Cleaning and care of microcement

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Cleaners and protective waxes for microcement

All coatings must have regular maintenance to prevent them from losing their shine and initial characteristics. It is the best way to ensure that the appearance of the surface remains of the highest quality. Microcement surfaces are no exception and there are a number of cares that should not be overlooked.
Luxury Concrete offers the applicator a range of cleaning products and protective waxes specifically designed for the care of microcement. They are products that will regenerate the protective layer of the microcements and also reinforce the sealing that makes the coating waterproof.

With Luxury cleaners it is an essential ally to maintain the color, preserve the shiny appearance and the texture.

Concrete CLEAN

It is the cleaner designed for high-performance floors. It is a product formulated, especially, for microcement pavements.


Ecological product
Biodegradable product
Great effectiveness on surfaces with difficult and persistent dirt

Concrete PRO CLEAN

It is the cleaner designed for deep cleaning of the decorative coating. It is perfect for removing persistent stains on microcement floors and its application is for professional use.
Cleaning of difficult and persistent dirt
Environmentally friendly product

Concrete WAX

Maintenance wax for microcement surfaces. It is a product especially indicated for floors that provides hardness and natural shine to any surface. Characteristics:
High gloss
High resistance
Metallic appearance finish
Does not yellow
Easy to use

Concrete PRO WAX

Maintenance wax for high resistance floors that becomes the best ally to preserve the original appearance of microcement pavements. It offers a metallic finish. Characteristics:
Does not yellow
High degree of shine
Easy to use
Greater surface protection
Professional use application