Tadelakt: The trend in finishes triumphing in decoration

November 22, 2022

Playing with textures in surface cladding is one of the trends most sought after by interior designers today.

And this is because, among the many great benefits that decorating through textures has, we find its main factor is its ability to give each room an attractive aesthetic, whose decorative value takes off to infinity for the creation of rooms where taste, sophistication, and exclusivity are guaranteed.

Rustic style living room with tadelakt on wall

A decoration that is at least simple, following the current trend in interior design, which avoids the overload of elements in the rooms to only have the minimum, because the combination of different textures already achieves to decorate by itself and bring distinction and character to the spaces.

In this sense, the trend that is triumphing among the top designers is the tadelakt, an irresistible traditional Moroccan coating whose appeal lies in having completely resistant and hard properties, while pursuing the most beautiful decorative finishes ever contemplated.

A technique that, even though it has been present in decoration for centuries, has gained special prominence in the present day for reasons related to sustainability and efficiency, as well as for the most interesting textured finishes that respond by creating surfaces endowed with authentic magic and delicacy.

Discover with Luxury Concrete® all you need to know about tadelakt and get ready to immerse yourself in the countless charms of this noble material, after reading the lines of this article.

What is tadelakt: a material as beautiful as it is practical

The oldest is, to this day, the most modern and current. And this is the clear example of tadelakt, a tradition that is fashionable.

A coating based on handmade lime original from Marrakech, born from clays, dyes, and natural pigments. Originally designed to protect the walls of hammams, public Arab baths intended to fulfill hygiene functions, rest, relaxation, and even social gathering among the Arab population.

It is precisely its extreme resistance to moisture that has given it that special and distinctive character. A popularity that grows like foam, and also as a sustainable and versatile material that can be applied on a multitude of interior and exterior surfaces and its finish is smooth as silk and has a very characteristic shine.

Its unique rounded finish, formed through seductive imperfections, produces undulations with a very interesting aesthetic and decorative appearance.

For tadelakt, time does not pass . Despite having been present in the world of decoration for centuries, to this day, its use continues to be carried out as a trend, serving as inspiration for the most cutting-edge construction materials.

Its properties are attractive to anyone who discovers them. Few competently respond on such a wide variety of surfaces. Definitely an option worth considering for its extreme hardness and excellent resistance to moisture, but also for providing a high decorative richness on all the spaces it covers, endowing them with elegance, delicacy, and charm.

Characteristics of tadelakt: an irresistible coating of eternal use

Although traditionally its most notable use has been to waterproof bathrooms and their surfaces, today tadelakt has become more popular as a wall covering of any room in general.

And the fact is, after discovering its optimum functioning, responding in a very competent manner thanks to its properties on any coated surface and elevating the aesthetic richness of each and every one of them to another dimension, it has become a very intelligent option when the intention is to decorate with style and functionality. The dreamed combination in the world of interior design.

Modern kitchen with tadelakt coating on wall

Waterproofing as a whole

Its composition makes it the waterproof covering par excellence. Used in its origins to cover and protect the wet surfaces of traditional Arab baths, tadelakt has extreme resistance to humidity, making it an ideal choice in places prone to come into contact with water.

Thermal comfort

This waterproof character, allows it to act optimally to temperature changes, heat or humidity situations. Its fungicidal properties limit the development of fungi, so it is a material that breathes and repels the formation of mold or moisture stains.

As delicate as silk; as hard as a rock

Its fine and light finish, whose texture is as soft as a feather and its finish is endowed with high delicacy and exquisiteness, does not prevent tadelakt from having a strong and resistant character prepared to withstand a wide variety of daily factors present in everyday life.

Versatile indoors and outdoors

Tadelakt is a material that can be perfectly used on indoor and outdoor surfaces, adhering perfectly to numerous types of substrates such as ceramic, concrete, cement, plaster, and even on the most irregular surfaces.

Bohemian air that matches everything

Tadelakt is a coating that has a wide color range, in such a way that very original combinations can be created depending on each person's taste or desire. A soft and silky character that evokes the bohemian style, one of the most chic trends at the moment, characterized by its warmth and naturalness.

Long lifespan

A material that, thanks to its great resistance, is very durable and therefore does not need to be replaced as frequently as other alternatives on the market.

The dream maintenance

Surfaces that exist to make life easier for anyone who uses and enjoys them. The maintenance of tadelakt is much less demanding than that of other coatings of similar features, because to achieve optimal cleaning it is enough to use a basic mix of water and neutral pH soap.

Incalculable aesthetic richness

Tadelakt is soft, elegant and sophisticated. A completely timeless character that never goes out of fashion and pairs with any style and decorative element. It satisfies the desires of any person, providing that atmosphere of warmth and embrace that greatly influence the creation of cozy, pleasant and comfortable rooms. A comfort that denotes calm, protection and tranquility. Really positive sensations whose connotations, in addition to filling us with wellbeing, attain a decorative value that very few materials can show off. A result that it alone is capable of achieving, evoking nature in a simple and warm way.

Respectful to the environment

The formulation of tadelakt is made using natural materials and through environmentally friendly processes, in such a way that it leaves no footprint on the planet. A traditional manufacturing that contributes to the reduction of its ecological footprint.

Limecrete®: tadelakt micro-cement of great hardness and exquisite artisan aesthetics

Our dedication differs in the manufacture and distribution of microcement. We are passionate about offering great solutions to users, through the creation of materials endowed with the most supreme properties.

Properties that can be summarized in the high quality of what we offer. Because each and every product that we offer at Luxury Concrete® is designed with the cutting-edge component that characterizes us. The most advanced technology is present in all our processes to achieve a goal that we fully meet: to excel at what we do. An excellence that we achieve thanks to the total commitment and consistency that we have internalized, from the first moment. A luxury that represents us.

We have no limits when it comes to conceiving, designing, and producing luxury decorative coverings equipped with high features. And our Limecrete® is the most faithful reflection of this statement.

Limecrete® it is a tadelakt micro-cement made of lime, characterized by having high performance technical features while representing the purest tradition and artisan finish.

We have managed to develop a coating that has excellent hardness and immeasurable mechanical resistance. A fusion that combines the aesthetic exquisiteness of tadelakt with the usual concrete to cover floors and walls resistant to the passage of time, which maintain their original conditions like the first day.

8 reasons why you will choose our tadelakt microcement Limecrete®

Developed through the most sustainable techniques, our Limecrete® is the innovation in decorative coverings to achieve surfaces dominated by textures and shades.

Naturalness and delicacy combined to cover any type of surface, also providing a high resistance, factors that make our tadelakt microcement a material with great differential advantages.

Tadelakt wall in living room

1. Infinite surfaces

Being a continuous coating, it creates completely diaphanous surfaces, connected to each other, in which there are no joints or interruption lines. Limecrete® allows for infinite surfaces, thanks to which spaces become much more spacious and luminous. The endless beauty of continuous floors and walls, thin, smooth, and silky where cracks or fissures do not appear.

2. Malleable and extra adherent

Our tadelakt has an immeasurable adaptability. It applies and adheres perfectly to already existing materials, without being conditioned by their nature or characteristics. Workable and malleable to achieve the desired finishes.

3. Surfaces impregnated with naturalness and color

Limecrete® offers a varied range of effects and textures thanks to which it is possible to pursue different decorative styles that adapt to each taste and intention. Infinite combinations that reflect taste, style, and personality. Pure creativity for the creation of surfaces that truly identify with each user, with different finishes such as matte, satin, or gloss.

4. Supreme hygiene

As a lime-based microcement, Limecrete® has important antibacterial properties to keep any surface in the most optimal hygienic conditions. Very easy to clean, where dirt or stains do not adhere.

5. A very trendy tradition

Craftsmanship, elegance, warmth, naturalness, tradition, and softness are the most representative attributes of tadelakt, for walls and floors that reflect respect for what is rooted while achieving the most sought after connotations in interior design.

6. As hard, as durable

Limecrete® contains great decorative features related also to its extreme resistance and hardness, those that allow it to last longer, applied indistinctly on interior or exterior surfaces, trafficable or not trafficable.

7. The modern touch of concrete

The essence of microcement combined with the most exquisite decorative finishes that characterize tadelakt. A perfectly valid aesthetic element to evoke any style and decorative element, marrying perfectly with atmospheres and environments of totally different characters.

8. Fresh on fresh: personality and character

Our tadelakt microcement achieves the highest level of customization of any surface on which it is applied. Limecrete® has a distinctive advantage that allows it to be applied with the "wet on wet" technique. In this way, it is not necessary to wait for the previous layer to be completely dry in order to apply the last coat. This way, it can absorb all and each of the decorative nuances that the final layer brings.

Exceptional decorative results with our tadelakt effect microcement Limecrete®. A product with maximum technical performance that does not require the use of large quantities to achieve the most efficient dream results.

The irresistible aesthetics that combine tradition and roots, capable of creating truly stylish, contemporary and distinguished rooms. A contrast with interesting results in interior decoration, while providing the guarantee, safety and tranquillity of protected, resistant and extremely functional surfaces.