8 wall coverings to infuse style into the rooms

December 9, 2022

Although we often are more careful in the choice of materials to cover our floors and these are the ones that take the great prominence for having a more continuous and constant use, wall coverings are one of the most powerful resources aesthetically speaking.

Its differentiating component endows any room that is desired to be renovated with a high personality and sophistication.

And it is that, far from the vague idea that we have that decorating a wall simply means filling it with color, our vertical surfaces offer a range of aesthetic and decorative possibilities practically unlimited and, almost always, unknown.

Discover with Luxury Concrete® the 8 decorative coatings that work best when creating memorable rooms. Take note of their features, advantages, and expert advice and choose the one that best matches your style, taste, intention, and personality. Get ready to open the doors to a world of unlimited possibilities dominated by the utmost exquisiteness, elegance, and sophistication.

1. Tiles and porcelain stoneware: great classics of yesterday and today

Tiles and porcelain stoneware are two very traditional wall coverings. A safe bet that is a complete success in rooms of the home such as kitchens or bathrooms, where their popularity is high due to the excellent resistance they confer against stains or humidity.

Kitchen with white tile wall cladding

These wall coverings have evolved over time, especially in terms of their shapes, textures and colors. An innovation that has allowed to decorate in a very creative way any type of room, impregnating each one of them with the most exquisite and refined atmosphere.

However, it presents a drawback to consider: the presence of joints on both surfaces, affects the accumulation of dirt between the separation lines and, because of this, their cleaning and maintenance can be tedious.

2. Wallpaper: speed without sacrificing aesthetics

Wallpaper is the ideal wall covering in the search for speed, efficiency, and modern aesthetics. One of the most popular options for being, in addition, relatively cheap and easy to apply compared to other market alternatives.

One of the main benefits of wallpaper is that it offers a wide variety of designs and styles. It doesn't matter if you prefer a discreet or striking design, the wallpaper of your dreams exists. It is also possible to customize its appearance, so if you have an idea in mind, you will surely be able to find a wallpaper that suits your tastes and faithfully reflects your personality and intention. And when you get tired of it, it's as easy and comfortable as removing it and replacing it with a new one.

The main disadvantage of wallpaper as a wall covering is that it tends to absorb moisture and, in addition, if it gets stained it is difficult to fix. However, there are some types of wallpaper, such as washable or vinyl, whose properties allow it to be resistant to environmental moisture, scratches or stains.

3. Stone: wall cladding with its own personality

Stone is a wall covering with a very special charm and aura. The reason? Its ability to adapt and be part of any decorative style, perfectly combining with each of its atmospheres and connotations.

Modern kitchen with stone wall cladding in gray

And it is that this wall covering is versatile due to the diversity of finishes it offers. It evokes the most classic decorative styles, as it is a texture that we have always known and that we trust, and therefore, it conveys warmth and closeness to us, but at the same time, its installation in line with a more modern style, such as industrial, adds personality, character and style.

A material that, moreover, prevents moisture and the proliferation of bacteria. Of great durability and completely fireproof, which allows it to stand out against other wall coverings, thus responding to concepts that allow us to enjoy one hundred percent of each and every one of our rooms.

Experts recommend using this wall covering in a measured way, otherwise, it could create an overloaded environment and this is the biggest enemy of contemporary decoration.

4. Brick: the essence of the authentic New York loft

When the New York of the 40s began to experience an excessive increase in rent prices, its citizens were forced to convert commercial premises into homes. An optimization of resources with which they would never have thought to achieve the creation of a trend that is sweeping in current decoration.

Industrial style offices wall cladding with brick

And it is that, this New York influence is still present today thanks to the installation of brick as a wall covering. An option whose decorative value is incalculable, by creating open and authentic spaces. A material that gives a unique character and personality, impregnating each room with true expression and style.

Its aesthetic advantages are obvious and they are capable of making each room a striking and highly attractive place. Characteristics that do not leave behind its low maintenance, strength, durability, sound insulation, heat resistance and the huge range of colors it has.

But, although at first glance it may seem like the wall covering of our dreams, we must consider the high cost of its repair in case of damage, as well as the accumulation of moisture on its surfaces that can cause the brick to break over time.

The wall cladding of the industrial style par excellence

Thinking of brick as wall cladding is automatically thinking of the industrial style. A decorative style characterized by its special sense of spaciousness, brightness and height.

The creation of open spaces in which metal, large windows, and gray tones are the main protagonists. A style that mixes the charm of the old with the elegance of the most modern.

Dominated by neutral tones that offer a feeling as warm as it is welcoming, to which a variety of grays and browns are added, the industrial style is one of the favorite options of interior designers when what is sought is a surprising result, through textures that contrast with each other, but that match due to chromatic similarity.

5. Microcement: the smart wall coating

Numerous reasons make the microcement in the favorite wall cladding par excellence. And far from being a coincidence, the truth is that this decorative solution without joints is the most competent option when it comes to carrying out the transformation or creation of a new wall..

Cozy living room with wall cladding with microcement

The reasons are obvious: its unmatched resistance is a guarantee of success for a very, very long time. A wall covering that does not crack or fissure despite facing numerous environmental and daily factors. So strong, hard and resistant that, in fact, it is the perfect ally for those walls that, like those of hotels, restaurants or shopping centers among many others, need to be equipped with superior protection.

Microcement on walls has an industrial essence but, at the same time, retains a completely exquisite aesthetic. As resistant inside as it is beautiful outside. A material that offers a wide variety of textures, colors and finishes to evoke the most diverse decorative styles. Chameleonic and capable of blending in with the environment depending on the intended purpose, thus making its design something unique, distinctive and completely exclusive.

Especially chosen on bathroom and kitchen surfaces for the waterproof finishes it is capable of conferring, microcement as a wall covering is a super material, in every sense.

Enhance the amplitude and brightness of any room

The only wall covering capable of creating completely smooth surfaces, thanks to its application in the form of continuous mortar. Surfaces that are observed in a single pass, without joints or interruption lines interfering with their aesthetics. Rooms in which spatial continuity predominates, making their beauty take off to infinity. And much further.

The boundless beauty achieved due to continuity, which allows rooms to be perceived as more spacious and, in turn, also brighter. Rooms that automatically improve, that embrace you, that fill you with comfort and well-being. Spatial harmony, and in a very special way. And all, with microcement.

6. Rust effect paint: when vintage is also the most current

Although it may seem outrageous, current interior decoration pursues the trend of making the oldest become completely fashionable. As it happens with rust effect paint.

Wall coating with rust effect paint

A wall covering in full trend whose peculiarity lies in merging the newest with the old. A decorative resource whose contrast attracts all eyes, thus becoming one of the most demanded options in large businesses, but also in private homes. And not only in interior spaces: also in exteriors with the most imposing facades.

Easy, fast and with an exclusive, natural and especially durable design. As is also our Oxid Metal collection. A line of paints and metallic coatings with special textures that accelerate the oxidation process for the creation of avant-garde and industrial rooms. Finishes endowed with a personality squared, whose distinctive element is formed by the wear of the material..

7. Venetian stucco: a wall coating with a lot of history

Venetian stucco has become a very popular wall covering in recent years. A decorative technique that originated in Venice over 500 years ago characterized by its smooth and shiny appearance, which makes it ideal for creating a wide variety of designs and textures.

Rustic style foyer with Venetian stucco as wall cladding

A most original wall covering, which imbues the room in which it is applied with extreme elegance and sophistication, thus creating true spaces worthy of any art gallery.

But, beyond its aesthetics, its distinctive element as a wall covering is its extreme durability, hardness and resistance to moisture, thus being an excellent option in living rooms or bedrooms, but also in bathrooms and kitchens, where its coated walls reach the pinnacle of beauty.

8. Wood: wall cladding that provides warmth, harmony and balance

Talking about wood is talking about one of the most requested wall coverings. The material that connects us directly with nature, making us feel a warm hug that conveys trust. The tranquility of being surrounded by what we know well, by what is close.

Kitchen with wall cladding in small wood detail

Wonderful house with any other material and it is perfect with all types of designs, elements and decorative styles, working, in any case, as the wall covering that, par excellence, makes the rooms it covers more cozy.

A material that offers multiple alternatives in terms of its types, thus allowing infinite combinations of designs that respond to a multitude of tastes, styles and intentions.

Natural wood as a wall covering only has one downside. And that is that it requires special care through specific products to prolong its shine and resistance. However, today, there are alternatives on the market with materials that mimic natural wood, cheaper and whose maintenance is not so demanding.

Luxury Concrete®: manufacture and sale of luxury wall coverings

At Luxury Concrete® we are experts in the manufacture and distribution of luxury decorative wall coverings. Materials that inspire in the customization of rooms, endowing their surfaces with distinction and sophistication.

Coatings of extreme quality whose absence of joints and creation of continuity enhance the breadth and brightness of each space to infinity. With our products, each surface is unique and creates a most exclusive decorative style.

Absolute and total performance that resists high temperatures, abrasion and wear caused by the passage of time, without a minimal crack or fissure, in interior and exterior spaces.

The exquisiteness that merges everything practical, useful and functional from the most industrial materials with a beauty of incalculable value.