Microcement in kitchens and more ideas that increase its sensory amplitude

27 October 2022

The kitchen as we know it today is a prominent place in the house. Everything happens there. And the fact is that, while a few years ago it was a room dedicated solely to preparing meals and snacks, now it is also a place of conviviality where we not only share meals: we enjoy each other's company, create memories, chat, laugh ... It has ceased to be the chef's lair of the house to become a place with a more social character. And it is for this reason that, increasingly, we give greater importance to the small details in its decoration, those that we seek to reflect our personality and convey a sense of comfort and well-being within its walls.

Microcement in industrial style kitchen

Designing a kitchen is an important task to which we must dedicate time. And, although it is often difficult to reach that idealized material, style or intention capable of making us fall in love at first sight, the truth is that with a few little decorating tricks it is very easy to get a spacious, bright and stylish kitchen. One that makes you feel really comfortable and in which every day more and more, you want to invest more of your time preparing authentic culinary tastings and in many other things.

And, in this sense, microcement in kitchens is the material that acts competently to achieve these objectives. A solution that, thanks to its continuous coating, enhances the amplitude of these rooms and allows them to be visually conceived as more spacious and, therefore, also pleasant. The material that makes it grow in a sensory way while giving it that exclusive, beautiful and pleasant character that is so important when it comes to its design.

microcement and its continuity are capable of achieving authentic optical illusions to make a kitchen appear larger, brighter and more exquisite. The application of this material along with other small decoration tricks worthy of an interior designer, will give it a truly luxurious and distinctive character, the one that from Luxury Concrete® we propose for the design and decoration of all your spaces.

Take note of these ideas worthy of a real interior designer to make your kitchen look bigger and get ready to never see it with the same eyes again.

Microcement in kitchens and white: a truly luxurious combination

White is the star colour, today and always. Its connotations are based on luminosity, cleanliness, order and beauty. It is a pure and timeless colour, so it never goes out of fashion. It is the favorite of any interior designer and it is no coincidence: it is light in all its essence and is well combined with any environment, material, shape and room. And regardless of the style that is pursued, white is a safe bet to make a space stylish, beautiful and harmonious.

But that's not all. Because although the sensations it transmits are of purity, peace and tranquility and the immense ease it has to create cozy and beautiful spaces, it also has a number of advantages that increase the functionality of the rooms.

Microcement in minimalist kitchen with white total coverage

According to Feng Shui, the colour white has a healing power, a quality that we pursue especially in rooms such as kitchens. And this, among many others, is one of the reasons why choosing it in the total or partial decoration of the spaces where we prepare food, is a synonym of success.

It has the very important peculiarity of standing out from other colours because it is the only one that, almost imperceptibly, significantly increases the brightness of this room. It is a very interesting option because only white is able to increase the light, while also increasing the feeling of spaciousness. Two concepts that always go hand in hand, generating a visual effect of lightness and creating spaces full of harmony.

And is that, precisely to find harmony in kitchens, there is no better feeling than to perceive it as a bright and wider space, feeling that you yourself flow between its corners. Merging the colour white with microcement in kitchens enhances the two most important aspects of interior design: brightness and spaciousness. A real dream tandem with which to cover floors, walls and even furniture.

You will be surprised how your kitchen gives a 180-degree turn, turning it into a much brighter, spacious and modern room and being completely captivated by its style and charm, the one that makes you feel comfortable and happy within its walls.

A timelessness dominated by two fundamental aspects: the continuity of microcement and its absolute avant-garde and modern and current character, and the purity of its combination with white surfaces, combining perfectly with any style and decorative element.rocemento that allow you to give the kitchen a personal touch.

With natural fibers, absolute delicacy

At Luxury Concrete® we want to be your inspiration. Therefore, we propose an irresistible option when decorating your white kitchen: the combination of this colour with natural fibers. A winning combo to create cozy atmospheres and add a warm and natural feeling to your kitchen. Materials such as rattan, bamboo, wicker or sisal are trending this season and combine perfectly with the neutrality of white, creating kitchens whose feeling is pleasant, pleasant, pure and relaxed.

An environment dominated by the most absolute visual and sensory exquisiteness for kitchens that catch you and that are the definition of what we commonly know as harmony.

With pastel tones, a subtle contrast

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who like to go a step further or, perhaps, more original, go for pastel or earth colours in some of the details of your kitchen and create a soft contrast between all the elements. You will automatically achieve a distinctive and original atmosphere.

Pastel and earth colours combine perfectly with white, help to further enhance the brightness and spaciousness of your kitchen and are also a trend this season.

With wood, warmth and character

Combining the colour white and the usual purity with which its connotations are characterized provides total harmony to make your kitchen look bigger. It transmits, in addition to harmony, warmth, cleanliness and naturalness, filling the whole room with feelings of calm and closeness and with a trendy style.

Microcement in kitchens allows you to obtain a wide variety of textures and evoke completely different decorative styles. And because it is a timeless material, it combines with all types of intention, taste and character.

Microcement in kitchens enhances the virtues of its elements

Microcement in kitchens is synonymous with character, appearance, luminosity and brightness that have an impact on greater spaciousness. And there are few things as pleasant as that feeling of continuity and open spaces that allow us to feel that, in general, we flow in the same place. That, in addition to fluidity, we feel freedom and, of course, comfort when preparing luxury culinary recipes with which we become real chefs.

Microcement in kitchen with black and white details

The elements that make up a kitchen are also essential in creating a greater visual extension. Thanks to them, the feeling of spaciousness will be much greater not only in this aspect, but also in the functional aspect. A series of factors that in addition to creating more space in the four walls that make up your kitchen, will be able to provide it with an aesthetic appearance of great decorative value dominated by simplicity, taste and an unmistakable style.

Minimalist furniture

Furniture with simple lines, cabinets with smooth doors, drawers without handles and, to achieve an exquisite, simple and aesthetically pleasing look, pursue monochrome. The use of a single colour for all the furniture with small nuances.

Custom storage

There are many benefits and features that highlight the microcement in kitchens, but undoubtedly one of the most important is the possibility of creating shelves, cabinets and other storage elements to measure.

An ideal idea to make the most of every corner of a kitchen is to have custom furniture that also conform to each of the free spaces. Fine and elegant furniture whose charm lies in choosing its texture, appearance and colour, giving kitchens exquisite personality and character while making the most of each of the spaces of the kitchen, whether or not it is of small dimensions.

Kitchen with island

Eliminate the partitions and communicate directly the kitchen with the living room, dining room or even, sometimes, the terrace is one of the trends in interior design. In addition to gaining space, which was previously occupied precisely by these walls, you quickly and almost automatically turn your kitchen into a real magazine.

And is that open kitchens with microcement island, are the big trend in the current decoration. In addition to how beautiful and aesthetic they are thanks to its incredible breadth and notorious brightness, because they are much more functional and usable. The kitchen, which integrates the dining room, becomes undeniably much more spacious and bright and therefore also much more harmonious, warm and exquisite. A decorative style that reflects the most authentic luxury.

The continuity of microcement in kitchens: outstanding surfaces

Microcement is a material that gives luxury, distinction and exclusivity to any room regardless of its nature. Its properties, of authentic scandal, manage to coat all surfaces with its versatile character, which adapts and adheres perfectly on any type of support, obtaining authentic results of luxury. A luxury that translates into resistance, hardness, impermeability and anti-slip, as well as the most beautiful and exquisite finishes ever achieved. The aesthetics of continuous surfaces, characterized by providing rooms with that harmonious character that is sometimes so difficult to achieve.

Modern look with full coating of microcement in the kitchen

Although its use is optimal and absolutely competent in any type of indoor and outdoor space, the truth is that it is the real star of the kitchens. And the fact is that this noble material acquires a special popularity and prominence in these rooms, giving the feeling of having been created to measure for them.

e are talking about a timeless material ideal for the creation of harmonious kitchens. It is the chosen one to make your kitchen look bigger, as it does not need expansion joints and its continuous surface maximizes the extension of the kitchens, which become visually wider. The perfect ingredient to create open spaces with a luminous proposal characterized by unprecedented spaciousness.

Imagine for a moment observing your kitchen in a single pass and witnessing how with a single glance you can capture the totality of all the elements, thanks to its spatial continuity that makes it a completely harmonious, orderly and much more spacious place than before. In this space, there are no joints that interrupt or interfere in the capture, everything is observed as a whole.

Few materials are capable of covering any surface with a minimum thickness of at most 3 mm, and create joint-free flooring in which continuity permeates and captivates you with its charms.

Modernity and avant-garde to enhance any decorative style, wider and more sophisticated spaces, a timeless aesthetic sensation that visually expands the space and adds value to your kitchen.

Floors and walls that merge to create a horizon

Microcement visually increases the amplitude of surfaces thanks to the elimination of joints that exist with the use of other materials. The creation of continuous floors that become resistant, strong and much safer, as they are equipped with the non-slip properties of this coating. Floors that visually merge with the vertical surfaces, achieving a unique fusion and creating a common horizon in which walls and floors are united without any interruption between them.

This continuity allows kitchens to be perceived as wider, wider and with a superior extension thanks to the absence of limits in which walls and floors are part of each other.

Countertops with a fine, silky feel

Coating kitchen countertops with microcement is the best choice for surfaces in constant use and wear. A high resistance to abrasion and constant fight against moisture repels water seepage into the interior and keeps them intact to continuous exposure.

The beauty of a smooth, fine, continuous and silky textured surface as the main protagonist for places that catch your eye and are able to create an unparalleled harmony and a look characterized by absolute elegance and sophistication.