Microcement textures: what they are and how they create sublime rooms

December 7, 2022

The most sought after and pursued by interior designers, currently, is the decoration whose basis lies in the perfect balance between simplicity and elegance.

And it is that, the current decorative trend is characterized by decorating through the minimum. A bet on the limitation of elements, chosen with tact and care, whose history, design or appearance is capable of encompassing all looks, without the need to overload the environments. And this is where the foundation of beauty lies: in a simple decoration, whose elements are tiny, but capable of creating an emotion to those who perceive them, shining on their own.

Rough texture microcement on interior dining room floor

In this scenario, in the search for open spaces that are also attractive, the decoration through textures acquires special importance. Decorating walls and floors through the texture that makes them up is one of the easiest, and at the same time smartest, ways to create a completely distinctive and special atmosphere in the rooms, which do not need to include elements or figures that decorate as such.

In this sense, the microcement it is a material whose infinity of unique textures are capable of evoking completely different decorative styles on the surfaces it covers. A continuous coating characterized by being able to simulate a wide variety of environments only through its granulometries, giving the opportunity to endow any surface with a rough or robust appearance, but also to create a completely opposite effect of fine, smooth and elegant appearance.

Microcement textures are capable of endowing a space with the same characteristics, structure and arrangement with a radically different aspect and atmosphere, simulating two different places when in reality they are not. And this is really interesting as a tool in interior decoration. We tell you why and how to exploit it to the maximum in the following paragraphs.

Fine texture microcement for lovers of minimalist and modern design

If you have ever dreamed of surfaces worthy of an art gallery in your home, the fine texture microcement is made for you. The most popular finish of this continuous coating, characterized by creating a surface especially smooth and silky to the touch thanks to its granulometry of 1 mm at most. An atmosphere that awakens each of the senses for being completely pleasurable in a tactile way, but also visually.

And indeed, decoratively speaking, few sensations are as pleasurable as those that appear when perceiving completely clear rooms, whose surfaces merge with each other, creating a common space in which there is no spatial interruption.

Silky and continuous surfaces that allow us to perceive spaces as visually more beautiful and with supreme aesthetic richness. Rooms that suddenly improve and whose infinite surfaces captivate us with their peace, calm, and tranquility.

Wall and floor of living room with smooth microcement texture

Ideal for wall cladding

This microcement texture, fine and smooth as a feather, is the best option for the coating of non-walkable vertical surfaces, such as walls, although this does not mean that its use is not also optimal on pavements.

Walls that are perceived in a single pass and in which there are no limits. Those that, thanks to their silky appearance, merge with each other without any element obstructing their path. And thus, increasing the perception of spaciousness in any room.

An amplitude that is achieved thanks to the absence of joints and interruption lines and the creation of completely continuous surfaces that, in addition, are characterized by being light and sophisticated. Factors that influence the rooms to be perceived with larger dimensions and this, in turn, is accompanied by a higher brightness.

Amplitude and brightness that suddenly increase thanks to a wall coating, whose fine microcement texture, manages to make the always dreamed rooms tangible.

Evokes the most elegant and sophisticated environments

The texture of fine-grained microcement, in addition to creating an optimal effect that makes spaces appear larger than they actually are, brings a fresh and current air to a home. A smooth texture that evokes the most contemporary environments. The perfect element to modernize a room, as well as to create a new one from scratch whose character is timeless.

Because sophisticated and simple, like fine-textured microcement, is the most elegant today and, in addition, it has the special peculiarity of providing a touch of avant-garde, regardless of the time or season it has been installed. It never goes out of style and can be combined with any decorative style no matter how different it may be, simply by modifying the elements that make up the rooms.

Simple and uniform finish

A fine result, but really uniform. Because its application layer is of minimal thickness and this microcement texture is characterized by being smooth and silky, it does not prevent the creation of completely hard and resistant surfaces. The industrial character of the microcement is still present, with a delicious aesthetic to evoke environments truly full of decorative richness.

A uniformity that, moreover, due to its delicate texture, is very easy to apply and allows to cover walls or any vertical object to which you want to give a special prominence, such as fireplaces, or any other type of furniture.

Coarse textured microcement: the faithful reflection of rustic and artisanal style

There are, on the contrary, those who, far from wanting to create completely open and minimalist spaces, are passionate about those cozy styles that evoke old houses. Designs that remind us of the importance of our roots, of the authentic and the traditional. The roughest textures and elements, capable of directly connecting us with the rustic and the natural. With the origins.

And it is the way in which the coarse textured microcement acts, whose medium-high granulometry, creates finishes characterized by their rough, robust and rugged appearance. A very distinctive touch for the composition of rough surfaces of irregular character. Something completely unique.

As unique as our Concrete Base®, The Luxury Concrete® preparation base microcement characterized by offering superior level mechanical resistances. A coarse texture microcement, whose rustic appearance achieves truly spectacular decorative effects, such as the "Pietra Spaccata" effect or worn wall. A rough appearance that produces less worked finishes but that captivates architects and decorators.

Rustic terrace with rough microcement texture

Perfect for covering all types of flooring

The coarse textured microcement is especially indicated for the coating of busy horizontal surfaces, and not busy ones. Indoor or outdoor pavements that require special protection and resistance due to their continuous use and wear, for the creation of rustic and traditional looking surfaces, with a truly hard, strong and resistant character.

Balance between warmth and practicality

The distinctive touches in the thick texture of microcement are provided by the peculiarity of evoking and making us directly connect with nature. And it is that, nature, is home. It is that warm and safe place that we know well, that embraces us and protects us. That is totally trustworthy. One of the most pleasant and enjoyable sensations that the rooms that make up our home can make us feel.

Warmth that, moreover, is accompanied by functionality. A quality provided by the resistance of coarse-textured microcement, as well as its malleability, since thanks to containing irregular shapes, it is also more workable.

Acts as a natural anti-slip

The larger the grain size, the greater the roughness. And this naturally creates an exclusive anti-slip property of coarse textured microcement. A finish especially used for indoor or outdoor floors whose aim is to reduce falls and slips.

Pavements for use and enjoyment that reflect safety, protection, stability and tranquility. The luxury of being able to enjoy each of the surfaces with total freedom, while they are endowed with a rustic and traditional appearance that conveys feelings of warmth and closeness.

Discover which microcement texture best suits your project

Everything depends on the tastes, intentions and nature of each project. Microcement allows to evoke completely opposite styles depending on its forms. And this makes it a unique coating, prepared to respond to multiple jobs of different kinds. A quality that very few materials can boast. Its adaptability and versatility allow it to position itself as the real star of contemporary renovations.

Wall and floor of microcement with combined textures in kitchen

And this, among many things, makes it special. It evokes a wide variety of styles, perfectly capturing every detail, element, and shape and thus, achieves an atmosphere that reflects the characteristics and design of each one of them. And, in addition, it achieves something difficult to achieve and especially pursued: to adapt to trends and function, in turn, in a timeless manner.

Continuous surfaces are timeless because they never go out of style. They are spaces that combine with absolutely everything and whose only requirement is to modify the elements that compose them, depending on the decorative style you want to pursue.

Capable of evoking a Nordic, minimalist, rustic, vintage, industrial or classic style, depending on textures and colors that act according to the rest of their elements, thus giving infinite combinations and intentions, but in the same rooms. An absolute scandal.

The texture of fine microcement evokes the minimalist trend. The current line in what is pursued is decoration with the minimum, in a simple way, while elegant. Decoration through small details, but not through a large number of elements that can overload the atmospheres. The simplest decoration today, is also the most sophisticated. And to achieve this, no option is as valid as the choice of microcement.

The texture of microcement with coarse granulometry, on the other hand, reflects another of the current decorative trends: the connection with nature. We give special importance to those elements and objects that remind us and transport us to a natural habitat. To those whose connotation of warmth and closeness, makes us feel safe and protected. Those, whose textures also evoke the rustic, the natural, the authentic. Therefore, the rough textured microcement, responds perfectly to the adaptation to another of the great trends of the moment.

Everything depends on the desired effect. The best part? That microcement knows no limits.

A luxury decorative coating whose decorative combinations can be infinite. Why not bet on both textures and let yourself be carried away in a sea of creativity and originality? Silky and sophisticated walls and robust pavements: an exquisite visual contrast. The most personal and exclusive environments, adapted to each taste, desire or need. And all, as easy as decorating with microcement textures.

Exclusive benefits of decorating with microcement textures

Microcement is a very popular material nowadays due to its versatility, durability, and ability to create a wide variety of textures that, in turn, are capable of imbuing rooms with multiple different atmospheres.

An alternative more durable and economical than traditional coatings, including those formed by natural stone or marble. With a particularly durable character that makes it the favorite option that combines resistance and a visual richness of high decorative value.

A single material that, by itself, already serves as a faithful decorative element. And it is that the different textures of microcement allow to create environments and atmospheres very different depending on each taste, intention or personality. A luxury when choosing a single coating with which to take the imagination to the limit, creating and designing rooms that, being structurally the same, comprise very different styles.

Decorating any room with the textures of microcement is no longer just synonymous with touching the absolute exquisiteness, distinction, and beauty with your fingers. It is also exploiting a series of properties that improve in any case the functionality and character of all rooms.

100% Versatility

When creating styles and finishes that are very different from each other that respond to the intended purpose, taste, character or nature of each project and that, in turn, allow to be applied on a multitude of supports and surfaces, both interior and exterior.

Amplitude and brightness that take off towards infinity

Regardless of the style or atmosphere to evoke, as well as the intention, need or nature of each project and regardless of the choice of a finer or coarser granulometry, the unique and special character of the microcement is not lost.

The creation of completely open spaces whose surfaces tend towards infinity dominated by a continuity that stands out for innately increasing the breadth and brightness of the spaces, thus creating exponentially more beautiful places.


Microcement is a timeless material. Its continuous surfaces allow it to never go out of style as they do not have elements that obstruct its visualization. Diaphanous surfaces that match any decorative style and whose composition can be updated according to current trends, being durable for a large number of years and adapting its intentions to the changing environment.