6 ideas for designing luxury kitchens

July 30, 2021

The kitchen has, for years, become the heart of the home and has ceased to be a gloomy space that barely received any attention. The evolution and new trends of interior design have made the kitchen a priority space around which family life revolves.

It is the part of the house where we spend a lot of time and is an accomplice to our daily creativity. The kitchen's transformation turns this part of the house into a space that is very much linked to design. It is a room where aesthetics and functionality necessarily have to go hand in hand.

If you have always dreamed of having a luxury kitchen, this is the ideal post. We bring you some tips to design a luxury kitchen that conveys an exquisite and exclusive atmosphere.

What features do luxury kitchens have?

Luxury kitchens symbolize a touch of distinction in our home, but it's important to know the features that define them. They are basically related to the space layout, the choice of materials and furniture, as well as the design.

Luxury kitchens are characterized by impeccable design and excellent use of space. All elements require careful planning.

1. Analyze the space and plan the layout of the luxury kitchen

Above all, luxury kitchens symbolize an emblematic and distinguished touch in our home. They contribute a marked character that combines culinary art and decorative creativity, but it is essential to pay maximum attention to all details. A good distribution of space is crucial to achieving a luxurious style.

Luxury kitchen with microcement flooring and a warm-toned decoration
Luxury kitchen with microcement flooring and warm-toned decor

The first decision we need to make is whether we want the kitchen to be rectangular, square, whether we bet on an island and take into account if there is any column that hinders the distribution. The optimization of space is essential to give greater functionality and have everything we need within reach on a daily basis.

2. High-end furniture, key for a luxury kitchen

Choosing the right furniture is the best way to grant a unique style to the kitchen. We must choose the furniture that goes according with our lifestyle and fits how we use the kitchen.

Furniture choice is a decision that makes the difference in a true luxury kitchen. Giving the kitchen a style that represents ostentation, inevitably goes hand in hand with decorative elements, such as mirrors, lamps or paintings.

All of them help this room to convey warmth and elegance in equal parts. Tall furniture allows for better use of space, just like a dining and storage area is an excellent idea to make the kitchen more effective and functional.

Luxury kitchen furniture offers excellent finishes and perfectly fits the space.

3. Bet on stone or wood countertops for a luxury kitchen

The entire kitchen should breathe a touch of distinction and countertops are a perfect ally. In a luxury kitchen, it is essential to have a high-quality countertop that highlights the room's design and is also resistant to heat, blows, and scratches that predominate day to day.

Wooden countertop in a luxury kitchen decorated with neutral tones
Wooden countertop in a luxury kitchen decorated with neutral tones

High-quality finishes of the countertops are also decisive for them to convey a distinction character. The most recommended options are microcement, stone or treated wood countertops. Choose the countertop with the aspect that best suits your wishes and complement it with seamless sinks or stainless steel back panels.

4. Choose a color that enhances light for a luxury kitchen

The choice of colors for a luxury kitchen is a decision that influences the style and brightness. Choosing the right color depends on our taste, but also on the personality we want the luxury kitchen to convey.

If we want our dream kitchen to convey vitality, we must avoid dark tones. The idea of a lively space is associated with light colors and natural light.

This does not mean that we have to dismiss black, as it is a color inseparable from the concept of elegance. But it is advisable to use it appropriately. A good choice is to bet on black on one wall and combine it with white tones on the rest of the furniture.

5. Luxury kitchen with continuous coverings on floors and walls

When we think of a kitchen design, the image of floors and walls with tiles comes to mind, but the reality is that new decorative trends have brought ideas that provide that style that a kitchen must have to convey luxury and display a unique personality.

For this, using continuous coatings for floors and walls can be differential. This is the case with microcement, whose absence of joints enhances the feeling of being in a luxury kitchen.

Ceramic materials, wooden floors and wallpapered walls are another possibility to design an elegant kitchen.

6. Large sinks are a must in a luxury kitchen

To have a luxury kitchen it is important to think about what we want the sink area to be like. This space is important for maintaining order and being able to move around without problems while we cook or have a coffee on the island.

Whenever space allows it, it is advisable to dedicate a good space for the sink, either in a two-bowl piece or a very wide one. For this area it is convenient to opt for resistant materials that are in harmony with the rest of the luxury kitchen furniture.

Microcement in luxury kitchen design

Luxury kitchen design projects agree on betting on the conquest of light and space amplitude, which leads to the microcement as the best ally.

Microcement in a luxury kitchen endowed with spacious areas and an extensive island
Microcement in a luxury kitchen with large spaces and an extensive island

This decorative coating, unlike traditional tiles, has no joints, which enhances the surface area and facilitates cleaning to the fullest. The application of microcement on floors, walls and countertops is a guarantee of safety.

It is an especially interesting material for the kitchen, as it is resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and wear. If you are considering the option of using microcement for your luxury kitchen design, trust expert hands for unforgettable finishes.

Luxury kitchens covered with microcement are a perfect combination for creating exclusive and exquisite atmospheres.