Microcement worktops: luxury where design meets functionality

17 November 2022

The sublime performance of microcement, as well as the great diversity in their fields of application, have made it possible for this luxury decorative coating is one of two great allies of construction professionals to carry out all kinds of works.

Modern kitchen with black microcement worktop

Although its best known uses are undoubtedly in the coating of floors and walls, it is increasingly common to contemplate its application in surfaces of all kinds such as terraces, facades, ceilings and even furniture, as the latter contain the special feature of being able to be manufactured to measure, thus adapting to a wide range of spaces of different nature and sizes and, therefore, being a very practical option.

Thus, microcement worktops have positioned themselves as the number one on the podium of furniture covered with this innovative material for reasons related to its exquisite aesthetics, functionality and versatility in its uses.

Its peculiar sensation of continuity, the vast chromatic range available, as well as the possibility of achieving different looks and results have made microcement worktops become a trendy furniture. A trend with numerous advantages ready to conquer you in every way and that, in Luxury Concrete®, we tell you below.

Unique advantages of microcement worktops

When choosing the material that will star in the creation of a new worktop or the renovation of the same, it is important not to limit yourself only to choosing the colour and texture that will shape its aesthetics, since coutnertops are surfaces that also require an option that competently responds to the specific demands and needs of their surfaces, such as frequent contact with water, the appearance of stains, easy cleaning and resistance to abrasion.

Microcement worktops are one of the smartest options for this popular kitchen furniture, as they successfully meet these requirements and, in addition, guarantee other smart advantages that make this coating the perfect material for its application also in other kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, hotels, cafes or restaurants, among a long list of options.

Kitchen with elongated grey microcement worktop

1. The dream cleaning: easy, fast and effective

Worktops are characterized by being constantly exposed to dirt. A piece of furniture on which we not only prepare the most exquisite culinary tastings, but also serves as a support for objects, and lately, more and more every day even to carry out the main cooking of the day.

A surface that, given the growing popularity of the kitchen and not only as a place to prepare recipes, but also as a space in which to invest leisure time, conversations, laughter and even work, every day is used more and more. And hence the importance of being especially cared for, pampered and protected.

Microcement worktops are characterized by being very easy to clean. It is enough to wipe with a cloth or cloth with neutral pH soap and water to ensure a quick, easy cleaning in a single pass. Its continuous surface, characterized by the absence of joints and interruption lines, allows dirt to stop accumulating, thus preventing the proliferation of germs and bacteria and promoting much more hygienic surfaces. The desired cleanliness that makes people's lives easier.

2. Coexists perfectly with humidity

Microcement is a material with excellent resistance to environmental humidity and, in addition, allows the possibility of being waterproof when sealed with specific products that meet this need.

This is why microcement worktops are an ideal choice for any type of kitchen. Surfaces prepared to be frequented by water and other fluids, without being minimally altered. Its subsequent coating with a varnish creates a protective film that prevents water from seeping inside and repels the appearance of humidity stains. Functionality and protection guaranteed on one of the most used (and loved) surfaces in any home.

3. Microcement worktops: durable quality

Cleaning is more than simple and maintenance is practically nonexistent. Thus, without great effort or tedious care, microcement worktops are prepared to last for many years.

An aspect that differentiates them from the rest of the alternatives on the market, since the vast majority of coatings need to be reworked with the passage of time.

4. Functionality and resistance as a guarantee

Imagine having an endless bench dominated by continuity on which to exploit your culinary creativity, preparing dishes worthy of a chef, without having to fear abrasion, stains, cleaning products, impacts and scratches, and without contact with water posing a threat.

This is how microcement countertops respond. A functionality that dominates the surfaces, bringing out the best version of them to cook, elaborate, prepare and carry out a thousand other actions, without fear of being damaged or punished, because they are extremely resistant and are really ready for any type of action.

5. Attractive aesthetics dominated by personality

Microcement worktops are completely customizable. And this noble coating offers the user the choice of its appearance. A vast catalog with a wide variety of colours available to suit the intention and decorative style pursued.

The possibility that its aesthetic evokes a rustic style, with rougher textures; vintage style, through aged or oxidized finishes; minimalist, when smooth, fine and silky textures and neutral colours are chosen, or industrial, with those textures that imitate cementitious materials.

In any case, one of the great attractions of microcement is precisely that its design, appearance or aesthetics can be adapted to the taste, character or personality of each user. Infinite combinations of textures, colours and finishes, conceived and designed to achieve all kinds of intentions and that marry perfectly with other materials such as wood, metals or concrete.

Elegance and timelessness as protagonists in microcement worktops that achieve a very natural look, and that can proudly boast a high decorative value.

6. Application without a speck of dust

If the microcement is an option that stands out from other coatings on the market is for many reasons, but we could say that only he can show off the power to be applied on all types of materials directly and without removing the previous support.

And the fact is that, although we strongly desire to renew our old surfaces or create new ones, the truth is that we are often afraid of getting involved in construction work, whatever type it may be. Noise, dust, debris and dirt become our worst enemies, despite having internalized our desire to carry out the transformation of a room.

Microcement gives you everything that no other material has ever given you before: an application without raising the slightest speck of dust. It adheres perfectly to the existing support, regardless of its nature: stone, ceramic, marble or tiles, among many others and with the exception of wood. In addition, its malleability allows it to adapt successfully to the shape of any worktop, renovating easily, cleanly and quickly while achieving the most exquisite results.

How to make a microcement worktop, step by step

Microcement is a material whose main property is exclusivity, that which makes it unique and singular and differentiates it from the rest. And if this is so, it is largely due to its handmade application. An application that is considered an art and that cannot be delegated to just anyone, because only qualified experts in the field are able to create successful results and meet the most demanding expectations.

The process in the installation of a microcement worktop depends on the intention pursued in the finish and the material that functions as the base of the surface. The latter may be an absorbent coating such as plaster, cement-sand plaster or plasterboard, for example, or on the contrary, it may be a non-absorbent coating such as tiles, marble, granite or terrazzo.

In any case, optimal preparation of the substrate is essential. It is essential to ensure that the material to be coated is free of grease, moisture and dust, as well as that the base is consolidated and in perfect condition.

In Luxury Concrete® we tell you how to make a microcement worktop in detail and step by step. Take note.

Black kitchen with black microcement worktop

1. Indispensable: placement of fiberglass mesh

The step prior to application is the installation of a fiberglass mesh on the surface to be coated that will form the base of the microcement worktop.

This is a step of special importance, as it will ensure the fastening and stability to the support, avoiding the appearance of cracks or fissures over time.

2. Primer or bonding bridge

The primer is responsible for facilitating full adhesion of the microcement base to the surface of the worktop.

3. Microcement base or preparation

The microcement base offers a coarser grain than the rest, therefore, the application of two layers as a base of preparation in the microcement worktop is a guarantee of success by offering high mechanical strength and strong adhesion to the support.

4. Finishing microcement

Next, two coats of finishing microcement should be applied. The texture of this product will depend on the desired finish or effect. The option to customize and create a microcement worktop completely adapted to the taste, character or personality of each user is a luxury aspect for the creation of the most exquisite and exclusive surfaces.

5. Drying of the surface

24-48 hours after the application of the second coat of the finishing product and always checking that the surface is completely dry, the microcement worktop should be sanded.

6. Barniz sellador

And as a final step that will ensure maximum protection and distinction in the results, two coats of the chosen sealing varnish, depending on the desired finish, which will ensure an appearance characterized by the union of luxury and beauty for the creation of microcement worktops of incalculable decorative and aesthetic value.

Kitchen with island and microcement worktop: the sublime duo that sweeps the decorating world

There are a variety of options when it comes to designing a room that really welcomes you for its comfort and well-being.

One of the decorative trends that sweeps in interior design to reform spaces or create them from scratch, is the combination of kitchen with island and microcement worktop.

The kitchen island is the great revolution in interior design. A trend whose success lies in its ability to firmly enhance the functionality of kitchens in every way, while achieving an aesthetic characterized by extreme beauty.

And is that the current trend "one concept" includes the fact of pulling down the partitions and walls down, thus joining kitchen with living room and sometimes even with the terrace. In this way, completely open spaces that are perceived as a whole are achieved, visually and sensorially increasing the spaciousness of the rooms and thus achieving greater luminosity. A real luxury for the creation of pleasant atmospheres and places, dominated by comfort and the most exquisite design.

The kitchens with island are the room where to invest quality time with the rest of tenants or guests. They are used for the elaboration and preparation of tasty recipes, while being accompanied, laughing, sharing and exchanging opinions, conversing, enjoying a delicious appetizer or, while the other person is simply sitting next to you on a comfortable and stylish stool.

They have become the meeting point of the home, thus uniting two environments and ending the separation and boundaries to share and experience much more than before. And in a much more comfortable and pleasant way. The main axis of a home that, in addition to serving as a meeting point, has some very interesting functional features.

Coating the kitchen island, creating a microcement worktop will enhance (more if possible) the perception of total amplitude of the room, creating open spaces in which to flow freely. This amplitude will create a greater luminosity, thus exploiting the feeling of warmth, embrace and comfort that characterize properly lit spaces. A continuity that will be the most faithful reflection of both factors for the design of dream rooms that manage to catch you with its charms.

What is the price of microcement worktops?

Its price will fluctuate depending on multiple factors: the shape of the worktop, its length and meters to be coated, the complexity of the project and even the type of microcement chosen for its coating.

To find out how much microcement worktops cost, it is necessary to consult a qualified professional. Only he or she will be able to determine an adjusted and personalized budget, fully adapted to the characteristics, needs and demands of each project.

Kitchen with light-colored microcement worktop

Be seduced by the exquisiteness of Luxury Concrete® in your microcement worktop

The renovation or creation of microcement worktopss whose results reach supreme excellence also requires the choice of the most competent materials. Those more advanced, cutting-edge and with a quality that far exceeds limits and boundaries. Just what Luxury Concrete® luxury coatings offer.

We manufacture microcement systems characterized by sublime results. Perfect for application on any type of worktop to achieve a delicate, elegant and sophisticated appearance that responds precisely to the demands of the most used, frequented and exposed surfaces on a daily basis.

Premium coatings that allow the most exclusive designs for microcement worktops in all rooms and spaces. A decorative solution that is also innovative and durable, characterized by the excellence of its responses.