury lounges also implies furniture of simple design, but very elegant. Combining vintage style furniture, which takes us back to past times, with a modern atmosphere based on current decoration, translates into very attractive compositions at a visual level.

The charm of vintage decoration will flood the luxury living room, as this style seeks to have a lot of natural light to enjoy the finishes, compositions and furniture.

Microcement to create unique luxury living rooms

Beyond decorative styles, luxury living rooms are distinguished spaces that with the use of certain materials can display a truly unique beauty. Architects and decorators opt for this continuous decorative coating to create sophisticated environments.

Luxury living room with microcement floor
Luxury living room with microcement floor

The microcement in luxury lounges allows to connect different spaces and surfaces without the need for renovations, or expansion joints that hinder the cleaning of the pavement.

The aesthetic possibilities multiply thanks to the variety of textures and decorative finishes it offers. Create a sophisticated and exclusive atmosphere with a single material. At Luxury Concrete we have created the microcement that makes your luxury living room a reality.