Microcement furniture: pieces that speak for themselves

November 24, 2022

Achieving a magazine-worthy decoration in our home is a task as complex as it is rewarding. It is the opportunity to showcase our aesthetic tastes, our personality, and our character.

Entire kitchen with microcement furniture

It may be that, often, we do not know what decorative style to choose or what elements will best match our intentions. What, in any case, is essential when decorating our rooms is to bet on components and materials that respond by enhancing functionality and maximizing visual and aesthetic richness of spaces. And, in this sense, the microcementit is the coating that par excellence brings out the best of surfaces, while endowing them with complete exquisiteness, attractiveness and distinction.

The material of materials, as we like to call it. And it is an option designed to customize all surfaces and provide them with finishes of authentic luxury. A luxury that, not only is reflected in its aesthetic aspect, but also in its high-end properties. Properties that respond on surfaces of various natures and characteristics with hardness, resistance, impermeability and durability. A coating that fills environments with elegance and sophistication to create atmospheres capable of instantly falling in love with you.

Although its most popular use is as a coating for floors and walls in indoor and outdoor spaces, microcement furniture is an option that, today, is gaining great popularity. The reasons are none other than its competent way of acting on any surface and space where it is applied, being able to be modeled in an exclusive way and create true works of spectacular visual richness, which respond to measure to what any user could have ever dreamed of.

At Luxury Concrete® we work offering authentic continuous luxury coatings and, in addition, we are the inspiration for the construction projects of professionals, as well as in the decoration of private spaces. Always with the guarantee and endorsement that our materials are based on an indisputable quality and achieve the most exquisite results ever achieved.

Discover the microcement furniture that is increasingly conquering the decoration of multiple homes and prepare to imbue every corner of your home with the purest luxury, style and exquisiteness.

Benefits of microcement furniture that will make you fall in love instantly

Imagine being able to feel all the functionality, application, and aesthetics of microcement not only in interior and exterior floors and walls, but also in many of the most used and frequented surfaces in everyday life, guaranteeing their resistance and protection while endowing them with an incalculable decorative value.

Here lies the reason why microcement furniture has become a must when it comes to achieving an inimitable style while gaining multiple functional benefits. A great decorative utility that makes them the most competent option against other materials and decorative coatings.

Beautiful loft with microcement furniture

Resistance worth witnessing

Microcement furniture presents an extraordinary resistance to color loss due to constant exposure to sunlight, scratching from abrasion, or stains that occur due to its daily and continued use. They are completely prepared to be exposed to multiple factors while maintaining purely industrial properties. In addition, they are very easily and quickly cleaned with a mixture of neutral pH soap and water, thus answering the prayers of users.

Adherence on (almost) any material

Marble, plasterboard, plaster and an endless list of surfaces, with the exception of wood. The renovation of a completely outdated, obsolete or damaged piece of furniture whose transformation and new look captures all the glances and attracts the attention of everyone who contemplates it.

And the best part: without raising the slightest speck of dust. A continuous application on the existing support without the need to remove it that avoids the existence of works and the generation of debris. The luxury of renovating without complications, quickly and cleanly while, in turn, the results obtained are characterized by being excellent.

Microcement furniture: lightweight and endowed with character

Elements that end the problems of thickness or structural load. A coating as thin as a feather whose application has a minimum thickness of 2 mm to 3 mm and therefore does not add extra weight to the original furniture. The structural load ceases to be a drawback for the creation of furniture as light as a feather and which, in turn, exude a very special personality.

Custom pigmentation to attract all eyes

One of the strong points of microcement furniture is that they can be pigmented with a wide chromatic range, making them a most versatile option to adapt and become part of any decorative style.

Capable of responding and blending perfectly with the most minimalist and rustic environments, as well as in retro or modern spaces, and even in those rooms equipped with more classic furniture and elements. The aesthetic possibilities are truly infinite and are prepared to act according to any taste, style and personality.

5 microcement furniture to inspire you and imbue your rooms with luxury

You will be surprised to know how microcement furniture can transform, not only the surfaces of those older pieces of furniture, but also create truly magical atmospheres in your rooms. Places dominated by spatial continuity and the absence of joints where each of the spaces is perceived as clear, spacious and bright. An incalculable beauty that responds with the best of industrial materials.

1. Microcement table for the dining room, bedroom or terrace

A table is the central decorative element of any room. The meeting point and gathering place where a great deal of time is spent in the living room or kitchen, as well as carrying out the main meals of the day, but also an important element in the bedroom, where it is the surface that collects our most essential objects.

If it is already, habitually, the component that encompasses the gazes and acts as the main axis of any space, imagine what it would be like to endow it with total and absolute continuity. A continuity thanks to which they become (even more so) the undisputed protagonists of the living room, dining room, bedroom or terrace.

Microcement tables that stand out for merging with surfaces without joints, truly creating spaces dominated by breadth, brightness, and beauty. An attractive and charming character dominated by the comfort of easy, simple, and one-pass cleaning. Because of the pleasant connotations that clear, continuous, and smooth surfaces convey.

A microcement table can be completely covered with this noble coating, as well as combined with other materials, as they perfectly match any element and decorative style. Thus, details in iron can be included, to simulate an industrial trend, or in wood, to achieve a Nordic influence.

In any case, they are perfect for any room, regardless of its style and design, and they are completely versatile indoors and outdoors of a house, such as terraces and gardens, thanks to their impermeability to running water, resistance to sunlight and durability over time or to factors that contribute to their continuous wear.

Retro style microcement countertop

2. Microcement countertop

A "must" for your kitchen as they are the countertops you've always dreamed of: resistant, durable and beautiful.

Countertops are the kitchen furniture we use the most. On them, we prepare the most exquisite culinary tastings and, increasingly, they also serve us as a surface where to have breakfast, lunch or dinner by adding stools adapted to their height. One of the most essential elements in our home and, at the same time, most exposed, damaged and frequented. So it is truly important that they are cared for, pampered and protected.

A microcement countertop has a fine and silky finish, characterized by its elegance and distinction. Continuous surfaces with a tendency to infinity that have never before been endowed with such a high decorative value.

Waterproof against running water and with no joints or interruption lines, which allows for a quick and easy cleaning, in which the non-accumulation of dirt enhances hygiene on its surfaces and ends the proliferation of bacteria.

They are part of the line of microcement furniture prepared to withstand absolutely everything. Perfectly resistant to abrasion and impacts and are designed so that their appearance is not altered, regardless of whether their use and exposure to wear is frequent and continuous.

A benchmark in kitchen design that takes its decoration to another level as it can be easily combined with other elements such as concrete, wood or metals, depending on the style you want to achieve.

3. Microcement sink

Although this continuous coating has gained greater popularity over the years in its pavement and wall cladding, its application in sinks is not far behind.

Microcement sinks are 100% waterproof to running water and its direct contact, as well as very easy to clean. The absence of joints and the creation of authentic continuous surfaces, allows germs to stop accumulating between the interruption lines for the generation of much more hygienic surfaces dominated by the most authentic luxury.

A luxury that is reflected in its fantastic adherence to all types of surfaces. And it is that, the renovation of old or damaged sinks, has never been as successful as with the application of microcement. Tiles, marble or plaster, among many others, which are coated, guaranteeing the maximum flexibility and resistance with which space is maximized.

Bathrooms in which the sinks have never before had such prominence. Beautiful, hygienic and completely protected, whose aesthetics are unalterable and with a protected and cared for appearance that surprises everyone who witnesses it.

4. Microcement shelving

The pinnacle of minimalism in microcement furniture. Its great minimalist design and finish, allows for unrestricted decoration.

An ideal option for keeping any room tidy, as well as for separating its environments. Microcement shelves allow to be custom designed to precisely take advantage of each of the millimeters with which a certain installation is equipped.

They are especially attractive because they evoke the minimalist style as they are very special furniture that do not have joints or interruption lines. Elements that melt and merge, combining with walls and floors to provide greater spaciousness and brightness to any room, while taking advantage of each of its corners and, above all, maintaining its order.

The shelves are microcement furniture that reach a high decorative level because, in addition, they can be combined with other elements that enhance warmth, comfort and well-being in their rooms. Completely exquisite and pleasant atmospheres thanks to the style of this noble material and its play with wicker, raffia or natural fiber baskets in its storage, which pursue the naturalist trend in interior decoration and which achieve, precisely, the creation of that important embrace place in the creation of a home.

Microcement furniture that, successfully, supports the weight of stored or decorative objects and that perfectly adapts its style to that predominant in a certain room.

Luxurious microcement shower

5. Microcement bathtub or shower

Both microcement bathtubs and showers have that waterproof property and ease of cleaning with which the rest of the microcement furniture is also equipped. A material that repels the filtration of water into its interior, prevents the accumulation of bacteria due to the absence of joints and that, in addition, is completely resistant. A continuous decorative solution of high appeal for providing continuity to any surface and, therefore, enhancing its charm and natural beauty.

Microcement bathtubs and showers are one of the most interesting options for covering these types of surfaces due to an added value of special importance in wet floors: their anti-slip property.

And it is that, among the multiple and exquisite benefits for which this incredible material is characterized, it stands out the possibility of playing with its textures to achieve a non-slip character that significantly reduces slips and their consequent falls.

Thus, a coarser granulometry allows creating anti-slip surfaces of great importance in bathtubs and shower trays that result in greater peace of mind and total safety for luxury surfaces prepared for their complete and real use and enjoyment.