Luxury living rooms with microcement

Exclusivity that inspires the most
Living rooms are prominent places in our homes. They are the spaces where family gatherings or special celebrations that will be part of our celebrations that will be part of our most precious memories.
The microcement on walls and floors, together with geometric furniture and minimalist decor geometric furniture and minimalist decoration, offers a spacious and luminous room in which all its elements interact and complement each other in absolute harmony.
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Exclusive living room designs

The harmony that never breaks
Neutral tones are perfect for creating a decoration in which the feeling of comfort and distinction prevails. When it comes to designing an elegant environment, beige tones and especially white are a safe bet, since they are colors that breathe harmony so that all the inhabitants of the house can feel at ease. The control of harmony and balance in the design of our living room are the best recipe to bring character and personality to the interior decoration of our home.

Atmospheres to create warmth

Premium materials and soft textures are essential to design luxury living rooms. But designer furniture is useless if it is not really comfortable, so it is important to go for furniture that combines design with comfort. Taking care of all the details is the best way to create warmth in a room where comfort is essential. The microcement on the walls presented in dark tones combines perfectly with the rest of the materials and an even more elegant look to the living room.

Modern and timeless living room with microcement wall

The feeling of warmth and lightness needed in the living room is enhanced by the coatings in microcement. Colors such as Aluminium and Plomo that link with natural cotton and wool textiles in pastel tones giving a spatial feeling of continuity.

Minimalist atmosphere

Microcement is the perfect companion for diaphanous rooms, here black and white are replicated in a chromatic play of light and shadow. The film-inspired spotlights, the wooden beams and the intention to avoid the superfluous stand out.