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Monocrete one-component microcement

Monocrete is the range of one-component microcement that contains the resin in powder form, which reduces transportation costs and saves the applicator from mixing. Once mixed with the simple addition of water, the product is ready for coating floors, walls and ceilings in homes and commercial spaces.
The variety of granulometries makes it possible to adapt to the design requirements of each project while maintaining high mechanical resistance.

One-component microcement for preparation Monocrete Base

Monocrete Base is the one-component microcement for preparation that is used before applying Monocrete Wall and Monocrete Floor. It can also be applied as a finishing microcement if a rustic style finish is desired.

Its high adhesion power on any type of substrate, whether concrete, tile, stoneware, terrazzo, pladu or metal, makes it a perfect decorative solution for both new construction and renovation of spaces.

It is a product that is available in 3 granulometries: L, XL y XXL.

One-component microcement for walls Monocrete Wall

It is the finishing one-component microcement that, due to its excellent adhesion, is particularly suitable for application on walls and non-trafficable vertical surfaces. It is the material created to achieve watermarks on the coating and a texture with maximum smoothness. It is a fine-grained product designed for the applicator who is looking for coatings with exquisite finishes.

One-component microcement for floors Monocrete Floor

Monocrete Floor is the one-component microcement for finishing indicated for indoor floor coatings. It is a medium-grain product that offers excellent workability and allows natural finishes to be obtained. It creates a floor with maximum workability, great adherence and high resistance.