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6 ideas for luxury kitchen design

30 Julio 2021
In the past few years, kitchen has become the heart of the home and is no longer a gloomy space which nobody pays much attention to. Ever developing interior design trends have made kitchen a priority space around which [...]

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Microcement bathroom: the most inspiring luxury

27 July 2021
Lovers of magnificence, decoration and exquisiteness are experts in giving each room in the house its own style. Who wouldn't like to have a modern bathroom with shiny, clean surfaces that transmit an exclusive design? Microcement is [...]

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New life in the heart of the house

28 October 2019
Kitchens are essential spaces in our home. In this unique place intimate moments with family and friends or gastronomic experiments intended to surprise our closest environment occur. Microcement is a material with a sober and natural look that [...]

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All in White

9 August 2019
The most timeless tastes, usually go for neutral colors in the search for brightness and spaciousness, being white one of the best bases to combine with furniture and other accessories. There are many reasons that encourage us to risk for this color when [...]

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Microcement coating in bathrooms

9 February 2019
The bathrooms are usually the area of the house that most in need of professional maintenance and most often, a renovation of floors or walls.
Either because they have become obsolete, outdated or because [...]

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