Definición Microcemento

The material to create

Art is creating something out of nothing, just pure imagination and making others imagine. In Luxury Concrete we have created the material so you can imagine your home.
Imagine a finish of polished cement that covers every surface of your home: floors, walls, stairs, countertops... everything made of one single material, microcement, which offers you the possibility to create a unique, elegant, and clean surface without visual interruptions nor joints giving your home its own authenticity and style.
Que es el Microcemento

Your imagination is the only limit

Now imagine that to this coating you can add a combination of colors, textures and varnishes that will provide your rooms with limitless aesthetic possibilities and high visual impact.
It doesn´t matter if you have classic taste or are more daring and you opt for retro, or an industrial inspiration or even a rustic look, Luxury Concrete, thanks to its versatility, adapts perfectly to the most demanding requirements and the specific needs of each home.
Quality of life

Quality of life

Forget your worries about cleaning and maintenance of the areas in your home. Thanks to the high technology of the product and its property "Easy to clean", the hygiene of walls and floors is very easy. The absence of joints facilitates the care of the coating and can even be applied in shower trays and achieve non-slip and anti-bacterial surfaces. 
As if all this wasn't enough, great adhesion and just millimeters of thickness of the material make that it can be applied on other surfaces that you want to cover, such as ceramics, avoiding this way demolishing and clearing and long and tedious renovations.
Ecological product

Eco-friendly product

Materials manufactured by Luxury Concrete have a reduced ecological footprint and thus the impact on nature is much less than other materials. Respect for the environment is part of our philosophy, we are serious about the sustainability of the planet. 
Have you already imagined what your home will look like? Then it is time to know what textures are available.