How much does microcement cost? Price m2 of a great material of great value

4 May 2022

Microcement is a coating capable of multiplying the value of any space. It provides a feeling of spaciousness thanks to the absence of joints, unparalleled strength, exceptional finishes with great possibilities for customization and all without having to do works and in record time, but what is the price of microcement? What is the cost of enjoying all the advantages of this decorative coating in a home or commercial premises? Let's analyze it in this news.

Bedroom with microcement floor
Bright bedroom with large windows and microcement floor

The price of microcement is reduced with all the advantages it has

Endorsed by great architects and interior designers or decoration professionals, microcement is increasingly making a niche in more and more spaces, whether domestic or commercial.

This is because it does not generate works, which inevitably reduces its price because no debris is produced before or during its application. Clean construction sites, an agility never seen before and no need to hire external professionals to take care of the tedious debris removal work.

Another great advantage of using microcement to completely change any place, is that they can continue to be used because their application and drying times are a revolution in the world of construction. That is to say, they can continue to be inhabited, even during the renovation, allowing that although the cost is reduced, the quality of life of those people who make use of them does not diminish.

The price of microcemento per m2 does not depend exclusively on its qualities

If we talk about what is the product itself, the microcement is a material that has a closed price. That is, when someone decides to cover any surface, whether interior or exterior or vertical or horizontal, you can buy the necessary buckets with a closed price.

But even so, it should be borne in mind that microcement has to be applied and this makes its price variable. In the end, its application has to be done by true professionals with years of experience, if you want to get the best results, and this undoubtedly increases the price.

In addition to the application, to determine the final price of what we call a renovation of spaces with microcement, other factors are involved that we will analyze in detail below.

For example, first of all, the condition of the surface to be covered must be determined. This factor can be key when establishing a final price because it can become a mini-reform, within the overall reform.

This is because if the support or surface to be coated is not in the best conditions, it is not possible to start the application. In this case, which presents cracks, holes or clear unevenness, it is necessary to repair and condition it so that the applicators can work with the best base to help them achieve the most successful results.

This extra labor, which is essential, will increase the final price but these are procedures that we should not spare ourselves if we want our spaces to have a high technical and decorative level.

Another criterion to take into account are the difficulties that may arise during the work, since the more obstacles appear, the more the reform will be delayed and, consequently, the higher the price will be when it comes to an end. For example, covering a room with a higher number of pillars or a living room with shelves that need to be covered will be more complex and therefore more expensive.

We continue with a principle: the more square meters, the lower the price. In fact, the smaller the surface area, the more expensive the application. The reason for this is to be found in the fixed costs and the stipulated working hours, which have absolutely nothing to do with the meters to be coated.

Finally, with regard to the application of microcement in a work without debris, we must take into account the professionalism of the applicators. The more years they have been applying, the more trained they are and the more skills they have obtained over time, the higher the cost, supposedly.

However, it is also important to know that each one has its own rates and the price may vary from one to another.

Other factors that determine the cost of microcement per m2

There are other aspects strictly related to the material itself that will also intervene in the price of a microcement application, varying it.

The colors have a lot to say in the price

Not only because of the choice of different pigments when coloring a given space, but also because of what it means for the applicators the delimitation of areas or increased waiting times as each color requires a drying time to move forward with the others, which increases the hours of work, having inevitable consequences of increase in the final price.

If the quality is higher, the price of microcement is higher

This is a kind of universal law of commerce that will surprise no one: the higher the quality of microcement, the higher its price will be. Thus, as is normal, the properties of the material will determine its final price.

In this regard, from Luxury Concrete® we recommend, from the outset, betting on high quality materials that demonstrate high performance from the time of application to not end up overpaying, having to re-coat the surface only a few months after having done it in the first instance.

What are the places where most microcement budgets are requested?

One of the great qualities of microcement is its technical and aesthetic versatility. Thanks to these can be applied on the most diverse surfaces, and although they have totally different characteristics, this coating expands its qualities in any place where it is present. Next, we will reveal on what spaces are the most demanded to be coated with microcement and, therefore, on which more budgets are usually requested.

Kitchens: a room where class is tasted

Kitchen with microcement flooring
Open kitchen connected to the living room with microcement flooring

Living rooms are not the only spaces that can count on an aesthetic value of high decoration. Thus, kitchens have also become rooms to show off style like any other.

Microcement, as a decorative coating, can expand the aesthetic conditions of any kitchen, bring brightness with its simple presence but also thanks to its great adaptability can create furniture such as countertops or shelves work to achieve much more modern and functional kitchens.

We must also remember that we are facing a material that, while creating beautiful places, also makes them resistant, non-slip and shockproof and any threat that can occur in kitchens.

Bathrooms: spaces for real relaxation

Bathroom with microcement walls and flooring
Modern bathroom in which microcement has been chosen for walls and flooring

Never before has a material made it possible to change bathrooms so drastically, both economically and operationally. Microcement exudes efficiency when it is applied, and once it is applied, it does the same with elegance.

In this way, it is able to be applied on any type of tiles to create continuous surfaces without joints that are stylish and are much easier to clean as they prevent the accumulation of dirt on the supports on which it is applied.

In addition, microcement has two characteristics that make it one of the most demanded materials for application in bathrooms as it is non-slip and has a very high degree of impermeability. As for the first, it is essential to create surfaces where there is no room for slipping and, as for the second, this impermeability makes it resistant to contact with running water, humidity and thermal variations that usually occur in these rooms.

Commercial premises that want to earn more

A high level of foot traffic in a commercial space can translate into great economic benefits, but does it work just as well for surfaces such as floors? The answer is very clear: no. Thus, we find more and more spaces of this type covered with microcement as it is prepared to withstand the steps of all customers without problems. This, undoubtedly, is going to benefit both the pavements and the business income, becoming a strong argument for more and more people to want to apply it.

Not to mention its aesthetic qualities that allow it to adapt to any decorative style, regardless of the sector to which the company in question is dedicated.

To expand the possibilities offered by a coating such as microcement, we are also obliged to say that it resists wear caused by cars or vehicles of much higher weight is ideal for warehouses, parking lots or factories.

Swimming pools that are transformed to minimalism

The microcement aims to bring a plus of luxury to any space and, thus, every day it is more common to see it in a greater number of swimming pools and their curbs. If you wonder why, the answer is very simple: it is non-slip, waterproof and it looks good, very good. Reasons enough to become one of the spaces for which more budgets are requested.

Halls where to celebrate the best

Living room with microcement walls
Minimalist style living room with microcement walls that provide warmth

The official place for domestic celebrations is the living room. Whether with family or friends, it is a room where we spend the most time and it requires glamour and style to be ready for the big occasions.

One way to guarantee these characteristics permanently is to use microcement as a coating for your floors or walls. This is always ready to give, to any environment, the comfort and elegance demanded by these spaces and their users.

Price of microcement on floors and walls: areas full of distinction

It can be said that the floors and walls are the king surfaces to apply with microcement or, what is the same, in which we most often find this type of coating.

When it comes to price guidelines are not found, a priori, differences depending on whether they are vertical or horizontal. As mentioned above, the application of microcement will have a cost depending on the complexity of the work itself. This will be marked by pillars, columns or nooks and crannies that may be present. In the end, we refer to elements that hinder the work of professional applicators and that may delay the work increasing the price of the same.

Where to buy microcement? Prices 2022 updated

In Luxury Concrete® we are committed to top quality products and we have expert applicators to get the most out of our coatings.

Therefore, we recommend that if you want to renovate your spaces easily and with an excellent level of finishes visit our online store or go to our approved distributors.

On the other hand, if you have any questions or interest in buying any of our products but need more information about them, please contact us and our customer service department will assist you in the best possible way and, moreover, you will be surprised by our prices of microcement.