Microcement in bathrooms: the infallible option of interior designers

November 15, 2022

The bathroom is one of the most intimate rooms in the house. In it, we not only relax but also take care of our physical and mental health. A place where both interior designers and designers unleash all their creativity for the creation of original spaces, usually characterized by having few square meters.

Microcement in bathroom with total wall cladding

It is that room in our house that terrifies us to think about decoratively speaking. And it is that, it usually turns out to be quite a challenge to squeeze the charms of its four walls while taking advantage of its space, as it usually tends to be smaller than that of the rest of the rooms in a home.

Among the most groundbreaking proposals that we find when it comes to maximizing the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom, a material stands out that is causing a real revolution in the world of decoration: themicrocement. A continuous decorative coating that stands out for its resistance and durability, as well as for having a unique style that manages to transform the rooms into places imbued with luxury, exquisiteness and distinction.

A material that accurately responds to everything we expect in the renovation of our most beloved spaces: a beauty and real appeal that is perceived visually and sensorially, as well as qualities capable of functionally responding to the specific needs and demands of each room.

Discover in this news all the reasons why the installation of microcement in bathrooms has become the favorite option of interior designers and interior designers and let yourself be seduced by the properties and advantages of incalculable value that this continuous decorative coating is capable of bringing to your bathroom, turning it into a modern, comfortable and especially functional room. A personalized aspect that, with its uniform finish, brings luxury and elegance to the bathrooms.

Essential advantages of microcement in bathrooms: everything you need to know

The continuous evolution of technology and human needs has led to the need to reinvent oneself, choosing high-performance materials that are capable of being the most practical, while exploiting the maximum aesthetic expression and visual richness of any type of space, making our favorite places, rooms dominated by the most absolute luxury. And this is where microcement stands out from the rest of the materials.

We are talking about a material that is much more durable than other more traditional coatings. Its main peculiarities of resistance, hardness, and durability make it a perfect candidate when betting on the protection and safety of surfaces. A smooth surface that is much easier to clean and maintain compared to other market alternatives. A solidity that does not crack or fissure and is prepared to withstand an endless list of everyday factors.

Completely attractive and unique qualities that join the high added value of its aesthetics for the creation of rooms impregnated with authentic luxury. The advantages of incalculable value that the installation of microcement in bathrooms possesses no longer only respond to the best functioning and productivity of them, but also to transform their aesthetics towards the path of the most exclusive, exquisite and beautiful rooms you have ever seen.

Microcement in bathroom with gray wall

Renovation without construction: easier, faster and cleaner

One of its great advantages lies in that its application does not require lifting the material to be coated. A layer as thin and light as a feather that is applied directly onto the existing support, adhering perfectly regardless of the material in question: tiles, marble, plaster or plasterboard, among others, ensuring their maximum grip and stability to them. A total visual and sensory transformation of the bathroom without generating construction, debris or a speck of dust.

Resistant and durable: a luxury within your reach

If it has conquered interior design professionals, it is because among many other things, it is absolutely resistant. Its mixture of cement, water and additives make its formulation a perfect combination for the creation of extremely resistant surfaces capable of withstanding blows, impacts, abrupt temperature changes or abrasion, maintaining a pristine aesthetic regardless of constant exposure to these types of factors.

A resistance that lasts over time. And it is that, its application in the hands of a professional, the optimal conditions of the support to be coated and the quality of the materials used, are the three star elements to guarantee that the microcement in bathrooms can last for years, and even for decades.

Waterproof and non-slip: what your bathroom needs

Two of the essential properties to respond practically to the needs of these rooms.

Microcement in bathrooms gives its surfaces a waterproof character, protecting it from frequent contact with water and repelling moisture, as well as a non-slip property that makes shower trays and any other flooring inside safe, fixed and stable surfaces. The tranquility of enjoying one of the most intimate areas of your home with total pleasure and confidence.

Spatial continuity: the highest aesthetic expression

One of its great attractions and what sets it apart from the rest of the market alternatives, is its ability to create continuous surfaces. A spatial continuity that works to bring out the absolute beauty of the surfaces.

This is due to the creation of smooth surfaces without joints or interruption lines. The perception of completely clear walls and floors that are not interrupted in space, is one of the best sensations in terms of decoration. The visualization of surfaces that merge with each other allows them to be perceived as wider, and this, in turn, is accompanied by greater brightness. In general, the visual richness of the rooms is enhanced and this translates into perceiving them as more beautiful and attractive.

A smooth, fine and silky continuous surface endowed with a special charm and which, in turn, is easier to clean and maintain, as it prevents the accumulation of bacteria between the joints.

How to apply microcement in bathrooms?

The application of microcement in bathrooms is one of its great advantages. And it is that few materials allow to be installed over the existing material, without the need to remove the previous one and without generating construction, dust, debris or noise.

Microcement in bathroom with blue wall

A quick, simple and clean installation that is carried out in a 100% artisanal way. An exquisite manual technique that does not require heavy machinery or tedious works. An execution so easy and light that allows the rooms to continue being used while the coating is being applied, as this is based on applying and letting dry. An action that, therefore, optimizes work times and available resources, aimed at making life much easier for users who wish to imminently, reform their rooms and turn them into luxurious spaces, imbued with charm and with a high level of productivity.

What makes microcement the best ally in bathrooms?

There is a long list of reasons that answer the question of why microcement in bathrooms is the best option for renovating their surfaces.

Let's start with one of its great attractions: the versatility. A characteristic faithfully reflected in the ability to adapt to any support or surface. A total adherence that guarantees grip and stability regardless of the main characteristics or qualities that the material to be coated has. Therefore, it can be applied both in shower trays, sinks, walls and floors.

It is one of the options that best responds in the coating of this room since it is a continuous coating that eliminates joints or interruption lines, turns floors and walls into more hygienic surfaces in which moisture does not accumulate, and whose cleaning is carried out in a single pass, saving time and devoting it to those tasks or actions that you really enjoy doing.

Surfaces that, in addition to being hygienic, are waterproof and non-slip, two of the qualities related to frequent contact with water and that, inevitably and daily, are present in any bathroom. Protection and safety total to enjoy the most intimate stay of your home in a real way, with the guarantee that its appearance will not be altered regardless of also being, one of the most sensitive, exposed or damaged rooms.

The beauty of microcement lies in its incomparable solidity and durability, but also in its aesthetics. It has conquered the market for the extensive variety of textures and colors it offers in its appearance, endowing spaces with results characterized by exclusivity, distinction, and personality and creating an atmosphere, environment, and unique aesthetics that not all materials can achieve.

Aesthetics, functionality and practicality that, together, complement each other, giving bathrooms that great combo of qualities that it exactly needs. Everything searched for, desired and dreamed of, is achieved with microcement.

Where to apply microcement in bathrooms?

The fact of being able to create completely customizable surfaces to each user's liking, makes it an option that, in addition, adapts to any decorative style. A multitude of textures, shapes and colors with infinite combinations capable of being the most faithful reflection of the most popular styles: minimalist or Nordic, rustic, industrial or vintage. Its continuous surface combines with absolutely everything and allows the application of a multitude of colors or textures that evoke any character or intention.

Microcement in bathrooms perfectly combines with the aesthetics of any other material, such as ceramics, wood or marble. The details in the decoration with these materials, provide a very exclusive design in which the continuity of the microcement is contrasted with small foci that momentarily break this monotony but without ending the spatial continuity, that which endow special breadth and brightness the perception of the bathrooms.

Luxurious microcement wall in bathroom

Sinks for prolonged protection

Microcement sinks contribute to the overall perception of spaciousness in the room and are extremely resistant to impacts, blows or abrasion.

A highly resistant material that can coexist perfectly with humidity. An ideal option considering its continuous contact with water, as it repels its filtration to the interior and, therefore, fights against the appearance of moisture stains or other related imperfections.

A smooth and tasty texture in sinks, allowing to enjoy sensorially such a basic action as hand washing.

Bathtubs and shower trays: extra dose of relaxation and pleasure

The best thing about choosing microcement to coat bathtubs or shower trays is the peace of mind of being able to enjoy a tempting and relaxing bath with the tranquility of knowing that their surfaces are completely equipped with an anti-slip property.

A feature that notably reduces slipping, creating dream spaces to enjoy the most relaxing and pleasurable showers, with the safety provided by its non-slip floors, without forgetting the protective film thanks to which direct contact with water is not an impediment. What more could you ask for?

Furniture for personal and modern bathrooms

Microcement in bathrooms is an excellent option, in every sense. But what if it also allowed creating custom furniture? One of the good things about this material is that it adapts perfectly to any type of surface, as we have seen.

In those bathrooms whose dimensions are small, microcement furniture is a very smart choice to make the rooms have more air. Shelves designed for storage, without taking up space and gaining visual breadth.

A practical, simple option with ease in cleaning that gives a personal and modern character and, in addition, allows the use of every single millimeter of the bathrooms.

Walls and floors: bathrooms imbued with authentic luxury

The coating of the walls and floors, generally of the bathrooms, allows to increase their total amplitude, especially when the dimensions available are limited.

An option that allows to imbue continuity and make interruption lines disappear for the creation of infinite and diaphanous surfaces, on walls and floors that merge with each other creating a minimalist effect, the current most demanded decorative trend.

Walls with a very characteristic watermark effect that allow to exploit aesthetic and decorative possibilities, enhancing an atmosphere endowed with an incalculable style.

Microcement floors in bathrooms highly resistant to scratches, blows and impacts. Continuous pavements for the creation of completely open and jointless spaces that, in addition, are very easy to clean and maintain.

Projects that achieve luxury thanks to their aesthetic expression and durability. The appearance of the highest quality materials with functionality as a successful combination that has become a favorite among the most prestigious interior designers.