Luxury Concrete® microcement

Highly decorative continuous finishes.
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Easycret ready-to-use microcement

Easycret is the range of ready-to-use microcement that offers infinite decorative possibilities. It is designed to make work even simpler and faster than with traditional microcement. It allows to achieve continuous finishes of high decoration.

It offers a unique finish that gives spaces elegance, luxury and beauty. It is a resistant, fast-drying, flexible material with high adherence to all types of substrates.

Easycret Thin ready-to-use microcement

Easycret Thin is the ready-to-use fine-grained microcement that is applied as a high-quality finish or as a perfect complement to other Luxury Concrete coatings. It is the product used as a finishing coat for walls and vertical surfaces.

Easycret Basic ready-to-use microcement

Easycret Basic is the rough-grained ready to use that is applied in two coats and provides an attractive texture with a natural mineral appearance. It is the ready-to-use microcement used as a wall preparation.

Easycret Medium ready-to-use microcement

It is a material that offers a continuous and natural finish for applicators seeking homogeneity and minimalism. It is the microcement ready to use floor finish that brings warmth and softness to chromatic finishes.

Easycret Extra ready-to-use microcement

Easycret Extra is the product that has a granular finish with a rocky appearance. It is ideal for those looking for rustic finishes and combinations with other microcements or materials for a more traditional result. It is the material that is intended as a preparatory ready to use microcement for floors and paving.

Why choose Easycret ready-to-use microcement?

Resistance and flexibility
It is as resistant as the best parquet but with greater flexibility and resistance to friction.
Quick application
It is a ready to use microcement that makes life easier for the applicator. Just add the pigment.
High adhesion
It is a ready-to-use microcement that adheres to all types of substrates, whether they are tiles, terrazzo, plaster or cement.
Excellent workability
It is a material that is easy to apply to achieve highly decorative finishes.