Microcement pools to immerse yourself in luxury

September 27, 2021

The requirements for creating and renovating pools have changed and professionals are obliged to know how to achieve luxury finishes in such a special space. Themicrocement poolsthey have become a trend because they provide a functional and visually attractive solution. It is a durable material that is also applied without the need to remove the existing surface.

In this post you will find everything you need to know about a material, which if you have not considered, has a lot to offer you to enjoy a dream pool. Its properties, which we will get to know later, will allow you to decide if you bet on this coating, although to discover them...you will have to dive into this reading!.

Microcement pools: a plus of personality

Renovating or building a pool from scratch is an exciting project, but before applying the microcement in the pool, a series of key aspects must be taken into account.

Choose the finish for the microcement pool

The microcement it admits a variety of textures and colors, so it is very clear what finish is most suitable for exteriors, in this case in a pool. In the case of a pool, which is in permanent contact with water, a rough texture is necessary.

This type of finish is perfect for the outer edges, the side walls or the bottom of the pool. For safety reasons, it is essential to have a surface with good adherence and non-slip.

In general, microcement pools offer very attractive finishes and with high resistance. It is a choice that ensures that the pool has a spectacular appearance for a long time.

Indoor or outdoor microcement pool?

Microcement adapts without problems to any space, it doesn't matter if we want to coat a pool that is covered, semi-covered or outdoors. With the sealing process of the microcement, the coating is endowed with anti-slip and waterproof properties to running water. This functionality allows to avoid the problems of leaks, although the best guarantee is to choose qualified labor and quality materials.

Achieve total integration with the microcement in the pool

Microcement is such a versatile material that it adapts to all surfaces offering total integration between the interior of the pool and its crown. It allows for a simple renovation without construction. If the same exterior color is chosen, the continuity is greater and the visual effect is multiplied. Design and aesthetic harmony go hand in hand to achieve elegant finishes.

Matter of style

Microcement pools blend perfectly with any style we want to give to the house or outdoor spaces. With just 3 millimeters thick, a coating is created that enhances the amplitude and will generate a visual impact that no one will be able to resist.

If we opt for a microcement pool that evokes a natural space, we can always surround it with stones and rocks to achieve a custom design.

Bet on professionals with experience in microcement pools

Coating pools with microcement is a complex task that requires professionals with experience in these types of applications. Unlike other types of supports, the pool if it is located outdoors depends a lot on the weather situation and, in addition, only one layer can be applied per day.

Knowledge of the product and the indicated mixing proportions are fundamental aspects to create quality finishes and avoid future problems. On the other hand, different colors cannot be combined. All these factors make it essential to have a proven material and professionals who know in detail the application of microcement in swimming pools.

How to coat swimming pools with microcement?

If everything that microcement pools offer convinces you, but you still have doubts about how to apply this coating, you are in the right section. Next, we present some tips and a guide to know how to coat a pool with microcement.

1- Roller application of a layer of Concrete Resin Pool, the acrylic resin and component B of the microcement for Luxury Concrete® pools. This product facilitates the adherence of the microcement to the support. Allow to dry between 30 and 45 minutes.

2- Apply a layer of Concrete Pool Extra, the two-component microcement preparation for pools. This layer is applied without pigment. It has a drying time of 4-8 hours.

3- Second layer of Concrete Pool Extra with pigment. The drying time is the same as the previous coat.

4- Apply two coats of Concrete Pool Medium, the two-component microcement finish for swimming pools. Similarly, a period of 4-8h must be respected between coats. The second layer can be applied using the "fresh on fresh" technique.

5- The process is completed with the sealing of the microcement coating. For this, 24 hours later, two coats of the microcement varnish for Concrete Finish WT Pool swimming pools are applied with a roller. Between each coat, you have to wait 4-8 hours.

6- Seven days later, a time in which the varnish will have reached its maximum performance, the pool can be filled.

Applicator tip! If you long for an even smoother finish for your luxury microcement pool, we recommend sanding between layers of our Concrete Pool microcement with 24 or 40 grain sandpaper. You can also apply the system with the fresh on fresh technique, spray the last hand with water and fine-tune afterwards with a metal trowel.

Tips for applying microcement in swimming pools

In addition to having a clear defined application process, a series of details must be taken into account to achieve a microcement pool with a durable finish.

  • You have to apply a coat of microcement per day, which must be done on gunite or projected mortar.
  • Work early hours of the day to have good workability of the material.
  • Respect the amount of resin indicated in the technical sheet of each product.
  • Apply sealer to prevent the microcement from being unprotected and to ensure better cleaning.
  • Let the application dry for 5 days before filling the pool with water. If this drying time is not respected, stains may appear and the microcement coating can be damaged.

Types of microcement pools

Adding details to everything that surrounds microcement pools is an excellent way to further enhance the decorative coating. The design, distribution and decoration of spaces are elements that should be taken care of to give added value to each project.

All these aspects change depending on the type of pool we want for our home. At Luxury Concrete we are aware that the shape and style we give to the pool are very important details. Next, we present different types of microcement pools.

Classic microcement pool

The more classic style microcement pools seduce with the smoothness they transmit. The most common are those that have rounded and oval shapes. It is a type of pool that coexists in harmony with the exteriors of any luxury home.

Microcement in the pool and minimalism

The combination of luxury and minimalism is an excellent choice for microcement pools. The rectangular shape, the absence of ladders, and the reduced size make up the elements of this type of pools. It is a good way to enjoy continuity and integrate the garden with the house.

You don't need much space to create a spectacular place with a minimalist style microcement pool. And we can still add light under the water to project the beauty of the finishes. It's an excellent way to create an idyllic atmosphere and highlight the landscaped areas of the house.

Natural microcement pool

Getting microcement pools to connect with natural spaces is quite a challenge when renovating or transforming the outdoor spaces of a home. The connection of the coating with the environment translates into incredible scenes where the microcement takes all the protagonism in the midst of atmospheres that inspire peace.

Microcement in ground-level swimming pools

Rectangular, with simple lines and creating the sensation of being in a space without divisions. Microcement ground-level pools perfectly meet these characteristics. This option is perfect if we do not have too much land or are not going to make the most of it. It is the best way to mix luxury, simplicity and practicality.

Transparent microcement pools

Dream pools stand out for the use of white and minimalism, but especially for transparency. A good proposal is to coat the pool with white microcement, creating a striking effect. This aesthetic choice translates into a tone that invites swimming, with a sense of calm.

If you are looking for a designer pool that adds elegance and helps to coexist with the environment, microcement pools are the perfect choice. You will create an ideal atmosphere to enjoy both summer nights and the rest of the year.