6 ideas for luxury kitchen design

30 July 2021

In the past few years, kitchen has become the heart of the home and is no longer a gloomy space which nobody pays much attention to. Ever developing interior design trends have made kitchen a priority space around which.

It is the part of a house where we spend a lot of time and is an inspiration of our daily creativity. The transformation of a kitchen makes it related closely with design. It is a space where aesthetics and functionality must be taken into account equally.

If you always dream of having a luxury kitchen, this article is perfecto for you. We will give you some tips on how to design a luxury kitchen that conveys an exquisite and exclusive atmosphere.

What are the characteristics of luxury kitchens?

Luxury kitchens represent a very distinguished touch in our home, but it is important to know the characteristics that define them. They are basically related to the distribution of the space, the choice of materials and furniture, as well as the design.

Luxury kitchens are characterised by a perfect design and knowing how to make good use of the space. All elements should be carefully planned.

1. Evaluate the space and plan the layout of the luxury kitchen

Above all, luxury kitchens are distinctive symbols in our homes. They combine culinary art and decorative creativity. It is essential to take care of all the details to the most. A good distribution of space is fundamental to achieve a luxurious style.

Luxury kitchen with microcement flooring and a warm-toned decoration.
Luxury kitchen with microcement flooring and a warm-toned decoration.

The first decision we must make is whether we want the kitchen to be rectangular or square, whether we opt for an island and whether there is a column that hinders the layout. Optimising the space is essential to make it more functional and to have everything we need in our day-to-day lives within easy reach.

2. High-end furniture, the key to a luxury kitchen

Choosing the right furniture is the best way to give the kitchen a unique style. It is important to choose furniture that fits in with our pace of life and adapts to the way we use the kitchen.

The choice of furniture is a decision that makes all the difference in a truly luxurious kitchen. Giving the kitchen a style that represents splendor design inevitably should match with decorative elements such as mirrors, lamps and paintings.

All of them help this room to convey warmth and elegance at the same time. High furnitures can make better use of space, just as a dining and storage area is an excellent idea to make the kitchen more effective and functional.

The furniture in luxury kitchens offers excellent solution and fits perfectly to the space.

3. Choose stone or wooden worktops for a luxury kitchen

Every kitchen should display a touch of distinction and worktops are perfect choices. In a luxury kitchen it is essential to have a high-quality worktop that boosts the value of the design and is also resistant to the heat, knocks and scratches that occur in daily life.

Wooden worktop in a luxury kitchen decorated with neutral tones
Wooden worktop in a luxury kitchen decorated with neutral tones

High-quality worktop finishes are also decisive in conveying a distinctive character. The most recommended options are worktops made of microcement, stone or treated wood. Choose the worktop with the look that best suits your taste and match it with seamless sinks or stainless steel back panels.

4. Choose a colour that capture the light for a luxury kitchen

The choice of colours for a luxury kitchen is a decision that affects the style and brightness. Choosing the right colour depends on our taste, but also on the personality we want the luxury kitchen to represent.

If we want our dream kitchen to convey vitality, we should avoid dark tones. The idea of a lively room is associated with light colours and natural light.

This does not mean that black colour should be given up. It is a colour that transmits the concept of elegance but we should use it in a proper way. A good choice is to go for black on a wall and combine it with white tones in the rest of the furniture.

5. Luxury kitchen with continuous floor and wall cladding.

When we think of kitchen design, the image of tiled floors and walls comes to mind, but the truth is that new decorative trends have brought ideas that provide a style to transmit luxurious feeling and exhibit a unique personality.

ParIn this respect, using continuous floor and wall coverings can make different. This is the advantange of microcement. The jointless appearance enhances the sensation of being in a luxury kitchen.

Ceramic materials, wooden floors and wallpapere are another possibilities to design an elegant kitchen.

6. Spacious sinks are a must in a luxury kitchen

Having a luxury kitchen it is important to think about how we want the sink area to be. This space is important to maintain order and to be able to move around without any problems while cooking or having a coffee at the island.

If the space permits, it is advisable to always allocate the sink in a good place, no matter it is a one piece of double-basin or a very large one. It is recommendable to choose resistant materials that match the rest of the furniture in the luxury kitchen.

Microcement is the design for luxury kitchens

The design projects for luxury kitchens are very concerned for the light and the amplitude of spaces, which makes microcement the best choice.

Microcement in a luxury kitchen with large spaces and a large island
Microcement in a luxury kitchen with large spaces and a large island

This decorative covering, unlike traditional tiles, has no joints, which enhances the spaciousness of the surface and makes it very easy to clean. The application of microcement on floors, walls and worktops is a guarantee of safety.

It is a very interesting material for the kitchen because it is resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and wear. If you are thinking of using microcement for the design of your luxury kitchen, you should trust in professionals for achieving unforgettable results.

Luxury kitchens clad with microcement are a perfect combination to create exclusive and exquisite atmospheres.