Luxury Concrete® color range

If textures evoke the sense of touch, colors appeal to the visual. Thus, the different colors and resulting combinations of our microcements will give each room in our home a personal touch.

With Luxury Concrete, colors come to life, transforming into soft and delicate textures that add depth and personality to any room.

From earth and terracotta tones, to deep blues and silvery grays, each color offers a unique experience for the sight and the heart. The delicate hue of a soft white can bring peace and serenity, while an intense and fiery red can infuse passion and vitality.

The colors of Luxury Concrete come together like brushstrokes of a work of art, creating a visual symphony that brings beauty and harmony to any space. From the simplicity of neutral tones to the boldness of the most intense colors, each shade has its place in the Luxury Concrete palette.

Every space is an opportunity to create something unique, something that reflects our personality and style. Colors are the key to creating an atmosphere that attracts, inspires, and makes us feel at home. With Luxury Concrete, the color palette is in your hands, ready to be used as the medium to express your own work of art.

Express yourself and transform your spaces into unique and stylish places. Discover the color ranges of Luxury Concrete.

BASIC: Collection

The BASIC color range from Luxury Concrete is the essence of elegance and simplicity. With basic tones ranging from pristine white to the deepest black, through gray and neutral shades, this color range is the perfect choice for those looking to create a minimalist, elegant and sophisticated environment.

White, Panacotta and Alaska are the lightest shades in this range, capable of providing brightness and freshness to any space. Used on walls, floors or countertops, these tones provide a sense of spaciousness and cleanliness, creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

On the other hand, mid-tones such as Aluminium, Lead and Marengo Grey, are ideal for creating a more modern and sophisticated atmosphere. These grey tones have the ability to bring a touch of serenity and elegance to any space, allowing the creation of sophisticated and modern atmospheres.

Finally, the BASIC color range from Luxury Concrete offers the possibility of creating dark and mysterious environments with the deepest and most elegant tone of all, Black. Used in moderation, black can be a very interesting tone to give a touch of distinction and elegance to any space.

The BASIC color range from Luxury Concrete is a versatile and elegant option for those seeking a minimalist and sophisticated environment. Each shade brings a different feeling and emotion, and together they create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere. Discover this color range and create your own space of tranquility and sophistication.






Gris Marengo


Collection WARM:

The WARM color range from Luxury Concrete is a palette of warm tones that brings warmth and comfort to any space. With a variety of shades ranging from warm Ochre to rich Chocolate, this color range evokes the feeling of being at home and the comfort of the natural.

Cocoa and Rye are shades that provide depth and a sense of stability to any space. These brown tones are ideal for creating a cozy and warm atmosphere, especially in common spaces such as the living room or the kitchen.

Ochre and Camel are lighter shades within this range of colors, which provide a sense of brightness and warmth. These shades are ideal for small spaces or for those looking for a brighter and more open atmosphere.

On the other hand, Chocolate and Walnut are dark tones that provide a sense of richness and elegance. These tones are ideal for larger spaces, such as living rooms or dining rooms, and combined with other tones from the WARM range they can create sophisticated and cozy environments.

Finally, Latte is a cream shade that provides brightness and a sense of comfort. This tone is perfect for spaces that seek a combination of warmth and brightness, such as the bedroom.

In summary, the WARM color range from Luxury Concrete is ideal for creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere in any space. Each shade brings a different feeling and emotion, and together they create a balanced and welcoming environment. Discover this range of colors and create your own space of comfort and well-being.








Collection NORDIC:

The NORDIC range evokes the charm and serenity of Scandinavian landscapes, where nature manifests itself in pastel and soft tones. The colors that make up this range are an invitation to calm, introspection, and the creation of cozy and bright environments.

The Almond tone, with its warm yellowish hue, brings a sense of warmth and naturalness, perfect for spaces where comfort and relaxation are sought. Ginger, on the other hand, brings a more intense touch of color, evoking the freshness and vitality of the spice that bears its name.

The Mocha, with its light brown tone, presents itself as an elegant and sophisticated option, providing a sense of stability and balance. The Nácar and Sienna tones, with their pinkish nuances, invoke delicacy and tenderness, being a perfect choice to create soft and cozy environments.

The Linen and the Gray Lichen, on the other hand, provide a natural and serene touch, perfect for environments seeking harmony and balance. Finally, the Gray, with its darker tone, is an elegant and versatile choice, which brings a sense of stability and sophistication to any space.

The NORDIC range invites us to create spaces that reflect the tranquility and harmony of nature, using pastel and soft tones that convey calm and serenity. These colors are ideal for spaces where relaxation, comfort and elegance are sought.








Gris Liquen

Collection LIVE:

In nature, life manifests itself through color. The green of the grass, the blue of the sky, the red of the flowers, the yellow of the sun... Each shade speaks to us of the vitality of what surrounds us. The LIVE range from Luxury Concrete is a tribute to that explosion of color that envelops us and makes us vibrate.

From the warm Mocha to the intense Valencia, through the exotic kinoto and the deep Indico, each color of this range invites us to dare to live with more intensity. With Clay, we can create more earthy and warm environments, while Foresta will take us directly to a lush forest. The lime yellow will evoke energy and the sun, while turquoise will take us to paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear waters.

Each of these colors has its own personality and its own energy, and with them we can create amazing effects in our rooms. From a relaxing and serene atmosphere with Indico, to an explosion of vitality and joy with Valencia, through an exotic and daring touch with Kinoto. With LIVE, imagination has no limits.

These intense and vibrant colors evoke sensations of vitality, energy and daring. They are ideal for those who want to add a touch of freshness and originality to their home, creating a modern and bold environment that reflects their personality. The LIVE range is a statement of intent, an invitation to live life with more color.









Collection OXID METAL:

OXID METAL, a range of colors from the art category, combines textures and metallic particles to create an oxidized and metallic effect. The water-based solution used reacts with the metallic particles to accelerate the oxidation process, which produces a variety of distinctive chromatisms based on the wear of the material.

The shades of the OXID METAL range include brass, bronze, copper, and heavy iron, which can be combined with an oxidizer to produce an even more rugged appearance. Each color in this range has its own distinctive personality, evoking unique sensations and emotions.

The Oxid Metal Brass, with its golden and metallic tone, creates a warm and welcoming effect, ideal for environments seeking an elegant touch. The Oxid Metal Bronze, with its brown and orange tones, brings warmth and sophistication to any space. The Copper, with its coppery and warm tone, evokes an industrial and modern air.

The Heavy Iron, with its grayish and metallic hue, adds a sense of strength and solidity, while the oxidant provides an even more worn and aged appearance.

Each of these metallic tones brings a unique personality to the spaces that host them, and their combination with the oxidant produces a water effect that accentuates the feeling of rawness and antiquity.

The OXID METAL range is perfect for avant-garde and industrial environments seeking a raw and unique appearance. The mix of textures and metallic particles produces an incomparable visual and tactile experience, evoking sensations of strength, solidity and antiquity.

Oxid Metal Brass

Oxid Metal Brass+oxidant

Oxid Metal Bronze

Oxid Metal Bronze+oxidant

Oxid Metal Copper

Oxid Metal Copper+oxidant

Oxid Metal Heavy Iron

Oxid Metal Heavy Iron+oxidant

Collection GEMSTONE:

The GEMSTONE Collection is a range of metallic paints that evoke an air of elegance and sophistication in any space. Its shades, Amber, Carnelian, Diamond and Ruby, are like precious stones that give off shine and luminosity, creating an effect of wealth and opulence on the walls that host them.

These colors, inspired by fine jewelry and precious stones, are capable of generating a wide range of effects and sensations in the environments in which they are applied. Amber, with its golden and brown tones, brings warmth and comfort to any room, while Carnelian, with its subtle reddish touch, evokes passion and romance. Diamond, on the other hand, is an explosion of brightness and luminosity that gives a sense of spaciousness and brightness to any space, while Ruby, with its intense and deep red tone, is capable of evoking the most exclusive luxury and sophistication./

These metallic colors create a unique atmosphere, a feeling of richness and sumptuousness that transforms any environment into a space worthy of royalty. With the GEMSTONE range, different effects can be achieved, from a soft and delicate shine, to a powerful metallic intensity that enhances the beauty of the room.

In short, the GEMSTONE Collection is a true gem for lovers of decoration and luxury. A treasure of shades that awaken sensations of brightness, sophistication and exclusivity. A range of colors that shines with its own light and leaves no one indifferent.





Collection GLOWING:

The GLOWING Collection from Luxury Concrete is a true masterpiece of decoration. Its four shades are a source of inspiration for those looking to create bright and full of life environments.

With GLOWING, it is possible to create modern spaces full of personality, thanks to a kaleidoscope of luminous effects and reflections that make the walls shine as if they were stars in the night. This range of metallics is an invitation to explore light and darkness, to play with shadows and to create spaces that captivate the senses.

Mars evokes the energy and fire of life, while Star takes us to a dream world, full of mysteries and secrets. Sun brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space, while Uranus immerses us in a world of reflection and tranquility.

The GLOWING Collection is the perfect choice for those looking for a touch of glamour in their decoration, without neglecting sophistication and good taste. The luminous effects and reflections achieved with this range of metallics are incomparable, creating a dreamy atmosphere that invites us to dream and let our imagination fly.

With GLOWING, it is possible to transform any space into an oasis of light and color, full of life and personality. Elegance and sophistication combine with creativity and imagination to create a unique and exclusive atmosphere that captivates the senses and dazzles the sight. GLOWING is the perfect choice for those looking to create a modern, sophisticated, and vibrant environment.





Collection CONCRETE POX:

Concrete Pox, the perfect mix between strength and aesthetics. This range of epoxy microcement offers a wide selection of shades that adapt to any decorative style, becoming the ideal choice for those who seek quality and personality.

The tones of the Concrete Pox collection range from the warm and earthy Brown Sugar, Canella, Cedar, Clay, and Pecan Nut, to the most elegant grays such as Elephant, Graphite, Grey Stone, and Steel Grey. In addition, Ink Black, Midnight Black, and Mink offer the possibility of creating spaces of great depth and drama. On the other hand, Sand and Silver Coin provide a sense of brightness and spaciousness to any environment.

With Concrete Pox, different effects can be achieved, from the most subtle and soft to the most striking and textured. Warm and earthy tones create a cozy and natural atmosphere, ideal for homes and spaces where tranquility and serenity are sought. Grey and dark tones, on the other hand, add a touch of sophistication and elegance, perfect for those looking for a more modern and cosmopolitan style.

The Concrete Pox range evokes a sense of solidity and stability, providing security and confidence in any space. In addition, the different shades allow for the creation of personalized and unique environments, reflecting the personality of each individual and their lifestyle.

Concrete Pox is the perfect option for those looking for a high-quality, durable, and aesthetic material at the same time. Its wide selection of shades allows creating unique and personalized spaces, reflecting the individuality and personality of each person.

Brown Sugar







Grey Stone

Ink Black

Midnight Black



Pecan Nut


Pecan Nut


Silver Coin