Microcement in detail: advantages and essential problems

20 July 2022

The field of construction has advanced and with this, materials have evolved to offer better solutions and finishes to customers. In this aspect, microcement has become very popular due to its capacity to offer multiple advantages to the consumer. Thanks to its characteristics and properties, it allows major renovations to be achieved with small gestures.

Living room with dark-coloured microcement walls

Microcement has been on the market for more than two decades but, despite its longevity and popularity, it can often be a great unknown to consumers, even creating a slight uncertainty about its benefits, application and results.

Discover in this article all its advantages and the problems associated with this material. Small inconveniences very easy to avoid thanks to a series of recommendations and tips that we are going to tell you below. We help to solve all your doubts about the great evolution in reforms that we have no doubt that little by little and increasingly, will have a place in the lives of consumers.

What are the advantages of microcement?

Microcement is a trend in the renovation of spaces. It has managed to find a place in the hearts not only of decorators and architects, but also in the hearts of individuals. And no wonder. Its composition based on cement, additives, aggregates, resins and pigments, makes it an excellent material for any type of reform by presenting unique features ranging from its easy and simple application to the originality and exquisiteness of its results.

Below, we delve into the main advantages of microcement and update you on the characteristics and qualities of a unique decorative coating to transform floors and walls.

Contemporary beauty: uniform and seamless surface

One of the particularities of microcement is the possibility of creating open spaces. This translates into a feeling of greater fullness and luminosity. It transforms our four walls into a minimalist and modern place where joints and interruption lines cease to exist.

Applied on both floors and walls, it creates a timeless effect of lightness and spaciousness in our space that combines with any style.

So resistant that it is irresistible

The great hardness that characterizes it, positions it as an ideal material to apply in very busy areas, exposed to the factors of the day to day and that are especially punished, such as the entrance to a garage or the contour of a cold storage room.

With a reduced layer of two or three millimeters is sufficient to achieve a total coating and an application resistant to chemical or mechanical factors.

It is also resistant to scratches, knocks and abrasion. It does not crack or crack and, if well maintained, is capable of lasting for decades.

It is essential to apply a thin layer of varnish for protection and sealing. In this way, in addition to protecting it, we will also make it non-slip and waterproof, thus avoiding the daily slips and unpleasant dampness. Who gives more?

An impeccable renovation

One of the great attractions of microcement compared to the use of other materials is undoubtedly its ability to renovate spaces without generating a speck of dust. Thanks to its easy installation on the existing substrate, it allows a clean renovation, without construction work and without the noise that characterizes it and that we want to keep so far away.

kitchen with beige microcement flooring

Renewed space: exquisiteness in the blink of an eye

Many of the times, the thought of making a reform and all the time that this will entail, makes us rethink whether or not to take the step forward. Often, the thought of how complicated, long and tedious the process will be conquers us more than by the desire to renovate and change the look of our four walls (and it is not because they do not need a little touch of modernity).

Microcement has the advantage of achieving a renovation in a short period of time, compared to the use or application of other materials.

Taking into account the type of support and depending on the duration of drying, the renovation of a space with microcement could be reduced to three or four days on walls and up to a week on floors. Surely it is much less than you would have ever imagined compared to conventional reforms. Of course, always remember to count on the qualified hand of a professional to carry out the reform of your spaces with this privileged coating.

Compatible with (almost) all substrates

Among its many advantages, its good adhesion to a wide range of substrates and materials such as ceramic, porcelain, marble, mosaic, tile and concrete stands out. It is important to bear in mind that whatever the material it is made of, the substrate must be firm and level.

One of the options to avoid cracks would be to put a fiberglass mesh. In any case, it is always advisable to consult an expert in the matter to obtain the best solution, since this does not always apply to all the supports and a qualified personnel will be able to give the best orientation.

Checking the good condition of the substrate is a fundamental and essential prior step to achieve an excellent result. Otherwise, we may not achieve the uniformity and stability for which microcement is so well known.

While it is true its versatility in adapting to almost any material, we should avoid installing it on other materials such as wood. As it is a material with movable plates, we can not ensure those conditions of fundamental firmness that we need to start the coating.

Indoor and outdoor microcement? The answer is "Yes"

In addition to being compatible and very stylish in floors and walls of interior spaces, such as kitchens or bathrooms, this decorative coating has another benefit that gives it the character of differentiation: versatility.

And it is also applicable in outdoor areas. For example, in terraces, gardens and even swimming pools. It is easy, fast and simple to achieve the perfect finish even in those areas of your home or business that are susceptible to humidity, contact with water or meteorological agents.

What could be better than making that dream space a reality, where you can spend much of your time while enjoying the vitamin of the sun and the outdoors? With Luxury Concrete® microcement for exteriors it is already a fact: take advantage of every corner of the house to make it yours and completely to your liking, creating an atmosphere of escape now also outdoors.

House with outdoor microcement terrace

Take a look at our Luxury Concrete® Stone range. This two-component microcement is ideal for exteriors thanks to the non-slip properties that give it its robustness and homogeneity. The tranquility of a firm and safe floor to calmly enjoy the best summer days in your favorite space.

Always remember to apply a coat of our Primacrete Finish varnish for better maintenance and greater sealing and protection.

Unlimited aesthetic possibilities

Another particularity of this coating is its high decorative value. It allows the creation of infinite aesthetic combinations thanks to its wide variety of colours, effects and textures.

The result? Exclusive and personalized designs that adapt to all tastes and decorative styles: minimalist, rustic, industrial, vintage or classic. A personalized luxury and completely adaptable to the desires and qualities of each person, making microcement a unique, original and creative material that allows a different finish in each of the spaces.

Beauty, luxury and personality merge to create a unique combination: Luxury Concrete® coverings.

Cleaning has never been so easy

As we mentioned, the microcement completely eliminates the joints, thus achieving a diaphanous and minimalist space. And not only because of the modern and renewed look that it creates and that we mentioned in the previous paragraphs, but also because it also translates into greater ease of cleaning, since it prevents the accumulation of dirt in the small gaps that existed before its application.

A material that is undoubtedly "Easy to Clean" thanks to its attributes of ease of cleaning and maintenance. This also translates into savings in cleaning time. This is not an advantage, but an "advantage".

For cleaning, a classic mixture of water and neutral pH soap is sufficient. However, in Luxury Concrete® we have specialized products to get the maximum technical and aesthetic performance. Thus, we will achieve a complete cleaning, the total elimination of germs and bacteria and an impeccable result and maintenance.

Microcement problems easy to avoid

The good news is that its small inconveniences are very easy to avoid. And it is that most of them usually appear because of malpractice, the use of poor quality materials or lack of information on the subject.

Here are the main problems of microcement and some tips to keep in mind to avoid them very easily.

Poor condition of the substrate

While it is true, the poor condition of the support will be the first major factor to take into account that will hinder a correct installation of microcement. We could say that the main problem would be to ensure that the support or material on which we are going to apply our coating is in perfect condition: completely firm and stable.

To achieve this, first of all, we must ensure that the support is in good condition, that is, without breaks, cracks or any other type of damage that could put at risk a bad application. If this is not the case, first of all, it will have to be repaired.

Afterwards, it is essential to achieve stability and firmness in the support. As complicated as it may seem, this is easier than it seems. In some areas of application, such as the floor, it is always advisable to include a fiberglass mesh to achieve this firmness.

In summary, it is absolutely necessary before applying microcement to make sure that the substrate is perfectly ready for installation: this can be the first step to ensure (or hinder) the success of your renovation. Always remember to rely on the experience and knowledge of an expert in the field.

Appearance of damage

The appearance of flaws can occur especially after application.

The causes are easy to detect and it will be easy to avoid them thanks to the use of appropriate materials and techniques.


In general, this is usually the most common type of damage. This is due to the fact that the substrate where the tiling is to be done may tend to move. An example would be the tiles, since, being applied on another layer of concrete still inferior, this one can move due to factors that are not in our hands, like the changes of temperature or the changes in the settlement of the building.

To avoid them, especially in more problematic areas or those prone to their appearance, it is advisable to use a material with elasticity to cushion these movements.


As we mentioned, a thin layer of varnish after applying the coating is essential for proper sealing, optimum protection and long-lasting maintenance.

In addition, it will help us to create an impermeable space and avoid the annoying humidities, so difficult to control and at the same time, so anti aesthetic.

In case of areas susceptible to seepage or in permanent contact with water, we should always apply a range of special microcement dedicated to this purpose.

Keep in mind that the appearance of flaws, provides an aspect of neglect on your walls or floors can create an effect contrary to the desired. Remember: prevention is always better than cure.

Inexperienced workmanship

Having qualified personnel in the sector is close to guaranteeing success. Always surround yourself with the best professionals for your siding installation, follow their advice and consult all those doubts that may arise before taking any action on your own. No one better than them will advise you and guide you to a luxurious result.

Now that you are aware of the advantages and problems that characterize microcement, are you still thinking about not carrying out your renovation? The advantages are many, but there are small disadvantages that are very easy to avoid.

You are just one step away from absolute luxury. If you have any questions or need more information, you can contact the Luxury Concrete® team of professionals by clicking here and filling out our contact form. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.