Concrete Finish One arrives, the new single-component water-based varnish

December 2, 2021

Concrete Finish One is the new single-component water-based varnish that arrives in the world of decorative coatings to enhance the color of the ready-to-use microcement Easycret. It offers a perfect matte or satin finish to beautify the finishes and reinforce the renewed appearance of the surface.

This transparent sealant varnish embodies Luxury Concrete's ongoing commitment to providing the best products to enhance the texture of microcement. And all, with extraordinary ease to achieve perfect finishes.

What does the varnish contribute to the Concrete Finish One water?

The new water-based varnish of the latest generation comes ready to use, which translates into a time saving. It is applied directly to the surface, whether indoors or outdoors. Its features go beyond aesthetic finishes. It is the perfect product to highlight the decorative power of the ready-to-use microcement.

Concrete Finish One it presents excellent adhesion, water resistance, abrasion and scratch resistance. Prolonged exposure to the sun will not make it yellow. It is the best ally to complete the application of the ready-to-use microcement Easycret on floors and walls.

A water-based varnish with extraordinary ease of use that has been manufactured to improve the safety of the decorative coating. This sealer increases mechanical resistances and prevents damage due to sunlight, dirt, or chemical substances.

The varnish can also be applied on parquet or wood. To guarantee the desired finish, the minimum application temperature is 8°C. The drying time is 24 to 48 hours. Concrete Finish One achieves all its chemical properties after 7 days, depending on environmental conditions.

The launch of Concrete Finish One comes to make life easier for the professional applicator. Contact our sales team for more information.