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Exclusive high performance designs

Concrete base
The most rustic style microcement.

It is the microcement for preparation before applying Concrete Wall, Floor and Stone. It is characterised by its superior mechanical resistance. It is versatile and is frequently used as rustic microcement and to achieve spectacular decorative effects such as the worn wall effect or "Pietra Spaccata". Applied in the traditional way, it has a rougher appearance and produces less elaborate results, but many architects and decorators love it.
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Concrete Wall
Microcement for creating decorative vertical finishes

It is a fine-grained microcement that, due to its outstanding shading and extremely soft touch, is the star in high quality vertical coatings. It dresses walls and countertops distinguished by its unique character and high decorative power. It reaches its maximum splendor in bathrooms and kitchens, resisting without complications the most demanding tests. Contact with water and oils does not alter its aesthetics at all. It is extremely easy to clean and withstands any test in daily use.
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Concrete Floor
Surfaces with incomparable appeal

Similar in appearance to polished concrete, but without the inconvenience of the joints and cracks that characterize it. It is timeless and its natural beauty does not expire with time. Its style combines perfectly with any decorative trend, modern or vintage. With a smooth appearance and soft shades, its most common application is in floors of homes, hotels or stores, although it is extremely versatile and can be applied on walls using the fresco on fresco technique.
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Concrete Stone
Low-thickness anti-slip floor coverings

It is the ideal material for outdoor flooring. Its slip resistance makes it a very safe coating even when wet. Its homogeneous roughness gives it a sophisticated and attractive touch. In terraces and balconies it is a groundbreaking finish thanks to its high decorative value.
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Concrete Pool
Swimming pool coating.

It is the specific coating for surfaces in permanent contact with water such as swimming pools, ponds or fountains. Its specific formulation uses the latest advances in technology for the construction of dams, ensuring optimum weather resistance. Thus, unlike other microcements, it does not need any protective film to make it waterproof. Its finish is natural, so it can be easily integrated into landscaped environments, creating a harmonious environment.
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Monocrete Base
The microcement to create warmth

It is the one-component microcement of preparation that is applied before Monocrete Floor and Monocrete Wall. It is ideal for enjoying rustic finishes and coating spaces with a stony and more natural look. It continuously reinvents the space and creates surfaces that exude warmth and elegance in equal parts. It is the best ally to achieve a relaxed decoration with a rustic and personalized aesthetic.
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Monocrete Floor
Microcement floors that inspire luxury and harmony

It is the finishing microcement that provides greater hardness and refined lines. Its continuous appearance brings distinction and increases the originality and modernity of the space. It is perfect for creating natural, attractive environments, with a less marked water effect and where uniformity provides balance. Luxury, durability and solidity come together to bring luxury, harmony and sophistication to any flooring.
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Monocrete Wall
Microcement for silky and elegant finishes

It is the finishing microcement for walls that is created to achieve soft and silky finishes. It provides high decorative values to create distinguished and elegant spaces. It is designed to decorate noble environments where exquisiteness and luxury take center stage. Quality and detail acquire another dimension to renew the interior or exterior decoration of the house. Wall coatings decorate and transform spaces to turn them into places that provide style and personality.
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Easycret Thin
The pleasure of a first class finish

It is the fine-grained material designed to have a finishing of high quality and with the maximum elegance. In decoration, every detail counts and achieving a very aesthetic finish is a guarantee of success and exclusivity. It makes your walls true works of art and gives you the pleasure of having something truly unique in your home.
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Easycret Basic
A unique style with natural texture

It is the ready-to-use microcement that presents an attractive rough-grained texture with a natural mineral appearance. It achieves an incomparable elegance on walls and creates an unrepeatable style in the decoration of any room. Easycret Basic opens a world of possibilities and a new way of understanding decoration in all types of environments.
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Easycret Medium
Create exclusive and original spaces

It is the perfect material to achieve a decoration that transmits homogeneity, sophistication and minimalism. It is designed for those who seek the warmth provided by its chromatic finishes and the softness of its texture. It is a step further in decorative coatings for floors with a continuous and natural finish. It manages to invent exclusive and original spaces.
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Easycret Extra
Ready-to-use microcement to create inimitable beauty

Ready-to-use microcement is a decorative material that offers unique finishes and inimitable beauty in flooring. Easycret Extra is ideal for achieving more traditional and rustic finishes that reflect a visual balance between classic and contemporary. Its most common application is in residential flooring to enhance the aesthetic value.
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Concrete Pox Extra
Hardness superior from the first layer

The superior mechanical and chemical performance of our epoxy microcement is evident from the first contact of the material with the surface. A hardness that lasts over time on interior floors and walls.
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Concrete Pox Basic
Resistant surfaces for high-wear areas

Consistent, solid surfaces that stand up to the daily challenges of above-average wear and tear. Safe, effective and more waterproof coatings.
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Concrete Pox Medium
Industrial practicality for floors and walls

Functionality above all. This is what is desired in an industrial space and what the epoxy resin of this microcement provides. Interior floors and walls that resist everything and reproduce an equally valuable aesthetic.
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Concrete Pox Thin
The finishing touch for an interior wall of guarantees

With no added additives, we achieve high-end interior walls. A finish that is presumably fine in its aesthetics, but that safeguards the same hardness as its counterparts.
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Limecrete Extra
Personal finishes with the strength of fair-faced concrete

Minimalism in all its essence. A lime-based microcement in both preparation and finishing that emulates the powerful aesthetics of exposed concrete. But also its durability and personality. Robust and solid coatings that make the difference.
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Limecrete Basic
The elegance and authenticity of stone finishes

With this lime-based microcement, we make it possible for anyone to create smooth stone coatings for luxury decoration. Regardless of its interior or exterior use, the surface that is transformed acquires an indescribable feeling of authenticity.
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Limecrete Medium
The naturalness of lime made coating

Granulometry conceived to highlight the naturalness of the finish. A lime microcement to return to the essential, to the original. Walls and floors worked in an artisanal way that are unbreakable for their maximum hardness.
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Limecrete Thin
Microcement surfaces that enhance the environment

Environment in which this lime-based microcement is implemented, an environment that does not go unnoticed to the eye. Fine in terms of the size of its aggregate (0.1mm) and also in its finish, as if it were a work of art. There is no other equal to reproduce the incomparable beauty of stucco on vertical surfaces.
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