Luxury Staircases

Luxury staircases with microcement

Design, functionality and aesthetics
Stairs are an element of transition between one room and another. Together with them we are transported through different environments and designs, but they in themselves also offer a whole world of possibilities. They are a small architecture within a space and the perfect place to break with the classic. The personality they transmit goes beyond a simple architectural style.

In this spectacular design, the staircase, framed in an open spatial background, gives a feeling of weightlessness and lightness helped by the white and thin materials. The microcement works as a complement as the railing is integrated into the material and the colors and finish frame a futuristic atmosphere that transports us to the heights.
Microcement products
Luxury Staircases

Warmth and comfort

Microcement staircase topped with wooden steps and wrought iron elements. An environment that merges the rustic style with the industrial without any of them is resentful. It is an access way to a space full of light.
Luxury Staircases

The importance of luminosity

The possibilities of microcement to create luminous spaces and generate sensations of continuity are immense. In this image, the microcement acts as a base together with a central steel shaft and solid wood steps. The space is enhanced by a zen garden and minimalist and elegant decorative elements.