8 reasons why renovations with microcement are the future

November 29, 2022

Microcement is the continuous decorative coating of the present, but especially of the future. A supreme quality material whose multiple benefits make it an ideal option for the creation of spaces and styles of all kinds.

Spacious and bright entrance hall with microcement floor

Its main advantages are part of an innumerable list of charms ready to make you fall in love and achieve the house of your dreams.

Designed to customize any surface with authentic luxury finishes, microcement has the peculiarity of creating surfaces dominated by continuity that convey distinction and sophistication in spaces, thanks to its absence of joints and interruption lines.

Rooms that captivate you making you feel like on a cloud and imbuing you with the most absolute calm and peace. And it is that flowing in a space and noticing how at the same time, its energies flow in it and with you, it is much easier when its surfaces are completely diaphanous and tend to merge with the horizon, thus creating landscapes dominated by the tendency to infinity.

Spaces that trap you and welcome you. That embrace you, making you feel warm and cozy. That, in short, provide you with a special well-being that is hard to achieve in those places dominated by interruption lines.

Every surface is unique and its continuity allows it to be perceived as wider and brighter. And this, ultimately, means completely imbuing yourself with harmony.

1. The microcement creates unique and unrepeatable rooms

A completely customizable decorative solution without joints. Microcement offers the possibility of customizing its appearance with colors and textures that merge and complement each other according to the tastes and character of each user, but also according to the needs of each project and its surface to be coated.

Infinity of colors

At Luxury Concrete® we offer you a complete chromatic range with shades that range from neutral colors, such as white, beige or gray, to those more intense or daring, like the always red, green or blue.

A palette ready to adapt to multiple decorative styles of different natures. Darks combined with brights for a more retro vibe; a varied range of browns for the creation of neutral, vintage or industrial spaces, depending on their shades; and white and its derivatives to pursue the minimalist and Nordic trend that triumphs in the world of decoration.

Spectacular garden with pavement and microcement pool

Unlimited combinations

The rule is that there are no rules. Because with Luxury Concrete® microcement, the combinations are completely infinite. Surfaces on which to let your imagination fly to the highest and bring out all the creativity, style and exquisiteness that lives in that designer you have inside. Rooms endowed with the most absolute distinction and exclusivity.

Microcement surfaces with a life of their own

A handcrafted application that favors each space obtaining a completely different result from the rest, adapting to the most demanding tastes and personalities and allowing a total adaptation to the decorative intentions of each surface.

2. It is compatible with all surfaces

Microcement adapts to existing surfaces due to its great adherence to supports. In this way, it is not necessary to remove the previous material as it does happen in conventional works and other housing reforms. It adheres perfectly to any type of material, except for wood, as it is a material with a tendency to change state regularly.

Surfaces that stand out for being extremely subject and stable, guaranteeing a real and guaranteed fixation.

3. High decorative value of microcement in interior and exterior

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Never has a statement made so much sense decoratively speaking. Because it's magic in every sense, but its special appeal lies in that it serves for absolutely everything. Walls, floors, ceilings, swimming pools, terraces and even, increasingly, furniture.

If microcement is one of the favorite materials for designers and interior decorators, it is because it offers aesthetic possibilities that do not contemplate limits. Luxury combined with beauty with the sole aim of creating unique coverings. A supreme variety of effects and textures prepared to enhance the decoration of any space, regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors.

4. The microcement possesses a resilient beauty

Whoever said that strong, hard and resistant could not be endowed with a truly exquisite aesthetic, had not discovered our microcement before. And it is that, in addition to having a completely irresistible and charming appearance, which reinforces the general attractiveness of all types of rooms, this continuous decorative coating is really resistant.

Extreme mechanical strength

A resistance prepared to withstand high temperatures, the effects of ultraviolet rays, abrasion and wear due to the passage of time and continuous use and wear.

It does not crack or fissure

Resistant to impacts and scratches without its appearance being minimally altered.

An unquestionable durability

A professional application and correct use allows the microcement to maintain its beauty and industrial properties intact for an unlimited time, thus enjoying the sensation of continuity on the surfaces for much longer.

Non-slip and waterproof

The possibility of creating eternal surfaces that, in addition, are safe and completely protected. A non-slip property that allows you to enjoy firm, secure, and stable pavements with total peace of mind for its tenants, as well as preventing water infiltration inside and the appearance of dampness, especially in areas of frequent contact with water.

Modern minimalist style living room with microcement floor

5. Microcement creates luxury atmospheres without construction or rubble

An installation that other materials cannot boast of. And it is that, the main reason that can generate us the doubt about whether to carry out a reform or not, is the fact of having to get involved in a process that includes works, rubble, dust, noise and licenses. Everything that turns the much desired renovation of our rooms into an odyssey. With microcement all this was left far behind.

Its application method is as unique as it is itself. It is installed easily and cleanly without generating construction or debris and in the fastest and most comfortable way possible. Only it is capable of achieving the utmost exquisiteness in the renovations of any room and creating luxury atmospheres without the existence of long and tedious works, avoiding the arduous tasks of debris removal and allowing the rooms to continue being used during the drying process.

An undeniable attraction that makes it the cleanest, fastest and simplest option when creating distinctive spaces that acquire an incalculable aesthetic value, making life easier for users.

6. Its cleaning and maintenance are irresistible

Microcement continues in the line of making things easier and optimizing professional resources, but also those of the individual. And it proves it once again thanks to its dream cleaning. And it is that a regular and daily cleaning, formulated with just a basic mixture of water and neutral pH soap, is enough to keep it in perfect condition and its properties remain intact on a daily basis.

At Luxury Concrete® we have designed a range of essential allies to maintain the color, preserve its shiny appearance and keep its initial texture. Because it is just as important to ensure its optimal condition on a daily basis that can be done easily and simply, as to carry out regular maintenance that prevents the loss of shine and its original characteristics.

Our line of microcement cleaners and protective waxes is the best way to ensure that its appearance continues to maintain its supreme quality. We offer the professional applicator a complete range of products specifically designed for the expert care of these surfaces..

Products whose purpose is to serve as regenerators of the protective layer of microcement, also reinforcing the seal that endows it with the waterproof property.

An impeccable cleaning and superior care for surfaces that deserve to be treated better.

7. Microcement: distinctive places with minimal thickness

It is applied in a clean, easy and quick way on any support, ensuring its maximum adherence, grip and stability, but this does not mean that it reduces dimensions to the coated surfaces.

And it stands out for many reasons, but it is especially attractive for its installation without construction or debris directly on the support to be renovated, without affecting the square meters of the surface.

Its infinitesimal thickness, in a thin layer of 2 to 3 mm, is more than enough to guarantee a complete fixation while achieving the most unique, distinctive and beautiful rooms. A surprising result from a material that acts light, thin and soft as a feather.

Beautiful rustic-style terrace with microcement on pavements

8. Quality-price relationship hard to match

Reduce the works and ends the tedious processes, and this also affects the total cost of the renovation. And the fact is, by not requiring heavy or special machinery, or complex techniques, or the application for licenses, it facilitates the entire process, also reducing the costs produced by labor and materials and optimizing resources.

Not needing to remove the previous material allows for the renovation of spaces with microcement more quickly than with the rest of the more traditional alternatives on the market, also providing a degree of distinction and elegance that very few materials can display so proudly.

Luxury Concrete®: microcement to make dreamed spaces a reality

Always dreaming of the perfect house without imagining that with Luxury Concrete® this could become a reality.

Our luxury decorative coatings are a combination of high performance, ease of installation, and the most exquisite results that you won't find anywhere else. Spaces endowed with immeasurable decorative value with designs imbued with passion and intensity.

Our microcement gives you the possibility to create rooms completely to your image and likeness, with the sole objective of making the spaces you always dreamed of come true. Distinguished and exclusive environments, combined with an incalculable quality.

Microcement for exclusive designs

At Luxury Concrete® we have created the best ally to achieve a luxury decoration. A coating that is completely compatible with every surface of the home and whose performance and design are the most faithful reflection of the material you have always dreamed of. Our microcement makes tangible the places you deserve.

Microcement that produces privileged corners

Characterized by responding in the most competent way to a wide variety of factors present in everyday life. The privilege of knowing that your surfaces are resistant, are protected and, in addition, have a completely durable beauty over the passage of time.

Styles capable of moving

The current trend includes the new luxury of decorating through simple elements that are capable of conveying emotions on their own. The simplest is nowadays also the most elegant and, while before we were looking for the most ostentatious, the truth is that today minimalism and open spaces are gaining ground. Precisely what microcement knows best to evoke.

Our products are perfectly adapted to the most specific needs and the most demanding requirements. We offer a wide range of options that cover all types of possibilities and styles. Infinite combinations of colors, textures and varnishes with the aim of fulfilling the unlimited aesthetic possibilities and generating a high visual impact.

The most classic tastes, but also the boldest ones. Let your imagination fly with Luxury Concrete® by customizing each of the surfaces based on what you want to convey in your rooms.

We offer a line of products that respond to the most demanded decorative styles, such as rustic, minimalist, Nordic, vintage, classic or industrial. Options that stand out for being able to perfectly evoke the intention, atmospheres and environments of each one of them, providing superior quality industrial properties and endowing each and every one of the surfaces with a rich, distinguished and most exquisite aesthetic.