Luxury offices with microcement

Spaces dedicated to professional activity require an environment that favors concentration and stimulates creativity. And, for this, there is nothing better than microcement.

In this room we can see how cold and Nordic colors have been combined to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere where wood, Scandinavian-inspired furniture and a successful arrangement of natural elements predominate.
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Bureaux inspirants

Microcement for inspiring offices

Working in a place that exudes luxury and elegance is a source of inspiration. The attractiveness of an office is measured by its spaciousness, functionality and the luminosity it offers. Decorative microcement coating is the best choice for an office with a captivating and inspiring personality. It is time to enjoy a workspace that inspires and has a style that you will fall in love with.
Bureaux inspirants

Space to create in harmony

Offices as workplaces are changing and are increasingly becoming flexible spaces that need technology and spaciousness to better fulfill their functionality. In this office the microcement applied on the floor and wall combines perfectly with the mimimalist furniture and high ceilings. A design with maximum elegance where the combination of styles, colors and furniture with a minimalist touch manages to link with a perfect harmony.