Bathroom with a large circular tub and microcement floor

Luxury bathrooms with microcement

Relaxation for two
The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house, a space where privacy is combined with comfort and functionality. The versatility of microcement, together with its anti-slip properties and its unique aesthetic, allows it to create a beautiful continuous design throughout the entire application.
Gray microcement coated sink countertop

Microcement and brightness

Pure and subtle lines intended to create bright spaces that unite tradition and modernity. In this image, the microcement, applied on floors and walls, helps create a spatial sensation of spaciousness, comfort, and cleanliness.

Moreover, the ensemble created by combining this noble material with ergonomic faucets and the elegance of a concave glass sink gives it a space with a strong personal character.

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Modern bathroom lined with white microcement

Limitless elegance

A luxury bathroom represents a new way of understanding this very particular space. The combination of microcement on the floor with touches of wood accompanying the wall forms a partnership that exudes harmony and elegance in equal measure. Design the innovative bathroom you’ve always wanted.