Luxury kitchens with microcement

The heart of the home
It is the place where much of our daily life takes place and where we bring out our creativity. It is an accomplice of many important moments where glasses are raised in victory. This essential space requires careful planning and where functionality and aesthetics must go hand in hand.

The microcement on floors and walls guides the natural light and expands it visually throughout the space. On countertops and fronts, it ensures that care and safety are always present.

The kitchen, a dialogue between matter and light

The sobriety of microcement, used as a unifying element between several rooms, creates a dialogue between matter and light that gives rise to diaphanous and lively spaces. In this room, microcement has been chosen for floors with gray tones under a Nordic decoration where the details are submerged under the decorative coating.
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Microcemento en cocinas

The dreamed integration

The unforgettable and endearing moments we live in the kitchen make this part of the house the perfect space to integrate our best decorating ideas. It is the ideal place to combine the appliances you have always dreamed of with luxury countertops and designer faucets. The microcement pavements are the perfect icing on the cake to have the kitchen of your dreams.