Luxury bathrooms: the art of the most sophisticated rest

August 20, 2021

Luxury bathrooms are an oasis of peace, the ideal place to relax after a hard day's work and forget about problems. Nothing captivates luxury lovers more than a bathroom where every detail is taken care of to offer an exquisite atmosphere. Not all bathrooms have the same characteristics, but they can be designed to achieve movie-like finishes.

At Luxury Concrete we immerse you in the world of luxury bathrooms to improve the quality of life of the people who inhabit the home. Keep reading for a decoration guide with which to achieve a luxury design through the details and the choice of styles.

Plan the design of luxury bathrooms

To design a luxury bathroom, the first thing is to be clear about what the room needs or what it lacks. It is not the same a bathroom that is going to be redecorated or remodeled than one that is going to be made from scratch. In addition, it is very important to be clear about which materials are going to predominate in this part of the house, as they will condition the decorative style and help the room breathe exclusivity and elegance..

Having clear ideas is the first step to achieve the desired finishes in a luxury bathroom. Therefore, we are going to analyze the role that accessories and elements that cannot be missing in a bathroom play.

Luxury bathtubs to relax in

Luxury bathtubs are associated with round or square shapes and offer very interesting details in the decoration of a bathroom. A microcement bathtub, with marble or tiles adds a touch of distinction and totally differentiating luxury. Placing the bathtub on volcanic stones is also an excellent resource to enhance the relaxing atmosphere of the bathroom.

Luxury bathtub in a room with double sink and warm decoration
Luxury bathtub in a room with double sink and warm decoration

A good option to enhance luxury bathrooms is to combine showers with bathtubs or opt for one of the two. In any case, it is important that the shower doors are transparent. Both options can coexist without problems, but a large bathroom is necessary to make the most of the space.

Luxury bathroom with a bathtub and a shower, which has transparent screens
Baño de lujo con bañera y una ducha, que cuenta con mamparas transparentes

In this image, the integration of the bathtub and shower is combined with light tones that enhance the spaciousness and brightness of this luxury bathroom. The exquisite finishes and the black frames of the windows multiply the elegance and aesthetic power. It is proof of how to take care of every detail until it becomes unique.

Elegant sinks, the best ally of luxury bathrooms

The sinks are a fundamental part for designing luxury bathrooms. They personalize this part of the house and offer an attractive aesthetic while allowing to optimize water consumption. It is one of the best spaces to give it a personalized touch.

Minimalist decoration in a luxury bathroom with wood finishes
Decoración minimalista en un baño de lujo con acabados de madera

The microcement, stone or glass sinks are the best allies in the pursuit of exclusivity. They enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom, whether they are double, simple, with oval or round shapes; they offer resistance and durability. It's an ideal combo of beauty, aesthetics, and practicality.

Luxury bathroom with double sink, black built-in faucets and a bathtub at the back of the room
Luxury bathroom with double sink, black built-in faucets and a bathtub at the back of the room

Wardrobes and accessories in luxury bathrooms

The cabinets in luxury bathrooms are increasingly becoming more efficient places with significant storage capacity, which is usually one of the main concerns. In smaller bathrooms, a good distribution of space and a smart choice of furniture is key.

Furniture with large drawers are ideal for keeping order and preventing objects from being in sight. Display cabinets are also a good option to maintain the serenity of the bathroom, although everything will be in sight.

But we also cannot forget that, sometimes, to give a luxury bathroom an inspiring touch, it is enough to change accessories, add new colors and textures. Replacing neutral colors with bolder tones is a good change to reach the bathroom of our dreams.

The luxury of decorative elements

The choice of furniture, the design of floors and walls are fundamental decisions to achieve a luxurious and harmonious decoration. But true luxury lies in the small details. The flowers, the plants, the mirrors, the aromatic candles, the paintings and the golden pieces cannot be missing in a luxury bathroom.

If we opt for scented candles, black and white colors are a good decision. A vase with flowers is also a good idea to perfume the luxury bathroom, while combating bad odors. Soap dishes should also match the decorative style we want to implement in the bathroom. Those made of ceramic, glass, wood or with gold finishes are perfect for achieving a zen, modern and contemporary touch.

Luxury bathrooms that captivate

At Luxury Concrete we open the doors of luxury bathrooms to see what trends are conquering the hearts of lovers of elegance and sophistication. Don't miss the visual tour we show you below.

Luxurious bathroom with aromatic candles and a central space where the sink, toilet and bathtub are located
Baño lujoso velas aromáticas y un espacio central donde se sitúa el lavabo, el inodoro y la bañera

The beauty of the finishes in this spectacular model of luxurious bathroom creates a fresh and exclusive atmosphere. The type of lighting that has been chosen allows to highlight textures, colors and achieve a pleasant environment throughout the bathroom. The mirror and the shower with transparent doors are a perfect solution to enhance the brightness of the room. The design and distribution have been luxury allies to achieve a space with light.

Luxury bathroom with a large mirror and natural light entrance next to the bathtub
Luxury bathroom with a large mirror and natural light entrance next to the bathtub

This luxury bathroom bases its power on the entrance of natural light, thanks to the three windows that communicate with the outside. The attention is monopolized by the rectangular mirror, which in this case becomes the king of the accessories. It adds character and personality to the room. The standalone bathtub looks great and breaks with the pattern of straight lines that predominates, while the lamp adds light and class.

Luxury bathrooms with classic style

Luxury and classic style go hand in hand to create atmospheres that leave no one indifferent. It is a decorative model that endures over time and offers a whole world of decorative possibilities. We must not forget that a luxury bathroom always has a touch of sobriety and sophistication.

Luxury bathroom with microcement floor decorated in warm tones
Luxury bathroom with microcement floor decorated in warm tones

This bathroom conveys the care for small details in all its corners. It is a good example of how to challenge the limits of spaces with the help of microcement on the floor, which is the great attraction of the room and responsible for achieving a greater sense of spaciousness.

The brightness that this coating offers is multiplied thanks to the window. The wooden furniture perfectly matches the double sink, the bathtub, and the accessories. The distribution helps that all objects have their place and contributes to visual order.

Spacious and bright luxury bathroom with wooden walls to create a relaxing atmosphere
Spacious and bright luxury bathroom with wooden walls to create a relaxing atmosphere

A luxury bathroom can become a sanctuary that exudes warmth and modernity. This is a good example of how simplicity is not at odds with good taste. The wooden walls and windows create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Natural light enhances the aesthetics and highlights the power of the freestanding bathtub.

The shower at the back is the icing that completes the sumptuousness of this part of the house. Each area of the bathroom is clearly differentiated, including the presence of a corner that has a vanity unit with its mirror and chair. The feeling of peace is maximum.

Tips for designing luxury bathrooms

Once we have clear the accessories that can never be missing in a luxury bathroom and the variety of finishes that can be achieved, it is time to receive some tips to achieve the dream bathroom. Take note!.

1. Enhance the entry of natural light

Making the most of natural light points is essential to have a harmonious luxury bathroom. Often, this part of the house has very white lighting that becomes a problem to create relaxing environments. With the right design and a bit of natural light, it is very easy to highlight the finishes of the bathroom. Keep in mind that in the bathroom you also need specific lighting for makeup and body care areas.

2. Textures and colors

The decoration of luxury bathrooms is mainly associated with black and gray, which are the colors traditionally associated with pure elegance. Both tones can also be combined, but we should not close the door to playing with other colors. Bathroom accessories are good spaces to try with blue or gold. Textures, lines, and colors are essential for having a harmonious decoration.

3. Create a zen atmosphere

To make the bathroom a refuge of peace and rest, it is advisable to resort to decorative touches that evoke a zen style. A decorative trend that bets on minimalism, simplicity and order to create beautiful luxury bathrooms. To achieve a serene stay, light tones and subtle lighting are advisable. The atmosphere should be soft with low intensity lights.

4. Luxury and simplicity go hand in hand

To enjoy luxury bathrooms, it is not necessary to resort to extravagant decoration. Often opting for simple decoration that takes care of the details is enough to achieve that room you always saw on television or in interior design magazines. A shower with a thin screen, a standalone bathtub near the points of natural light entry, a suspended toilet or a double sink with the faucet embedded, may be enough to create a bathroom that combines luxury and simplicity.

Microcement in luxury bathrooms as a lifestyle

Decorative coatings are excellent allies to achieve avant-garde and innovative decoration. In this family of materials, the microcement it is the best option to create and design luxury bathrooms. It is ideal for achieving a spectacular combination between modern and classic..

Microcement floor in a luxury bathroom with neutral tones and a minimalist ambiance
Microcement floor in a luxury bathroom with neutral tones and a minimalist ambiance

It is the coating that allows to cover walls, floors, bathtubs, sinks, shower trays and even furniture. It is perfect for creating exclusive and clean surfaces that provide exquisite visual finishes. Sophistication and luxury reach an unattainable level thanks to this material. It is a good choice to make the bathroom convey authenticity and style. The customization offered by microcement translates into the possibility of achieving luxury bathrooms with a unique and incomparable style, since each application of microcement is unique.

Ready to get a luxury bathroom with microcement as an ally? At Luxury Concrete we provide the ideas and products, and you, the personality.