Extérieurs de luxe

Luxury exteriors with microcement

In this magnificent house framed in a bucolic rural setting, microcement has been used to make a swimming pool that is perfectly integrated with the other elements: a wooden deck, outdoor furniture and an incomparable landscaped environment. The light color, used for the application in the pool, allows the water to maintain a clear and pure color that invites to bathing and relaxation. At the same time, it acts as a mirror reflecting the surrounding nature.
Extérieurs de luxe

Combination of styles

In perfect conjunction, earth, sky and water merge with this incredible terrace in microcement. Rustic outdoor furniture and spectacular views invite contemplation and the pleasure of feeling in harmony with the environment.
Extérieurs de luxe

Paradise in our hands

The microcement as a link between human creativity and exuberant nature. A space of fusion between functionality and environment to achieve the characteristic beauty of our environment in the place that will be an accomplice of our most desired peace.
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